Project Integration and Procurement Management

Table of Contents



Q1: Retail Trade Market in Australia

Q2: Outline Sustainable Procurement Practice for Coles

Q3: Consider New Technologies and The Impact They Are Having on Procurement

Q4: Traditional Approaches to The Erp-Based Approaches



Introduction to Project Integration and Procurement Management

In today’s global competition, it is important for the large business firm to develop a strong relationship with the external suppliers for products and services that are required to accomplish a project. The primary objective of using procurement strategy is to make sure each vendor have examined its own project role that is required to serve as an individual point of the contract during the entire procurement process (Javed and Liu, 2017). However, it can also deliver specific techniques to manage the entire activities not only to keep business operation run smoothly but also to save additional cost to the company. Therefore, this project report intends to provide specific information regarding the Coles business operations that extends its IT overhaul to supply chain and procurement with SAP. Apart from this, a detail evaluation of Australian retail trade market is also taken into account to analyze the changes took place by different stakeholders. Further, an outline of sustainable procurement practice for Coles is also being the highlight of this report.

Project Integration and Procurement Management - Task

Q1: Retail Trade Market in Australia

It has been analyzed that Australia is considered one of the most urbanized societies in the nation with the total 24million people living in areas of Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. It has registered a reliable hike in per capita GDP, value around USD 50000. However, it has been determined that Australian retail sectors have shown positive growth, instead of significantly low growth in wages and increase household debts (Buehler and Pucher, 2012). The maximum increment is seen only in the housing market which was supported by low-interest rates as well as a credit limit. Due to this, there is a huge impact on the consumer spending level. According to the market reviews, it has been analyzed that Australian retail sales have grown 3.7% in each year as compared with the 3.7% increase recorded in last month. This particular segment is based on product categories, distribution mode, and market shares.

On the other hand, one of the leading supermarket gain Cole has also announced updating more of its IT system with supply chain management and procurement functions being migrated to SAP. The consumer good retailing division has been determined as subject to a difficult retail situation over the last couple of years. Due to the weak disposable income growth and volatile customers, preference has impacted the retail market badly. It happens because of the unstable economic condition that has resulted in an appropriate trading landscape, whereas a householder has scaled back its expenses on non-essential goods. With regards to this, the growth in online shopping has tended to contribute to a decline in retail demand for various customer products over time.

According to the above statistic, it has been seen that most of the sales at cafes, restaurants, and takeaway foodstuff services, as well as food retailers, tend to increase in march that boosts the market to 1.4% and 0.4%. Apart from this, sales of fashionable products, footwear, and other accessories along with the household goods are also get increased to 1.2% to 0.2% respectively in the last couple of years (Retail trend Australia, 2019). 

The most important challenges that are associated with the Australian retail over the next 5 years the decline in the online customers. In the context to deal with these problems, most of the firms are using the latest technology innovation to improve the market. However, the shift to online shopping is putting maximum pressure on some physical retailer’s shops and its surrounding in Australian shopping centres. These tend to influence the local community growth potential in the market. They need to also look into account on the potential environmental influence of growing home delivery option as well as also increase packaging related to the changes to the entire supply chain. Therefore, the major steps are taken into account by the Coles to implement a dynamic 365 in certain business units and offices as an integral part of their modern workplace to procure the problems of the retail sector. In the viewpoint of various stakeholders, those are aligned with the success and failure of the retail industry in Australia is been analyzed effectively. They have also taken a certain potential decision to make retail sectors more strong in terms of buying and selling products (Richards, Lawrence and Hickman, 2013).

Some of the key stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, and society are equally responsible for the effective management of the retail sectors. The object of stakeholders is to attain a proper balance between the contribution, costs, risk, and other benefits that are effectively useful for the success of the retail market in the future. The stakeholders have been divided into various categories such as contribution, source, market, and society. These could be suitable enough to manage the operation of the retail sectors accurately so that future complication could not be arises with the retail firms. 

Q2: Outline Sustainable Procurement Practice for Coles

Coles is responsible for managing their surrounding and social implication seriously throughout their entire business operation. Their core ambition is to become Australia’s most sustainable supermarket as well as always looking for further opportunities to make a positive change by its commitment to sustainable products, and practices. Apart from this, Cole is looking to make it simple for their customers to make the sustainable option as they take a clear mindset by developing a strong brand in the entire Australian market (Bell, Foster and Hewson, 2017). The suppliers must be responsible for meeting their policies and needs across a wide range of areas that include products security, human rights, and nutrition. However, Cole is also involved in offering all Australian with a great-taste for its customers and meet its dietary requirement accordingly. For this purpose, they have developed a range of policies that tends to cover sugar, trans fat reduction, and use of artificial flavour for their own branded items. In the context to the packaging which plays an important role in keeping its food item safe, fresh, and control wastage through maximum recyclable packaging option?

Coles Company is using industry techniques to make sure that recyclability of their product packaging as well as working with Australian convent to provide the right direction to their range. They are also increasing the amount of recycling content in their packaging to maintain a high amount of fresh produce bags that are manufactured with 30% recycled material, whereas spring water bottles are made out of 100% recycled content as well as bags are also been manufactured from around 80% reused content. The commitment to provide fair treatment to entire workers those is involved in the entire supply chain. However, Coles is engaged with over 770 own-brand goods, fresh items, and meat suppliers in various location over 2200 sites in almost 40 countries.

Cole would also support to improve efficiencies by using its supply chain to reduce the need to move stock between two different states. However, the new finance platform has also enabled the deployment of SAP Ariba procurement solution to the company. The combination of SAP and S/4HANA, it will enable a significant cost saving procurement by making centralized management of buying a product, not for resale (Demirkesen and Ozorhon, 2017). It can also allow for the consolidation of suppliers as well as improve reliable trading terms.

Cole intends to maintain a strong balance sheet as well as credit metrics to a sustainable cash flow that incurred a disciplined approach to capital allocation that aimed at growth and efficiency initiative. On the other hand, returning surplus capital to shareholders. The expected statutory EBIT for the Cole was $1,467m for this current. Plastic packaging was considered a major challenge during the period, whereas it plays an important role in maintaining food safety, support longevity, and reduce food waste. It has been seen that smart selling is done by efficiency and pace of modification that will enable the firm to invest in those areas that tend to matter for their customers (Hornstein, 2015). They are taken a more disciplined approach to operate costs with a gross cumulative cost decline target in the entire business of $1bn by the end of 2023. Furthermore, the aim of this project is to examine the areas, where Coles business operation directly influences the Australian market. The net cash flow incurred from the operating activities has also increased by 19.1% in the current period. The customer has also increased to 41125.5 from the previous years by 15%. Apart from this, the payment made to the suppliers and employees is also reducing to 38664.6 to 17% change from the previous years. The management is liable to meet the project requirements that are associated with the sustainable development of the company.

Q3: Consider New Technologies and The Impact They Are Having on Procurement

In the present business situation, technology tends to play an important role in making the product reach to the customers directly. It has led the foundation that enables supply chain software to become more quick and efficient. By the use of technology, Cole can easily be able to manage their production and supply network accurately. Through warehouse and transport system businesses can deliver data capture, improve labour management, and reduce stock losses with a real-time inventory evaluation (Mustaro and Rossi, 2013). However, IT procurement is considered as a series of activities and steps that are essential to acquire information regarding the product and services. It includes the management of request for quotations, proposal, information, and managing supplier relationship in the entire distribution network. The retailers say the system would streamline imports, overcome cost, and centralized Coles global supply network. It can further be used to overcome working capital by reducing stock in transit as well as distribution centre stock holding. It has been seen that the ability to a key issue for a client and certain popular items like as light globes, herbs, and other kitchens essential could be sourced globally for this they are looking to international suppliers. Apart from this, technology tends to transform procurement in retail segments. This will enable end-users to execute a non-critical transaction to follow effectively. 

For end-customers

  • Cloud-based software: The use of cloud base procurement software is based on close technology. It is considered a simple form that tends to provide the ability to store data and program by using internet sources. It can be useful for the end customers to take advantage of the technology to improve their shopping experiences (Cao, 2014).
  • Mobile services: It happens to be important software that might assist Cole to streamline its procurement process from a mobile system. It offers purchase order creation, on-demand notification, and quick access analytics. 

For producers

Blockchain system: It is defined as the future of supply chain that is based on the initial growth of POC pilots aim at particular logistics, storage, and track areas of supply across the production.

According to the retailers, it has been decided to adopt a “Wold-class” international supply chain system with the core finance to improve product availability to its customers. It would also enable overall efficiencies in the supply network to support Smart selling strategy. The planning of Coles is to implement GT nexus as a global trade platform that is built by information. It can help the firm to manage its working capital operation by reducing the inventory in transit and the entire distribution centre. By adopting this, they can make a better plan for their stock movements that could further be used to increase availability for their users as well as helps in reducing the time taken to move products into their particular store sites. Looking into the future planning for the use of technology procurement, Cole’s business is having the opportunities to use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to generate maximum revenue in supply chain departments that consists of sales, forecasting, and logistics network optimization.

Being an Australian supermarket giant, it has turned to Microsoft to assist the use of machine learning, personalization, and cloud techniques to attain its desired goal efficiently (Zulch, 2014). The use of visionary project experience is taking into account as Blue sky that uses best-known technologies to make a complete process to offer a great shopping experience to the customers. This particular project is to provide a remarkable changing technology that can offer the purchasing process for the supermarket. For future planning, Cole has selected advance robotics technology as well as new suites of software to manage the operations. 

Q4: Traditional Approaches to the ERP-Based Approaches

The use of traditional ERP is considered as a single large system that covers every aspect of the firm. These are generally included on the company’s servers and maintained by the professional IT staffs. They are needed to have regular updates as well as investment in the hardware that is required to operate effectively. It tends to cover the most crucial aspects of the business functions that are based on the unique parts of the business that are managed by a software application. It was not considered not so effective because most of the transaction tends to influence the business operations effectively (Eid and, 2016). On the other hand, modern ERP there is no need to buy new hardware as updates are done automatically for the supplier. It used to guide the manufacturing firm to follow the impact as well as shape the application to perform the task according to the requirement of the firm. It is designed in such a way that company could easily process the areas that are required improvements. 

Integration plan: It is a well-organized structure that brings the core elements together to assemble each subsystem as well as bring all system together to assemble the product effectively. It simply includes specific documents such as timelines, goals, and roles that are aligned to Cole needs. However, it encompasses to complete data integration from the overall contribution of the process. 

Managing knowledge areas




Monitor & control



Develop a well-organized plan

Collect all the specific task, activities that are needed for the ERP system

Direct and manage the project work effectively.

Use of integrated change control measure toward ERP system.

Reviews the operations outcomes.

Perform integrated change model: The purpose of using this model is to manage corrective and preventive changes to deal with the issues and ensure those request that are fit within the project management plan.

ERP change model is an essential process that can help an organization to align its structure effectively. By the help of integrated change process which could be used to review the change request, approve changes, and managing change to deliverables with the reports. However, it is associated with the reliable communication decision that is made to increase the accountability of the firm. It tends to clarify the goals for the integrated change in people to ensure compelling ERP for change (Gosling and, 2015). Apart from this, it is an essential way to get necessary information regarding the resource and organize them according to the change. However, this integration process assists in avoiding the essential change that might ensure the effective use of resources while designing the ERP for the supply chain network. Integrals are taken into account as extensively in various areas to determine the probability of certain random variables that are associated with Cole. It can be better understood by using a social learning theory of learning procedure that could acquire through imitating others. The project integration managing knowledge areas is associated with every aspect of a project that could make sure that stakeholders could get satisfied with the decision that are been taken into account by the Coles. 

Conclusion on Project Integration and Procurement Management

Throughout the entire project report, it has been concluded that procurement and integrating is an essential aspect of an organization. It can provide crucial information regarding the supply chain management operation and other functions that are been performed by the company. Therefore, it is important to have a better understanding of the systems and process that are required to be followed to fulfil the demands of the suppliers. It has been suggested to have a systematic review regarding the growth potential of using the latest technology in the retail sectors so that future productivity could be achieved. 

References for Project Integration and Procurement Management

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