Table of Contents

Case Study 1.

PMBOK 6 Quality management theory.

Quality management failures in Perth Children’s Hospital


Case Study 2.

Committee’s strategies towards innovation and improvement

Factors affecting project quality.

Impacts on project stakeholders.

Provision of professional opinions and interpretations.

Case Study 3.

Assignment quality issues.

Project quality management by W. Edwards Deming.

An explanation for a potential employer.


Managing Project Quality - Case Study 1

From the case study, it is clear that the project about Perth children’s Hospital was carried on, which gone through some failures and issues that resulted in the bad service quality and other issues. This question of the assessment is going to address and examine the potential impacts of project quality management and its failures when the particular organization fails to communicate the intended projects and its goals to its stakeholders and thus has to face losses as a result. Perth children’s Hospital is a pediatric hospital-based in Australia and is a trauma center that is known to provide treatments to children up to the age of 16 years. Further, in the solution to this question, such ways will be recommended on which the Hospital can form its innovative strategies to assure the best project quality management through the application of ethical principles.

This project is about the establishment of a hospital for children in Western Australia. Project quality management is mainly a process of managing and maintaining the quality of the entire project and ensures whether the quality requirement is met or not. According to the project overview given by John Holland to address the project complexities which lead the project towards failures and delays, says that complexity in any project is easy to be identified when it is static and is in control. Still, in the presence of dynamic complexity measures for a single project, the quality is difficult to predict, and thus a lot of quality problems and failures may attack.

PMBOK 6 Quality Management Theory

Since the relevant concepts and knowledge is shared with the communication of all the failures faced by Perth children’s Hospital to the stakeholders. PMBOK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. All the concepts, processes and theories are covered in this so that an organization can ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services to its stakeholders (Drob, Zichill, 2013). Therefore, there are some professional opinions to be derived which contains the set of ethical principles. Now, as far as every theoretical component of project quality management is concerned, there are two most essential components of PMBOK. One is the quality while the other one is a grade, and both of them have the priority index. Quality is defined as the degree to which the set of characteristics satisfy different aspects of an organization or any other thing. At the same time, the grade is referred to as the performance specification, which is kept in mind to produce a particular product (Tatiana, Oleksi, Vladimir, 2018). These two components need to be assured if the quality of any project has to be managed effectively. Therefore, Perth Children’s Hospital should also act upon the theocratical concepts explained in PMBOK. There are three processes in PMBOK which need to be followed to ensure the quality of the project and to avoid the failures. These processes are planning quality management, quality management and then controlling the quality. All these components are interlinked to each other, but the quality of one project cannot be assured if any of these are missed. According to PMBOK, firstly, the quality standard is selected, and a quality management plan is produced. Secondly, the auditing of processes takes place to achieve those quality standards, and at last, the quality of delivered service or product is measured.

Quality Management Failures in Perth Children’s Hospital

According to the case study, Perth’s children’s Hospital faced some issues while getting established. Those issues were mainly based on the quality management of their projects, as this Hospital was going to be a massive project in Western Australia. Below, three failures faced by Perth Children’s Hospital are identified, which brought a lot of issues for the Hospital in terms of quality management, and they damaged the entire reputation of the Hospital in a short period.

  1. First of all, Perth’s children’s Hospital faced a failure to manage the water quality problems as this was one of the modules among all the components in the Hospital that needed proper quality management. The Hospital put the entire blame over John Holland, who was the contractor for the establishment of this project. According to the presented reports, the problem in quality management was in the stainless steel pipes that started to erode in a few weeks after the Hospital was operational. The reason behind this corrosion was the presence of microscopic bacteria in the entire system of water.
  2. Another quality management failure that took place in Perth children’s Hospital was identified even before the launch of this Hospital. It was about the presence of lead contamination in the water, and for this, the government of Australia announced the budget to incorporate phosphate solution in the water pipes.
  3. Due to all these quality management failures, the economic condition of the Hospital went so down even before its actual establishment. People around the place stopped visiting the Hospital, which was a considerable failure for it and affected the reputation of the Hospital on a significant level.


Through the lessons learned from the above report, there are a lot of quality based aspects in Perth children’s hospitals that need in-depth planning and essential in the form of management. Therefore, it is recommended to the Hospital to pay serious attention to project quality management as it is something on which every new strategy is based and thus the failure or success of an organization too. The Hospital needs to develop such plans and strategies to assure its quality in every aspect they have been following and working. The stakeholders of the Perth children’s hospital should be communicated in ethical ways keeping all the relevant concepts and theories to be followed in accordance to project quality management. Moreover, the Hospital should form its strategies so that the best quality can be delivered, and no harm of cost is provided to the stakeholders. The Hospital should keenly observe the process of water supply and should do everything to make sure that the best quality water is supplied through the Hospital (Baker, 2015).

Managing Project Quality - Case Study 2

A Western Australia Metro net Scheme mainly covers the set of projects based on development on the largest investment that has been done in the area of public transport. Metro net scheme aims to change the lives of people by introducing various developmental projects around the town. This one is the long-term project that seeks to connect the suburbs, reduction in road congestion, and other benefits (Maginn, 2018). The steering committee is known in Western Australia, which is followed to be working on various developmental and construction projects. As per this case study, further, the strategies followed by this particular committee to encourage the innovation and improvements in the projects will be discussed. At the same time, some factors which may be present to affect the overall project quality would also be assessed. For the Metro net scheme, there are a lot of stakeholders whose concerns are on stake. Therefore the intended and unintended impacts of the steering committee’s strategies over those stakeholders will also be the part of the discussion below. At last of this case study, the professional opinions based on the ethical considerations will be included along with the project management principles to be followed by the steering committee.

Committee’s Strategies Towards Innovation and Improvement

For every committee taking projects in the field of construction needs to manage and develop such strategies that are innovative and give a continuous improvement in daily processes. Therefore, some plans for the steering committee can also be formulated, which will encourage the innovation and improvement in performance on multiple projects of the Metro net scheme in Australia. First of all, the steering committee should ensure the successful flow of communication. The committee should manage the quality of the project, and effective communication on the ground play an essential role in this cause. Secondly, the Steering committee should look forward to continuous planning long before the start of the construction process at the site. Therefore, planning after communication is essential. Further, another innovative strategy to be used in the Metro net scheme is to manage the budget of the projects keeping up with the work execution platform. The quality of a project will be managed efficiently if the funding is allocated effectively to every aspect of having a part in a particular project (Foxall, 2014).

Factors Affecting Project Quality

According to the case study, the steering committee is a sort of organization that takes the construction projects for Metro net in Western Australia. To maintain the quality of work in the construction projects, it is imperative to understand what are the key factors which have been affecting the quality of the project. Quality is a compassionate aspect of the construction project in which one has to make sure that quality does not suffer. The steering committee also realizes those factors which will help their taken projects to have high quality. The occurrence of conflicts among the project participants is one of the reasons due to which the quality of a project would suffer. So the steering committee should make sure the use of effective communication to resolve the conflicts timely. Another factor affecting the project quality is socio-economic and climate conditions (Swejs, Bisharat, 2014). Thus the steering committee needs to make sure the likely climate conditions are present so that the work quality on the working sites will not suffer. The inability of the committee towards long term planning is also a factor that may lead the project towards failure it does not fulfill. Long term planning includes process complexity and discipline, workforce management, organizational culture, budget allocation, and leadership support.

Impacts on Project Stakeholders

For any successful project, some people are directly or indirectly linked, which are referred to as stakeholders. Now various types of processes and operations during the execution of project strategies impact those stakeholders for that project. The steering committee sees its stakeholders as a building block for the construction process, which is processing for the Metro net construction project. According to the case study, some potential stakeholders for the construction project of Metro net are the project management team, workers, subcontractors, insurance companies, including the banks, media, etc. (Heravi, Coffey, 2015) . Therefore, the project quality management is a crucial task to work on in every type of project as the steering committee is an organization which takes the construction projects for various organizations and manage those projects up to completion. The committee needs to take care of all the aspects which affect the performance and output of the task. Some factors may impact the stakeholders mentioned above in many ways. One issue which is reported is that the committee sometimes fails to communicate all the aspects of the project to its stakeholders, which results negatively for the tasks and its output.

Provision of Professional Opinions and Interpretations

When a project needs a successful completion, it is significant to make sure that all the ethical implications are interpreted and provided by the management who is responsible for the quality management of a project. Therefore, some moral principles and codes of conduct are present, which the steering committee should follow to link the management principles of a project and have a successful project in the making. As a part of professional opinion, first of all, the steering committee should act honestly and should not behave in a way that could be a threat to any stakeholder of an organization (Rumane, 2016). As the steering committee will be dealing with the construction projects of Metro net construction site, so the committee should not look for its benefit without providing value to other stakeholders of a project. There should be the use of a fair reward system within the entire project management. The stakeholders showing interest and efforts should be paid with more appreciation, encouragement, and value as compared to those who don’t take part in the quality management of the construction project. Also, the steering committee should work as a team and should look forward to communicating each aspect of the project likely to each other.

Managing Project Quality - Case Study 4

The study activities carried on during this semester in MAN6302 have to be analyzed critically. There was a lot to learn throughout the semester, and I have gone through some real experiences, which made me realize a lot about the course and some beneficial things for my practical life too. My learning progress and some quality management issues which I faced during the study of this unit in the whole semester will be discussed later in the case study. As a part of the reflective case study, I will go through some real pieces of evidence which will depict the types of quality issues I had to face from the start to the end of this semester. Moreover, as far as the workshop activities are concerned, I tried my level best to be a student who focuses more on learning rather than just gathering content. I gave my full potential to the semester assessment, assignments, quizzes, so I can say proudly that I have been through a good experience overall. I developed my mind in a way that was always open to understand and accept the content and knowledge with reasoning and logic and never fell towards getting experience without creating a complete understanding of a topic. Further, a comprehensive reflective assessment will be given, which covers the assignment quality issues which I had to face, the relevance and level of influence poured by W. Edwards Deming. In the last of this case study, I will develop a professional presentation that will show how my relevant skills and knowledge in the field of project quality management makes me an excellent candidate to deal with a project within an organization.

Assignment Quality Issues

Being a student, I faced some reliable quality issues while working on my assignments and then in delivering them. Along with my classmates, all of us had to complete the projects in a given deadline with supreme quality and having unique content. Therefore, all of the users faced some problems in delivering quality assignments. Some tasks were allotted to us in the entire semester, which was involved and was challenging to understand. The most highlighted assignment quality issue that I faced was during the planning of the assignment presentation (Chen, Zhang, 2014). It was always a big challenge for me to plan how will I present my assignment to the tutor. This had a significant impact on the quality of my project. I managed this problem by writing down the points which I had to speak while presenting the content of my assignment. This helped me a lot to cope with the previous situation. I also faced some issues regarding delivering plagiarism free work. To deal with this problem, I managed to write some essays in my words, which helped me a lot to provide a unique piece.

The concept of quality management is now clear to me, as I have already learned it through this whole semester. I learned how to ensure the completion of all the activities that are required to be completed. I also learned how to deliver the work within the specified deadline with high quality. In my opinion, the issues faced in managing the quality of assignments being a student have a deep connection with risk management in real workplace projects. In daily life project in the organizations, a lot of quality issues arise with a lot of risks connected to them. In this case, the efficient management of quality is needed because a project counts no value if it has no quality management, and quality is taken for granted. It can also be said that some issues are faced while managing the quality of projects in organizations like the students have to face in their assignment quality management.

Project Quality Management by W. Edwards Deming

  1. Edwards Deming is believed as a thinker of total quality management, which covers all sorts of projects, including the academic projects or the projects from a workplace. Through my period while studying the course and taking the assignments, I have learned some real examples in relevance to the ideology given by Deming about quality management. The theory of total quality management was introduced by Deming, in which he focused on quality and continuous improvement that can put a considerable influence on other aspects of the project (Bialaszewski, 2018). This project quality management environment explained by Edwards Deming shows that this theory has a deep relationship with the quality of assignment which the students need to complete as per the requirement of the tutor. Moreover, Deming provided the concept of variation in project management as well as introduced the approach of problem-solving in quite practical ways. Therefore, the level of influence take by a theory that W. Edwards Deming gave has a deep connection with my academic history. I have learned a lot about problem-solving while studying in the semester system.

An Explanation for A Potential Employer

Based on my knowledge and fundamental research which I have done on the project quality management and the issues which may arise during the quality management of the tasks. I have developed thinking that I am much experienced and have knowledge about managing the tasks and massive projects effectively if I am asked to work on this. I have learned a lot about project quality management, and my gained knowledge in this field can help me to succeed with a lot of projects in any organization in the coming years. I believe that my skills and knowledge of project quality management practice make me eligible to succeed with a new business system in any organization, and I assume myself as the best candidate for this position. Through my experiences, I know how to solve a sudden problem, and I do know about skills that I will need to show under pressure to ensure the quality of the project and will manage the tasks efficiently. Moreover, I am eligible to work in an organization and manage the high scope projects because I find myself able to work under the increased scope and will eventually do the best under pressure.

References for Project Quality Management Practice and Theory

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