Managing Project Quality



Research Objective.

Literature Review and Conceptual Background.

3.1 Theory of quality management

3.2 PMBOK 6.

3.3 Scarborough Master Plan.

Research Hypotheses.


Data analysis.

6.1 Component Project 1 – Construction of the Scarborough Swimming Pool

6.2 Component Project 2 – Redevelopment of the Scarborough Square.

6.3 Component Project 3 – Construction of the Beach Hub.

6.4 Component Project 4 – Design Vehicle Movement, Pedestrian and Cycle Access and Parking





1. Introduction to The Quality Aspects of the Scarborough Pool

Scarborough Beach, located 14 Km away from central Perth, is one of the most iconic beaches of Perth. Scarborough beech in Western Australia is very popular for its beech life. It has been a much-loved spot located on Perth’s coastline, for picnics, family outing, seaside fun and the Snake pit. Since past few years, the Scarborough beech faced downfall in its reputation caused by no new investment in the development of infrastructure. The state government is well aware about the advantages of this asset, being an important tourist destination in Perth. The local as well as the authority has recognised its value.

This report will discuss about the quality aspects of the Scarborough pool project and discuss and anlyse each and every project components in detail within the framework of PMBOK 6 and other related theory of quality management.

2. Research Objective

The objective of this report is to examine the quality elements of Scarborough swimming pool and commenting on the success or failure on each step or project process, then providing recommendation on the basis of out comings.

3. Literature Review and Conceptual Background

3.1 Theory of Quality Management

The theory of quality management plays a key role in defining the quality of the project. The method to meet requirement while balancing time and expenditure is well managed by the Quality Planning (Wright & Lawlor-Wright, 2018). The quality and its features are well explained by Koskela etc. al., 2019:

  • Quality, typically, but not always, is related to handmade products that have been shaped and designed. Therefore, the concept of quality is naturally related or rooted in the concept of manufacturing and production (Koskela etc. al., 2019). It can be said that the theory of quality and theory of production and inter dependant.
  • The quality must be improved and upheld. For this, knowledge and information is needed. A separate dedicated discipline, epistemology is for this purpose. The theory of quality management, therefore, involve the epistemological reflections (Koskela etc. al., 2019).
  • Lastly, for practical implementation for the sake of quality, the ontological contemplations is adopted in theory of quality management (Koskela etc. al., 2019).

The quality management and safety management are closely related. The quality management pay attention to satisfy the customer requirements and give assurance of financial sustainability. On the other hand, safety emphasises on the necessities of workers to ensure work force sustainability (Ladewski et. al., 2019). The organization can assure safety of workers from any injury by adding safety management techniques in the quality management program. This will not only benefits the workers and increase the working efficiency, but also lead to a healthier and stable workforce. The product quality will be enhanced, hence leading to better customer satisfaction and financial growth (Ladewski et. al., 2019).

3.2 PMBOK 6

To Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is recognised as one of the central fundamental guide for any industry for an effective project management. The modern concept of project management is defined as the process of implementing technical skills, knowledge, tools and techniques in project events to accomplish optimum management of project. (Alwaly & Alawi, 2020). A combination of various techniques, methods, tools and skills are used to fulfil project objective. The PMBOK is used globally. The unadulterated application and practice of this guidelines elevates the probability of success in broad range of projects, but, it does not indicate that the consistent application to every project must be followed (Alwaly & Alawi, 2020). The appropriate processes for project management is determined by the project manager in collaboration with the project team, company, and sponsors, according to the nature of project. Every project needs tailored project management. The PMBOK 6 consist of following framework:

3.3 Scarborough Master Plan

After losing reputation for lack of infrastructural development, the authorities decided to refurbish the lost attraction of the Scarborough 2016, the state government and the City of Stirling invested $100 million combined (Australian Politics, 2017), to accomplish the goal of turning Scarborough Australia’s best seaside destination. The aim was to restore the beach’s lost glory, create new and happening restaurants, shops, café and entertainment centres, introducing a wide range of activities and events which can be enjoyed by family and people of all ages (Scarborough Masterplan, 2018).

The Scarborough Redevelopment Program was completed in 2018. A Masterplan for the development project was defined which established considering national and international benchmarks from the perspective of destination development and urban design. The objective of this master plan was (Australian Politics, 2017):

To construct the Scarborough Swimming pool

The City of Sterling invested in building a waterfront swimming pool, which have a capacity of 200 people and have extensive lighting to give better night time usage experience. $26 million was spend on this 50 meter and 25 meter swimming pool which is heated geothermally. It is one of the major component of the project.

To develop the Scarborough Square

It is the also known to be natural heart of this redevelopment project. It includes redesigning of the existing infrastructure and including many new retail outlets café and restaurants, planned to upkeep regular and seasonal activities taking place in that area. Construction of new shared-path for pedestrians and cyclist, public toilets and site for food trucks and shops was included.

To construct the Beach Hub

The development of the beach hub featured restoration of existing facilities, all-season play facility and flagship bar. Along with it some additional features were added like shower

room, changing room, surf lifesaving facility, Skate Park, sea viewing point, and eco-friendly building.

To design improvised vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian pathways

The existing shade, parking area, road network and shelter facilities were upgraded to ease the access to the beach.

4. Research Hypotheses

The redevelopment plan of Scarborough beach and new Scarborough Swimming Pool construction must have conducted with efficient quality management and safety management in order to restore the lost glory of the area. The purpose of the research is to inspect the quality aspects of the Scarborough pool and give recommendation about the area of future improvement.

5. Research Methodology

The Scarborough redevelopment program is analysed within the framework of PMBOK 6 and quality management theory. The details of theory was explained in the literature review section. There are four component project for Scarborough Beach Swimming pool project and each component project is studied individually.

6. Data Analysis

6.1 Component Project 1 – Construction of the Scarborough Swimming Pool

Scope- The main scope of this project is to provide recreational satisfaction to the local and tourists, therefore, popularizing the Scarborough Beach area once again.

Challenges- During the construction of the swimming pool, many local residents complained against the excessive noise due to construction and sandy grounds.

Quality- The swimming pool came out to be one of the finest in the Western Australian region, and is much enjoyed by the visitors. This pool has won many awards including IPEWA award, 2019 (IPEWA, 2019).

Distinct features- Exclusive lights for swimming at night, geothermal heating.

Audience- Young people, families.

6.2 Component Project 2 – Redevelopment of the Scarborough Square

Scope- The scope of this project is to redesign the existing infrastructure and develop it for market and food and beverages service.

Challenges- Due to high population over 65 years in the city, it was difficult to find labour with relevant skills (Local Government Association, 2019). There was gap in training provision. 

Quality- The labour management was a tough challenge in this project. The construction needed IT skills and manual labour. For this purpose young people were employed.

Distinct features- Meeting spot

Audience- All ages.

Risk- The low proportion of young population is causing requirement of workers for running shops and restaurant in the market place. 

Recommendation- More workers from outside the city or country can be hired to work in the shops and restaurant.

6.3 Component Project 3 – Construction of the Beach Hub

Scope- The scope was to renovate 1 Km long Scarborough beach foreshore with more recreational areas and better public facilities.

Challenges- A complex combination of civil, geotechnical and structural engineering was requires in order to develop such design strategy which is sensitive to urban water drainage system.

Quality- The techniques used in this project was well tailored and BIM platform was used develop structure and design and data was used to predict outcome. The coastline vegetation were preserved while construction (ARUP, 2019).

Distinct feature- Water

Audience- Kids, young people and families

Recommendation- The project would have been made more old aged people friendly as most of the population of the city is above 65 years.

6.4 Component Project 4 – Design Vehicle Movement, Pedestrian and Cycle Access and Parking

Scope- The scope of this project was to redesign a new pathway such that it provide better access to everyone; vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian to the Scarborough beach area without making it congested.

Challenges- During construction period, the traffic diversion was difficult to handle.

Quality- The pedestrian pathways, stairs, ramps and walkways are carefully designed and well furbished. The choice of material for construction of roads and pathways was based on the nature of use and frequency of maintenance.

Distinct feature- Increased accessibility to beach.

Audience- All ages.

Recommendation- In order to reduce the heavy traffic in future, dedicated public transport and complex road cross-over design can be used.

7. Discussion on The Quality Aspects of the Scarborough Pool

The Scarborough Swimming pool project was a huge success overall due to its quality management strategy and well-tailored use of PMBOK 6. The renovation and redevelopment of the beach attracted a large number of crowd including locals and visitors. All the projects were executed by different construction company who used latest civil, geological and construction engineering to develop the area, while causing minimum damage and disturbance to the environment. Although, many eco-friendly construction was exhibited, but with the increase in visitors population, sea and land pollution will also increase. This may cause harmful effect to the environment. Apart from this, the previous material which was replaced, have been thrown away. This might have caused land pollution.

The redevelopment was done focusing on people from every age group. Be it young people, children or old people, there is something for everyone for recreational and entertainment purpose.

8. Conclusion on The Quality Aspects of the Scarborough Pool

This report discussed the Scarborough Swimming pool project from the perspective of quality management and its practical approach. The definition and explanation of quality management was explained. The PMBOK 6 and its features were talked about. The PMBOK 6 plays a key role in developing project strategy. Almost all project follow the guidelines of PMBOK, but not in same fashion. It depends upon the nature of project. The project strategy of Scarborough Swimming pool project was well designed. The outcome was well received by the locals and visitors. The project and all of its components were successful in accomplishing the goals and objective of this project.

9. Recommendation on The Quality Aspects of the Scarborough Pool

The local population around the Scarborough beach is mostly people above 65 years of age. A dedicated senior-citizen friendly facility could have been developed.

More safety is required when there are small children and senior citizens. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the safety management to ensure the safety of visitors and employees and avoiding any mishap in the future.

The employment of the area can be increased by hiring young employees from other cities and country. This way, underprivileged people may get employment and the problem lack of skilful labour can be dealt with.

The maintenance of reconstructed and developed areas must be closely observed in order to ensure the long-term serving life of all every component project.

10. References for The Quality Aspects of the Scarborough Pool

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