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Let's Make A Deal:” Price Outcomes and The Interaction of Customer Persuasion Knowledge And Salesperson Negotiation Strategies

Holmes, Y. M., Beitelspacher, L. S., Hochstein, B., & Bolander, W. (2017). “Let's make a deal:” Price outcomes and the interaction of customer persuasion knowledge and salesperson negotiation strategies. Journal of Business Research78, 81-92.

Introduction to Salespeople’s Price Negotiation Behavior

Business organizations are intended to reform their marketing strategies and evaluate their business strategies as per their requirement. In that time the interaction strategies with the consumer need to be formed and reformed. In the time of dealing with the customers, the organization can develop the B2C marketing, Business- to- consumer and many firms have negotiated the relationship strategy to develop their business strategy and plan to expand their business. The paper has selected a relevant scholarly article to address the topic elaborately that will clarify the parts of the topics with the learning outcomes as the learned assessment.

Analysis of Salespeople’s Price Negotiation Behavior

According to Holmes, (2017), The firms and the different business industries chain had adopted the strategy of B2B business to business strategy that was nobody a profitable strategy for the companies that day. But in present days the consumers like to contract directly with the provider for which the terms stand for B2C. From the review of present customers, they have varied even more sensitive offers from the different companies for the same quality products via an online facility. In online stores, consumers feel to have their window shopping without any kind of interpretation also can enjoy various options. This particular selling strategy was negotiated in the 1850s in the retail industry when the sellers used to fix the product prices. Besides with the statement of B2C selling more fundamentals can be added over here;

  1. Conceptual development:

As per the statement of Das, (2020) the conceptual development of the selling of any products stands for making strategies based on the different perception that is used to influence the customers to buy a product. The factors can be categorized into four factors that are social values of the products, service values of the products, emotional values, and the price. The values of the product can be changed according to the policies or for the system of taxation. In the part of setting the values of the products is one of the most sensitive parts for the organization producers as the price of the product with their quality will determine the customer's choice. There are different cases of CPK and PKM asserts. In the case of the CPK assets use to elicit the response of the customers that can be marked as the selling tactics that have already been used in the few days selling strategy. In converse, PKM asserts that the persuasion of the salespersons with their relevant skill and knowledge is used to direct and motivate the design as well as the strategies delivery.

  1. Measures:

In the part of the measurements, the persuasion knowledge scale of the salesperson and the customer satisfaction is measured along with the negotiation strategies of the salesperson. From the customer's knowledge, the article has got many points related to the products offered like, the customers can determine any organization offers that are genuine or good to buy. Next, the customers can separate the facts of the advertisement that how much in the advertisement statement is genuine along with the different tactics to bargain with the salespersons as well. The customer satisfaction measurement though based on the product quality still the role of the salespersons is required and the tactics it follows to attract the customer to carry a lot. In the scholarly article, the scholar has drawn examples of Autokey’s customers. The salesperson strategies to handle the product conflict in the time of selling in B2C selling. This type of negotiation strategy can be performed that can enhance customer satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of the producer by selling the products or services.

The B2C marketing needs to be performed and the performance quality depends on the salesperson strategies that will meet the customer satisfaction. The managerial implication to research for a better understanding of the intricacies.

Conclusion on Salespeople’s Price Negotiation Behavior

From the scholar statement of Thompson, et al., (2018) the matter has clear that the organizations who practice the B2C selling process to interact with the customers and to enhance the customer satisfaction related to the products need to enforce the skilled salespersons. The salesperson has to implement their negotiation strategies in the time of selling the products and the relevant tactics. More than above the salespersons can mitigate the issues of the conflict related to the products and have to quench the queries of the customer at a time tactfully.

Lesson Learned

According to the author Hochstein, et al., (2019 )the selected and discussed article continents the assessment of the selling process basically of the B2C selling process in automobile sectors. The differences and the advantages of the CPK and PKM have compounded in the outcome section as the scholar paper has evaluated the entire thing drawing the different relevant examples. From the portion, it can be learned that the salesperson in the time of interacting with the customers should avoid the conflicting factors. The salespersons should not have an open discussion over the products or services even more the salesperson needs to avoid the terms of the disagreement to satisfy the customers.

As per the statement of Alavi, (2018) apart from this the salesperson needs to brush up their communication strategies as well and needs to have the eligibility to investigate the different issues that can arise in the time of communication. Along with it, the person who is selling the products can integrate their decision with the customer who has coped up with the ideas. Sometimes it can also happen that the salesperson can incorporate their custom to find out the solution of any particular issue that can satisfy them both and can prove beneficial for the organization as well. The salespersons always need to heed the customer's wishes and need to accommodate the product's service according to it. To attract the target audience through influencing them is one of the hard responsibilities of the person satisfying the needs of the existing customers. Most importantly the person has to go through the entire information related to the product which will help the person to avoid the argument with their respective customers.

Blog Review

Martin Webster has stated in his blog related to the thoughts of the leadership to maintain the organizational operation easily and smoothly. Being the MBA in IEng and the application management head in the “project delivery and business change” the person has evaluated the different leadership thoughts over his subject.

According to his blog, the leaders need to embrace the risks and failures in the time of the operation and in the new business that denotes the new approach in the organization. The risks have to be detected and assess the facts to draw out the solution (Martinwebster, 2020). As the leaders have the responsibility to motivate the employee to make them more productive, the leaders need to trigger the training session and often need to provide the motivation session regarding their work even if the person can provide the individual training as per the requirements. Apart from this, the motivation the leaders can influence the employee.

References for Salespeople’s Price Negotiation Behavior

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Holmes, Y. M., Beitelspacher, L. S., Hochstein, B., & Bolander, W. (2017). “Let's make a deal:” Price outcomes and the interaction of customer persuasion knowledge and salesperson negotiation strategies. Journal of Business Research, 78, 81-92.

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Thompson, J., Baxter, I. W., Curran, R., Gannon, M. J., Lochrie, S., Taheri, B., & Yalinay, O. (2018). Negotiation, bargaining, and discounts: Generating WoM and local tourism development at the Tabriz bazaar, Iran. Current Issues in Tourism, 21(11), 1207-1214.

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