Program Management

Portfolio 1

Critical thinking and application of critical thinking in problem-solving and a project can only are done through a set of transferable skills which is what I have learned in my assessments. These skill-sets need to be experienced and made by ourselves as learning them and applying them is different. It was learned by me when I approached the assignments and the workshop activities because I think that learning critical thinking is only possible when cutting across all the academic disciplines and apply it to all the segments of our activities especially in the project management (Schmaltz et al, 2017). Critical thinking has become my main tool for solving the problems and successes of the project. I have to deal with certain problems like new situations which were strange and I had no idea how to deal with them, problems with coordination of the team when working on a project, the project's demand of thinking out of the box and dealing with it accordingly, the most important problem that I faced in the understanding the new concept as a new concept always brings with it new ability to think and understand factors in a new way.

Understanding a new concept has been always a problem till I handle3d it through the system of critical thinking and the concept of bird view, these two concepts helped me understand a new concept in my studies and I was able to better apply the new concept in better life situations and applying it to the practical problems of the assessments and workshop activities. The critical thinking provided me some analytical basis, a tolerance level, confidence when I solved some problems and seeking the final result which helped me sustain in the problem and not avoiding it, on the other hand, the bird's view concept helped to see the broad theme and scenario of an assessment, a workshop, and a problem. It helped me to understand the problem basically by limiting the factors and making the scenario a smaller one.

One of the most prominent problems that I faced during my studies was the lack of motivation when reading a topic twice or thrice. I have the issue which most people must have that to learn and understand a concept and data, single learning is not enough for me, and to remember the data, learning thrice at regular intervals of time is necessary for me. The problem lies in the fact that the first time I read something I find it very interesting, but from the second reading the interest lessens and motivation to read and learn that topic decreases significantly, and procrastination start for reading that topic multiple times because I have set the limit of three readings at least, but was not able to do because of lack of motivation and subsequent procrastination. To win over these problems which were hindering my learning process and I was unable to remember effectively anything with lesser productivity in repeating hours. I have done adopted small solutions and particularly selected those items for motivation which were the distractions during lack of motivation and procrastination. For example, a cell phone is one item through which I procrastinated, but I put in its regular alarms and wallpaper of importance of re-reading and staying motivated, I used my walls for wallpaper, I started to watch the Ted-talks on the topic of motivation and procrastination and I continue to do it especially during the times of re-reading and with the mediums of procrastination.

The program lifecycle is an approach to handle a program with various stages involved in the lifecycle of a program from its inception to completion and feedback. Management of a program or a change of activity involves transformation processes when each phase facilitates the pr0gram to move to the next phase.

Conceptualization- I have conceptualized the problem and identified the determined objectives and goals of it.

Setup phase- I have carefully managed myself with the provision of advisement to the improvement program, I have designed the program as to use those items and events which help me in procrastination and converting them into motivation for re-reading and re-learning. 

Construction- Self-development is a dynamic process which demands self analyses and improvement in the program accordingly, I had to follow the rules anyhow, if I was unable to follow something or some rule is tougher, then better to make that rule a little easier to stay motivated.

Implementation- I have started to apply my program of motivation on YouTube, walls, wallpapers, songs, and ted talks.

 Closure- in this phase, I have evaluated the success and improvement with the proportion of intensity of the program, which will help me to guide for new programs of improvement in the future. 

The problems that I faced during the assignments in the semesters were the lack of coordination, unclear goals, and objectives of the assignments, defining the scope of the assignment on which is depended the data collection, the provision of the scope of mistakes, and miscommunication with the invigilator. I have come to know form the standard for program management that there is a clear difference between a project and program management (Project Management Institute, 2017), as for assignment I started to use the strategy of project management which involves the planning, organizing, and direction and is a short term process. A small roadmap which I learned from the standard for program management was very helpful for me to manage the pro0jects and assignments and it guided me through the step by step process and avoided any hazards which eat up time (Project Management Institute, 2017). The role of accountability also holds importance when it come3s to handling the assignments as in a team or working individually, the accountability is of much importance which binds us to goal in a time-bound manner with quality control. These qualities gave me a clear strategy and way to proceed for assignments as before the adoption of these strategies aforesaid, an assignment looked like a burden because there was no clarity and scope of a span of study but after adopting the strategies of standard for program management I was more productive and relaxed during the assignment then before (Project Management Institute, 2017).

Portfolio 2

Let’s first discuss the stakeholder’s analysis-

Internal stakeholders include government, investors, and workers required to complete the projects.

The first issue is that the metro net project is being treated as a separate project from the general public transport system which can create problems for the government in the transport plan for the cities (Government of Australia, n.d.).

There are increasing doubts about the availability of efficient and trained workers for the mammoth project as the cost of the first phase of the project is $4.75 billion (Pilat, 2019).

The public is supposed to benefit from the project and is expected to lower the carbon emission by avoidance of individual vehicles which is one of the sustainable aims of the government.

The acquisition of the land for the metro rail project may face some difficulties which can hamper the investments in the rail project.

External stakeholders include citizens, the environment, associated businesses, NGOs, community.

 Five thousand acres of land will be used for transport purposes and the right policy for compensation to people should be valued (Piesse, 2018). Many stakeholders are linked with land which is being acquired, thus multiple agencies’ link with the project is necessary.

Environmental concerns though have been addressed by the government to minimize the impacts, especially on the native flora and fauna, on grou8ndwater and rivers, and on the community via contamination, dust, etc (Government of Australia, n.d.).

Ethical suggestions on the projects

Codes have general obligations and admonitions but actually, they are much more than that. They are the protocol of right politics and culture and carry a vision of excellence which is expected by individuals and societies for which they always strive (Gilman, 2005), in the case of Metronet which is a public project, ethics contain even higher rank in the procedure.

Transparency in government projects is of utmost importance as such projects involve a high level of public investments and people must be disclosed with all the relevant and transparent information as far as possible (Gilman, 2005). Integrity and accountability in government projects like the Metronet mega project will be very helpful and well planned, thus accountability shall be maintained in this project.

The different stations' upgradations and extensions like Bays water, Byford, Claremont, karnup, Lakelands should be carried out with the least interference with the environment and nearby vendors, and the extension and up-gradation must be done with the new codes of sustainability and green practices (Government of Australia, n.d.).

Leadership skills and selflessness- the government officials working on the project of Metronet shall work with selflessness and must involve themselves in their leadership to use the public resources in the utmost manner as they are working for the people (Kurec, 2016) and public projects must be handled with high leadership qualities and selflessness way of working otherwise a project with such a huge investment may make mayhem for the government and for the public.

Portfolio 3

Today, the use of project management is becoming more common day by day for the reason of effective implementation and coordination of the projects between the specialists and technical people, thus a project manager is more likely to coordinate between such resources and direct the team into the right direction in a time-bound manner. I have worked on project management and am well versed in the fact that there is a difference between project management and program management. I have been trained and have experienced personal project practices and ready to participate in a team for a new project.

A project manager or a team is essential to effectively guide the project implementation by chalking out roadmaps which indicate every factor used for the project and to aim the project proceedings correctly. There is always a need for accountability, a person who is accountable for the proceedings and is answerable to any of the mishaps or problems associated with the project (Project Management Institute, 2017), which is not possible until the project is being led by a project manager who has the responsibility of guiding the team. This sense of accountability makes the whole team a responsible player and the team works with more responsibility and selflessness. I have the relevant qualities of accountability, responsibility, roadmap outlining, and management qualities to effectively handle your new project. Projects are well funded, have multiple stakeholders, resources experts, but all these resources will be used effectively only if the efforts of all the participants are well-coordinated and well managed and this is the main role of a project or program manager. The more complicated the project is, the more important overall management functions become.

I think project managers are the backbone of any project that places every factor and part of the project in its right place, any deviation of any part in the project can be loss making or harmful from at least one perspective and the whole investment can go into a mishap. As there are so many moving parts to program management, the directors must have the appropriate tools (project manages) to keep track of both the workers and the project. I have the relevant managerial skills to monitor the progress of the project across multiple departments which will ensure timely and successful completion of the project.

I have the skills of communication of the project with the stakeholders like the clients, project staff, management, etc. A project manager increases the productivity of the team multiple times and thus today it is in the best interest of a company to hire a project manager. Much of the working with others only consists of solving unexpected problems and learning from mistakes (Project Management Institute, 2017). This known, I can assure you that I will be able to manage to complete the sensitive and intense projects like your company's effectively. It’s not been about creating a compound plan or setting up conferences but seeing a big picture of the objectives of the business, understanding the factor of technology involved, being able to direct and encourage the team, able to handle the stress and troubles and new problems and then a project manager completes in himself.

References for Personal Learning Portfolio

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