Project Management




Task 2.

Real-World Project Plan.

Real-Time Money Transfer Application.

Er Diagrams.


Customer Entity.

Account Details Entity.

Task 3.

Gantt Chart

Data and Control Flow Diagrams (dfd/cf Ds)



Control Specifications.



Task 4.

Swot Analysis.

Task 5:

Project Management Plan Comprise Following Section:

Executive Abstract..

Project Scope..

Project Schedule..

Project Resources.

Risk and Issue Management..

Communication Management..




Introduction to Software Requirement Specification

A Project management plan is a formal document that defines how a project is going to be carried out. Mainly it consists of scope, goal, budget and the impact of the project on the growth of the company. The project management plan is necessary for keeping the project on track

  • The project management plan must be written during the stage of project planning of the project life cycle, and also must be approved by stakeholders before the project execution.
  • The main purpose of the project is what we want to achieve, how it is to be achieved, what resources we need and how to resolve the risks.
  • the PMP is developed as a part of the project initiation and definition, PMP defines the project progress and project all details.

Project Management - Task 1

Suppose there is an ABC Company which provide the customers to transfer money between two accounts in real-time. In present, they are doing it manually like they are taking bank account information from customers and all other transaction process is done by bank employees manually. But now they want an application using which Customer can send money to another account, popularly known as Real-time Money Transfer (RMT).

First of all, before starting a project we have to create a software design document so that we can make proper UI and functionalities in our software to attract customers.

Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is a detailed description of a software system to be developed with its functional and non-functional requirement. The software requirement specification is developed on the basis or requirement of customer. It is also an agreement between the customer and the company. The software requirement specification includes all the main documents and information of the project. This also includes how the user can interact with the software, how they feel while using it and it is easy to use or not.

  • To make any kind of software we have to be in touch with the customer to gather their requirement and to meet their expectation.
  • A software requirement specification has to be said well when it properly interacts with all the internal module, hardware, communicate well with other programs and as well as with human users.
  • Recommendation to test software requirement specification documents is given by experts before writing test cases making any plan of execution.

Project Management - Task 2

Real-World Project Plan

Topic Name – Real-Time Money Transfer Application

Real-Time Money Transfer Application

For Developing Real-time Money Transfer app first of all we must have a proper plan for developing an application.

We have to calculate the total Budget for project, requirement gathering, Risks related to project, Team, maintenance, testing etc..

The life cycle of the project will define a methodology for improving the quality of software and the overall development process. 

After getting all the requirements we have to find the best way to reduce risks, budget and manpower.

  • We have to hire a developer’s team like website developers, designers, backend developers, app developers etc.
  • We have to create a wireframe of website and apps so that developers can directly start coding the designs.
  • We have to make a login system for those employees who are registered or have bank accounts.
  • After entering correct Credentials, the user can proceed to the login page. and after that, we also have to make OTP
  • Verification when user will proceed for transfer money to another account.
  • We can get OTP from MSG91 or other message sellers.

ER Diagrams


In the ER Diagram, we have Entities

  • Customer
  • Bank
  • Account Type
  • Account Details
  • The relationship between Bank and Customer is one too many as a Bank Can have many Customers.
  • The relationship between Customer and Account Type is one too many as a Customer Can have many account Type.

Customer Entity

  • Customer Entity has attributes such as Customer ID Password, Customer Name, Address, DOB, Contact Number and Gender
  • So for doing online transaction user must have a Bank Account.
  • After that, he can log in to the app/website and can enter user ID and Password.
  • After that user will click on send money button and a form will be open from there, user can choose his account type
  • Then the user has to enter money which we will show through relationship symbol, like if the amount entered and < balance amount then the user will be not allowed to transfer.

Account Details entity

  • after that we are an entity Account Details, if the user has entered all the required Attributes then the user will
  • Get an OTP to the registered mobile number.
  • If credentials are right then the bank will send OTP to users registered phone number. These all functionality will be done through coding.
  • after that, if OTP is The Last one and entered within 5 minutes then the system will approve it and will send the user to the home
  • The screen of the App. Otherwise, it will close the session.

Project Management - Task 3

Data and Control Flow Diagrams (DFD/CFDs)


Data Flow Diagram are a type of diagrams which we use to make a flow of Data. We can get an idea about an

Organisation work if we have the Data Flow Diagram of that organisation.

  • it shows the flow of information from one department to another department.
  • it makes things easy and clear.
  • DFD explain information flow using arrows and signs.
  • if we want to check how an organisation work. then we can check DFD of the organisation.

There are 3 levels of DFD

  1. level 1
  2. level 2
  3. level 3
  • DFD is the best way to know about how data is flowing in an organisation from department to department

and department to employees.

  • when we will start working on the RMT application. the first step will be to create DFD and ER diagrams

so that team will be able to understand the data flow.

  • the coding team will also get an idea about data flow from department to department.

Control Specifications


The Control Specifications (CSPEC) is used to indicate (1) how the software behaves

when an event or control signal is sensed and (2)

 which processes are invoked as a consequence of the occurrence of the event?

 Control specifications give us an idea about data input, data output and all the intermediated conditions.

  • its is used to describe all flow model processes that appear at the final level of refinement.
  • Control Specifications is a document which shows how the software will work.
  • what software will do?
  • how will it work technically?
  • how the database will work. how the user will be registered on the database.
  • how the bank will share user Login ID/Password.
  • the Password will contain small letters, capital letters, numbers, special character and password should
  • be minimum numbers of digits will be 8.
  • OTP will be 8 digit number.
  • UserID/Password will be matched to the bank database. if both are right then the user will be able to log in.

Project Management - Task 4

In risk and issue management, all those things are included which comes from the outside like small issues as well as a big issue which cannot be resolved only by the manager of the project. So in this, we can assume every single blind end of the project through which any type of issue can be created and resolved all this problem before it occurs through the full planning and power of assuming like if this happened we will take this step and all.

In this section we should evaluate the economic, technical, operational and organisational feasibility of the project and identify the risk and impact of the project. Blind end of the project has to be evaluated and high end also. Feasibility assessment of the project is very essential in every manner and provide contingency plans to address high impact risk factor.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis — the acronym for “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats” — is a long-standing risk management essential.

To begin on your companywide SWOT examination, you'll have to amass a successful group. Welcome, all upper administration and division heads to partake, and consider additionally asking such compelling untouchables as confided in clients and providers. You could utilize a consumer loyalty review to accumulate outside sentiments.

In an average SWOT study, qualities and shortcomings will be interior parts of an organization, while openings and dangers will be found remotely. In this way, for example, having a solid stable of promotable workers is a quality; though, neglecting to satisfactorily refresh your innovation would be a shortcoming. Besides, nearby monetary patterns could highlight open doors for extended deals, yet depending a lot on a solitary key client could be a danger.

Qualities are regularly a decent spot to begin since they're almost effortless to distinguish and kick the gathering off on a positive note. Rundown your points of interest and the things your organization progresses nicely. How are you better than your rivals? What does the commercial centre see your qualities? The gathering should cover inner regions, for example,

Bookkeeping and money, where qualities would incorporate a solid income and monetary record,

Advertising, where you may highly esteem an amazing brand name,

Creation, where current, productive and minimal effort offices are an or more, and

HR, where a gifted, roused and moderately strife free labour force would be the ideal.

Project Management - Task 5

Project Management Plan Comprise Following Section:

Executive Abstract: This section should include the summary of the whole project including all the key points like high and low points of the project, where to give more attention. Every single key element should be detailed in this section.

Project Scope: In project scope, the objective and the purpose of the project should be written and what will be the impact of the project on the company as well as stakeholders. Product or customer service which will be provided by the project to the customer the project scope will be written as the perspective of the customer through which you can reach the main demand of the customer and get an idea of the project scope. All assumption of the project must be included in this section. The quality specification should also be included in this section, describing the performance criterion.

Project Schedule: The content of this section will define the whole schedule of the project including duration of the project, last date and critical dependencies. The no. of the person involved in this project at what deadline the would submit the project, what will be the circumstances, at what time they have to finish this project as well as which team member is specialized in particular work that works should be allotted to that particular person. 

Project Resources: The budget and other resources to meet the project goals. Cost estimated or budget may be divided into three major part capital, expense and labour. Before all this, the cost estimation is must for any project whether it is a service provider or product based project. Estimation of the total cost is required before the project of the execution. How much money is required for the project, what capital income we have, how much expense will be in the project, is this enough for the project or we can get some loan and many other things are there in this section.

Risk and Issue Management: In risk and issue management all those things are included which comes from the outside like small issues as well as a big issue which cannot be resolved only by the manager of the project. So in this, we can assume every single blind end of the project through which any type of issue can be created and resolved all this problem before it occurs through the full planning and power of assuming like if this happened we will take this step and all.

Communication Management: In this part of the document, there should be a description of the system of the communication and the performance of the project is provided to the stakeholder of the company as well as the team member of the project.

Approvals: This section required or capture the signature or approval of the stakeholder of the project.

Attachments- This section should include the business deal paper, notes and some other document of the project.

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