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Employer Branding

Executive Summary of Influence on Employee Retention

In this era of competition, in order to attract the best talent firms needs to emphasize the branding themselves. The employer branding has emerged to attract the pool of potential candidates. The aim of this study is to do thorough research on the different organizations on the employer branding practices. For this study, there MNC's are first considered, these are Cisco, Zappos, and L'Oreal, and their employer branding approach is studied. Moreover, another set of two organizations, Starbucks and Facebook is taken to review their best practices. In the end, two recruitment firms are considered, Atrium and Creative circle to examine their practices.

Table of Contents


Employer branding practices.




Selection of these three organizations.

Social Media and Employer branding.

Review of best practices.



External recruitment firms.


Creative Circle.



Introduction to Influence on Employee Retention

Employer branding is a relatively new concept that combines two organizational fields’ human resources and branding (Gilani & Cunningham, 2017). Employer branding can be understood as the long term and targeted activities that govern the perception and awareness about the organization of current employees, potential employees, and other associated stakeholders (Bi & Inthiyaz, 2017). As per the study by Gilani, and Cunningham (2017), the employer branding significantly impacts the brand perception of the employee as well as the brand image, thereby, leading to brand retention. Moreover, employer branding is an effective tool in recruitment (Dowling, Festing & Engle, 2013). The aim of this study is to do thorough research on different organizations on employer branding practices. For this study, there MNC's are first considered, these are Cisco, Zappos, and L'Oreal, and their employer branding approach is studied. Moreover, another set of two organizations, Starbucks and Facebook is taken t review their best practices. In the end, two recruitment firms are considered, Atrium and Creative circle to examine their practices.

Employer Branding Practices


The career page of Cisco not only emphasizes on the current opening but indicates what are the benefits the employee will get if he chooses to join the organization. Cisco boasts itself as the World’s best workplaces (CISCO, n.d.). The page is not only attractive but includes all the information that the employee looks for. It includes the benefits and perks, the vacancies available and requirements, location, why one should join the organization, and the working of the organization. Also, to make the process more simplifies Cisco has specified all the details pertaining to recruitment and interview process, internship application, the status of the application, and other associated issues that the employee faces when he or she applies for a position. Employees' testimonies, presence at social media are also provided (CISCO, n.d.).In my opinion, this the best employer branding practice


L'oreal also uses social media to acquire new talents. The career page on Instagram is quite famous with 262 K and they keep updating it uploading real photos fo employees desks (L'Oreal, n.d.a). The branding technique si innovative and on the career page itself promotes the company's objectives related to diversity, ethnicity as well as sustainability (L’Oreal, n.d.b). The career page has all the information that the person could ask for before he/she applies for the job even specifying the key figures (L'Oreal, n.d.b).


Zappos has been effectively promoting the brand on social media specifically on Instagram. In order to govern an overview of the working if the company, Zappos shows behind the scenes photos and videos (Zappos.com, n.d.). In order to engage more people, the organization shared videos on memorable onboarding of new employees, diversity and inclusion, the party photos, and themes. I believe that the employer branding practices are eye-catchy; however, the formal aspect is missing.

Selection of These Three Organizations

The Youtube video emphasizes the fact that today the majority of people look more for work-life balance. After researching this attribute, I could find these companies provide a good work-life balance. In an article by Sindwani (2020), she specified that CISC provides a great work-life balance. In a study by Eremina (2017), the author specified the importance of work-life flow and how Zappos an innovative organization achieved high employee engagement. She focused on how the top management is maintaining the work balance. Also, I found a YouTube video on L'Oreal: Initiatives to promote work-life balance during Covid-19 homeworking which led me to research the L'Oreal career page (Joanna, 2020).

Social Media and Employer Branding

Today's Generation Y is grown up around the internet and social media. For an organization to build their brand they have to position the company in an engaging manner so as to create a space in the minds of potential talent . Social Media is one such platform that attracts the generation Y (Mičík, & Mičudová, 2018).

Before 2015, Cisco was not actively present on the social media channels and could not acquire a good pool of candidates through the Cisco career accounts (HROS., 2016). However, CISCO rebuild its social media strategies starting from sctrach.T he focuses was on changing the tone and voice in social media, established a recruiting blog that specifically emphasized on the employees and, there presence at Twitter, Blog, Instagram, and Carrer Bliss helped to bring good talent tp he organization (HROS., 2016).

L'Oreal has developed the first employee onboarding app, named Fit to promote the engagement of new employees. Moreover, the company has emphasized social media strategy (Waterloo, 2018).L'Oreal is present n all the social media platforms and has been spending on promotion of the digital initiatives.

Zappos has established their entire business using digital platforms. They have a strong presence on multiple social media. Zappos put a lot of effort and resources to attract the best employees (Sage, 2017).

Employer branding is imperative to recruit and retain employees, however, the focus must also be on lead ad leadership development, rewash system, mobility as well as competency system development (Mihalcea, 2017).

Review of Best Practices


The innovative feature of the employer brand of Starbucks is that it focused not only n corporate employees but also on the frontline staff. Best practices adopted by the company included a relaxed dress code, Parental Leave package, and free education for all staff members. Employees express their happiness and love for the company on the Twitter account Starbucks Job that further promotes employer branding (Talent adore, 2017). Starbucks value and respect cultural diversity and promotes 

Diversity = Equity +Inclusion + accessibility. (Starbucks, n.d.)

Starbucks honors different combinations of talents, diversity, and perspective (Starbucks, n.d.)


Facebook has emphasized on building effective campus-style workplace. The focus is on creating an environment that promotes a stronger employer brand. This was done by providing New-parent benefits, free meals, insurance of employees, 21 days paid vacation as well as unlimited sick days ((Talent adore, 2017). Facebook provides a diversity report every year so as to spread the message it has opportunities or all and is working closely with the organization to connect people and support small businesses. The Diversity report indicates how the company is effective in promoting inclusion in the organization and is open for people of all the ethnicity (Facebook, 2020).

External Recruitment Firms

Organizations when hire externally can save cost, time, and resources. Also, HR can focus on another important aspect rather than focusing on recruitment (Devaro, 2016). Also, candidates benefit from these as these sources are more accessible and hence increase the chance for selection. (Devaro, 2016).


Atrium provides the organization with the talented pool of candidates, in order to do so they undertake practical as well as psychometric testing. Atrium provides bespoke services that settle the HR issue and provides the organization with the best candidate for top positions (Atrium, 2017). Moreover, it provides remote services that save a lot of time and further improve the recruitment process (Atrium, 2017).

Creative Circle

Creative Circle is a popular recruitment agency known for providing creative talent to the organization. They hire people in designing, marketing project management, copywriting, and other fields. The organization recruits people on the basis of skils and to ensure that recruitment is promptly done they meet each individual in order to understand their background, skills, and abilities (Creative Circle, n.d.).

Recommendation on Influence on Employee Retention

Employer branding is imperative to recruit and retain employees, however, the focus must also be on lead ad leadership development, rewash system, mobility as well as competency system development (Mihalcea, 2017).

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