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Personal and Professional Development Plan

Table of Content

Executive Summary


My Journey So Far


Professional Career

Next Step of Career

Leadership Competencies

LMDP Summary





Emotional Test

My perception and potential growths



Executive Summary of Personal and Professional Development Plan

The main purpose of this report was to create a personal and professional development plan, analyzing my childhood experience as well as my professional experience so far. I have used SWOT analysis framework, Disc Online Test, Emotions Test and others to learn about my attributes that will help me to move ahead in life and achieve my goals of working as a senior manager in a reputed organization. In this report, I have discussed about the true priorities in my life, the traits of my personality which has helped me to choose my career path of that of a sales manager.

Introduction to Personal and Professional Development Plan

As per the self-awareness test conducted, it has been determined that I belong to the category of the Maverick, which clearly states that I am an innovatory as well as a creative person. Through this text, my sources of motivation were analyzed with the help of which it was determined that I am a person, who is not dependent on anyone, a kind of person who is very much ambitious as well as enough confidence on myself. Hence, I think I will be needing enough freedom, power and challenges if I want to achieve success in my life. Moreover, it has also been determined through this test that I am an extroverted person who is always driven towards people and has a very convincing sort of nature. So, if I get enough opportunities to communicate then my level of motivation would increase and I will achieve success in my life. Moreover, I feel great if I am well recognized in the society and I am happy if I get appropriate prospects to create an impact on others.

These attitudes of mine will further help me to grow as a sales person and achieve great success in the concerned field. To some extent I am furious, anxious and a motivated person, which also has the potential to contribute towards my professional development. Additionally, from this test, it can be said that I am not all a formal person, I need freedom from strict rules and regulations to gain success in life. These were determined to be some of my strengths which will help me to succeed. However, if I don’t get enough freedom and flexibility in life, it will serve to be a major weakness for me and will face enough challenges in managing my survival in this highly competitive world.

My Journey So Far

Through the execution of SWOT analysis in relation to my personal attributes (Phadermrod, Crwder and Wills, 2019), I have determined the various strengths of my attributes that has helped me in a great way to reach the current status of my life.

In this context, it is my diploma in management that has helped me to reach the position of the sales person which I am currently holding. By pursuing my diploma in the field of management, I have gained suitable understanding and knowledge about the various skills as well as techniques associated with sales. The concerned diploma has helped me to learn the right techniques of promoting the products and services of my organization and also an appropriate way to be able to meet the sales target associated with the position that I have occupied in the Swiss travel company. My diploma in management had helped me to a great extent to dutifully serve the position of a sales manager, which also required me to have appropriate management skills like that of organizing, delegating, planning, social skills, training, business awareness, communication and motivational skills among many others (Reyes et al. 2019). These skills are helping to do justice with the role of a sales manager that I have been occupying in the Swiss travel company.

Moreover, working as a sales manager of the Swiss travel company, I have developed numerous connections in the travel sector, which will provide me with greater prospects to promote the products and services of my organization and will ease my hurdle of achieving the targets established by the organization. Another, significant strength of mine, is the high level of determination which I possess, which will help to me to meet all the priorities related to my job and thereby simplify the path of success for me. Furthermore, being an innovative person will help me to create latest strategies as well as techniques to promote the products and services of the concerned organization. Through this potential of mine, I will be able to provide a fresh perspective to every I operation I perform in the direction of achieving the goals associated with the organization for which I have been working. Additionally, after reflecting upon myself I realized that I am a very strong individual that will provide me with an opportunity to survive and grow in this aggressive field of sales.

Through the process of SWOT analysis (Phadermrod, Crwder and Wills, 2019), I also determined that I possess powerful ethics related to my job as a sales manager. In this context, I have adequate knowledge and understanding about the Codes of Conducts in relation to the field of sales that will play a great role in assisting a business to meet its selling accountabilities in terms of the Codes of Conducts established for that particular purpose. Such kind of a knowledge will prove to be very much beneficial for my business and will help me to gain the believe and integrity of the customers and thereby contribute towards improving the image of the concerned organization to a great extent. Moreover, it has also been determined that I am a great team player and this attribute will provide me with the benefit of exploring the different plan of action in relation to the selling of the products and services of the concerned organization. This will assist me to a great extent that which technique is going to work for a particular product as well as the technique will not prove to be good option. Being a team player, I learned a lot about the art of selling from the more proficient members of my team, hence working in a team can be considered as good learning platform for every individual who wants to grow in their life.

Furthermore, I have the potential to create an impact on others, this has contributed to a great level in terms of my position of a sales manager in the Swiss travel organization. In this way, I can also contribute towards transforming the prevailing state of affairs of the organization wherein I am working (Coles, et al. 2020). Additionally, I have also determined that I am an active listener, that has assisted me to develop several connections in my role as a sales manager, win the trust of clients as well as colleagues, determine and resolve issues along with enhancing my level of knowledge on a particular topic. Since, I am extrovert person, I have been successful in developing several significant connections which has helped me broaden my career as a sales manager. Moreover, it is only because that I am oriented towards the people that I have the right sets of skills to convince and persuade people to buy the products and services associated with my organization (Jovanovic et al. 2016). Furthermore, I delegate duties and functions to my team in a very strategic way and all this I will learned as a part of my diploma in management.

Analyze these strengths of mine, I think I have great prospects of pursuing my post-graduation degree in the field of management. I think if I pursue my post-graduation degree in management, I will be able enhance my skills more and I will have a greater prospect in life. Moreover, by means of pursuing further qualifications, I will even develop the potential of starting a new business as I will be able to gain a wider level of understanding on the core concepts of business.


As a child I have always been a very lively individual and loved to communicate with others and expand my network of friends. This potential of mine has helped me a lot to develop as an extrovert person which in turn helped me to pursue my career in sales. Most of the times in my school, I used to emerge as a leader of my class and that was all because of my extrovert nature. However, there were even instances where I landed up being highly aggressive on my class mates. In this context, it was my teachers who made me understand that being aggressive will prove to be a failure for me in the long run of my life. Hence, I gradually, I worked towards overcoming my aggressiveness and I have dutifully proved to be a great leader as a child.

I still remember the time when I was in standard four and I was motivated by my teacher to participate in the public speaking competition organized by school. I was required to represent my school branch among other branches of the school (Baumann et al. 2018). Initially, I was very nervous with the news, however, I gradually manage to reduce my nervousness by engaging in several practice sessions. It was my class teacher who assisted me a lot along with the required motivation during the entire course of the event. I also got an adequate level of support from my family. Finally, the day of the public-speaking competition approached, I was completely stressed on being able to perform on the stage, but it was at this point of time only, when I gathered all my courage and finally was able to give an excellent performance on the stage. This event created a major impact in my life as I had emerged to be the winner of the public speaking completion and I was able create a good image of my school among the other schools that had participated in the event. As a child from this day onwards, I was never scared of failure, I always believed in working hard towards achieving my goals and achieving success in life.

Post the event, I was known to be the most active student in my school as I had always taken the first step towards any event that was being conducted in my school. I always coordinated the drama events that used to take place in the school, where I would be make the plan, coordinate, manage and organize the whole event and I think this played a great role in driving me to pursue my career in the field of management (Baumann et al. 2018). Furthermore, being a highly extrovert person played a major role in helping me to develop my career as an excellent sales professional. Through various interactions which I used to engage both as a child as well as a grown-up, I learned the art of convincing others, which is considered to be a significant attribute if one wants to pursue their career in sales.

Overall, I can say that my childhood was very much impactful and I learned many things from the various experiences that I had made as a child. Firstly, through the public speaking event I succeeded in overcoming my shyness for my entire life. It was because of this event only that today I don’t hesitate to express my view-points in front of others. Furthermore, through my childhood experience I realized that I was a highly aggressive person, which I succeeded in overcoming with time. In my entire childhood, I have always been self-critical, for instance in the case of the public speaking competition, I did not had confidence on myself, and I criticized myself that I will not able to present myself in the public speaking competition. Moreover, I regret on not working towards overcoming my self-critical nature through which I could have gained more success in my life.

Professional Career

In the present, I working as an inside sales manager at a travel organization owned by the Swiss and I am serving as a 2 IC for the sales department of the concerned organization. I think, it is the different sides of my personality that has helped me to go ahead with the position of an efficient sales manager.

Through the execution of the Consul Personality test it has been determined that I have the following personality traits that has helped me to reach a place in my career which I am occupying now (Purnomo et al. 2019) .

  • Consul Subordinate- As per this aspect of my personality, it has been determined that I am very much accommodating in nature, capable as well as a hard-working person who is submissive in terms of task assigned by the management.
  • Consul Manager- As per this aspect of my personality, it has been determined that I am very much accountable when it comes to organizing events in the society, which I always did in my school days. Moreover, being an extrovert, I really enjoying managing people around me, integrating them and getting the desired goals achieved.

Next Step of my career

In the next step of my career, I want to work in the position of a senior management, where my compensation would also be higher and I want to work towards the same after the Covid-19 situation. Moreover, in order to achieve this, I want to pursue my post-graduation in the field of management, which will improve my knowledge and skills, thereby widening the prospects for me.

Leadership Competencies

As a leader, I am very much aggressive and I think this can serve to be a great obstruction in my path of being a great leader. Though being aggressive is important to some extent in field of sales but being too much aggressive has the capacity to spoil the entire situation (Giles, 2016). Moreover, being too much critical about one self is also not considered to be a positive attribute in terms of being a great leader.

Furthermore, if this section of reflection is shown to my present boss, he would totally agree with it and would really be recommending to work towards overcoming these shortcomings, if I want to my self in the role of a senior manager in the near future of my career.

LMDP- Summary

  • I learned to determine the strengths and weaknesses within myself. This impressed me because, I started slowly become aware of myself and make improvements accordingly.
  • Through the reflection exercises the motivating forces in my life with the help of which I can achieve great heights in both my professional as well as personal front and this seemed to be impressive for me.
  • I have also learned about the different aspects emotions which will be helpful in terms of improving me as a person.
  • It helped to be aware of the various opportunities that I have in my life so that I can set my goals accordingly.
  • Lastly, I also realized the missing aspects in my career like the need of a post-graduation diploma to achieve more in life. Hence, it has been impressive.


As per the Disc-online test conducted it has been determined that I need to work towards practicing a habit of support towards other people working in my team (Chigova et al. 2019). As a manager of my sales team I am required to be caring and supportive towards the members of my team. In this context, I should avoid being too much aggressive and should be able to deal with my team members in a very supportive manner.

Self- Concept

As per the SWOT analysis conducted for the purpose of this report, it has been clearly determined that I deeply trust others (Phadermrod et al. 2019). I think, I should work towards changing this attitude of mine because too much of trust anyone is not professional and this create a negative impact in the long run of my career. Furthermore, I think I should practice the habit of consulting others while arriving to an important decision and not just impose my decisions on others, this will play a vital role in helping me to emerge as a great leader. Additionally, I should practice not revealing my tension in front of others as this can be a major drawback for me in my career of a sales manager. If this is the case, then people will start taking undue advantage from me and I will land up with achieving nothing.


As per the evaluations made by the Big five personality test (Stajkovic et al. 2018) , it has been determined that the need for appreciation and recognition in the society, plays an important role in motivating to make great achievements in both my personal as well as professional front. In this context, without much effort I can easily communicate with people and expand my network, which is very important for my career in sales.

In the upcoming time, I want to work as a senior manager in a reputable organization that will offer me with a greater package. I think, it’s my qualification and skills that is stopping me to move further ahead, hence, I should be pursuing my post-graduation in the same and again more knowledge along with experience.


  • It has been determined that I am a person who always goes with a fun-loving perspective.
  • I am very much adaptable and can accommodate myself in various different situations.
  • I am a person who loves to be given a chance to assist as well as order the other members of my team.
  • My colleagues can depend upon me as I am a very reliable person.

Leadership Motivation

As a leader I want to achieve all success, power and recognition in my life and for this I want to gain more experience as well as practice (Andriani et al. 2018). Moreover, I even keen to expand my network and reach new heights in life.

Emotional Intelligence- MindTools Test

  • Self- Awareness: In this context, it can be said that I am frequently aware of the feelings that I am experiences. In order to improve it, I need to reflect upon myself to know myself better.
  • Self-Regulation: I think, I am a self-regulated person, as sometimes I even succeed in relaxing my self at times of anxiety. I think, I can improve this attribute of my mine by practicing meditation.
  • Motivation: Very frequently, I find it difficult to concentrate on a particular issue for a long period of time. This shows the lack of motivation (Sarfraz, 2017). Hence, I think I should start enjoying what ever activities I do, which will help to be a motivated person.
  • Empathy: I am sometimes very much empathic towards others as I try to avoid any kind of conflicts or negotiation. I should practice the habit of listening to others which will make me more empathic towards others.
  • Social Skills: I have very strong social skills, since I always love coordinating groups. I should communicate with more people to expand my network and further enhance my skills.

My Perception and Potential Growths

I think, I am a great sales person as I love networking with people and also possess appropriate convincing skills. I think, my skills and my interest to pursue my post-graduation will help to achieve great heights in my career.

Conclusion on Personal and Professional Development Plan

Through, this report it can be concluded that I have relevant skills to survive and develop in my career of a sales and manager and expect higher remuneration as well as position in my profession.

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