Introduction to New Zealand Legal System

Statement 1

“It doesn’t matter what the public think of lawyers, as long as lawyers know that they are doing a good job.”

A very general misconception that has crept in every society, regardless of what business one deals in, is that if one has passed the accreditation for that particular title, he thinks himself to be superior of all. A doctor who attains his licence seems to be vain about his education and that he is a certified doctor, regardless of the fact that he might be practising for maybe a year. Similarly, with lawyers too, there is always a hustle in the chambers of the court that what qualification does the other possesses and that what is his bar score. Just a mere observation, if a person attains an LLB degree from a foreign university, he thinks himself to be superior of all as he thinks he has much of an experience compared to domestic degree holders. But what one forget that this industry, be it legal or medical, is an inter-personal industry. One has to work in harmony with all and tend to have a good rapport with his colleagues and especially their clients.

Public opinion is a crucial element nowadays for any business to keep running and further expand in the market. Companies who keep this view of that public opinion do not matter have to face consequences of that, like loss of market shares, loss of employee retention etc. Undoubtedly, have integrity is a crucial part of legal practice. One has to believe his instinct and do what he thinks is right. Along with this one cannot be ignorant to what people say or talk about him. Speculations are farce but what matters is opinions. To have good legal practice, one has to attract people and make them believe that they are the best option they could opt for. To attract them, one needs to have a clean image and go-getter attitude which now everyone wants.

People now do not worry about the amount of money they spend but are more into quality work. Since the legal sector is a service sector, one has to ensure that they are providing unbiased service and that people are happy with them. It's like any new restaurant has opened in up-town and supply burgers. Now everyone is familiar with the McDonald’s burgers, so to give it a tough competition the up-town burger restaurant has to supply the same quality burgers as that of McDonald’s to gain that percentage of customers which McDonald has. People’s word of mouth here becomes very important as more the number of people are satisfied with the up-town burger place, the more customers shall get attracted to him.

Statement 2

“The history of our legal profession is completely irrelevant to understanding the current profession.’

Scholars all around the world had shown their keen interest in the development of the legal profession. In Paul Brand's book[1], J.H Baker’s book[2], and the eminent jurist of all times, Roscoe Pound book[3] cannot be left unmentioned. Had then been the case that it should not matter what the essence of past did legal profession had, these people's work would not be remembered in the 20th century. In order to evolve, one has to understand its origin and the roots he belongs too. There is a reason why humans are given that ability to reason out things so that they are able to make this planet a better place. Otherwise, we are no good than animals who do not know the semblance of their lives and just live.

All over the world, it is exclaimed that Britishers were the ones to evolve the concept of 'lawyers'. But this, not the truth, it dates back to ancient Athens, Greece who are considered to be the first orators of law[4]. Similarly, the legal profession of New Zealand (NZ) dates back to the 18th century when the Supreme Court passed an ordinance in 1841. The ordinance passed provided the privilege both to the barristers and solicitors to practice. It also gave liberty to one person to be a barrister and a solicitor, both. This was only a temporary thing with the Britishers initiated in NZ but it continues to be prevalent today.[5]

It was the history of the legal profession of the world that today we are able to develop a long-winded legal system that has upheld the legality of the constitution of various countries. We all gain our powers from the constitution of the countries which is essentially written in past. That what is history and is still prevalent today and shall continue till humanity exists.

Statement 3

“Technology is overrated in the legal profession. In fact, we should ditch modern technology and go back to pens and typewriters.”

The past few months are explanatory of the fact that how much technology is important for our lives. Where almost the world’s economies that have crashed, there are some industries which are managing neck to neck with the help of technology. These industries are Information and Technology and the Legal industry.

Nearly all of the IT sector from January 2020 has started this concept of work from home which slowly and gradually was adopted by the other industries as well due to the predicament of the situation. It was this industry who have managed to keep its employees intact and are ready to work till 2021. Companies like Goggle have notified to do so[6].

Legal sector too has adopted this mechanism wherein legal practitioners were able to file suits online, fill up any form like affidavits and the honourable judges conducting video meets in the cases. Technology has eased up our lives not just now must in the past too. When the whole world was facing lockdowns, it was a technology only which helped people knowing about their state's situations, the government was able to cater to all households needs through local online shopping. Technology is like a genie to all of our Aladdins.

If we date back to the era of typewriters so the major drawback with a typewriter was, once inked it cannot be erased. This lead to much of hue when it came to documentation. Now that when everything is being in electronic form, one can make a document on his laptop or a computer and can make alterations as much as he wants. This sector, especially needs the precision of work and therefore the time of typewriters cannot be applied to in modern times.

It is technology only which helps out the court and save their time. Attorneys and Lawyers, for the court facilitation, are allowed to subpoena any witness of a case digitally via a webcam and use it as an evidence in court which is admissible. This method is possible due to technology only and not to mention is much relief for the jury.

Remember, at the center of any academic work, lies clarity and evidence. Should you need further assistance, do look up to our Law Assignment Help

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