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A brief statement

Build on yourself-.

The problem:

Additional actors.

Constraints and any limitations.

Development considerations:

Deliverables and approach:


Delivery plan:

Specific Recommendation.

Deliverable goals.



Introduction to Impact of Integration Management

In a team the common problem lies in the allocation of the task, explaining everyone their roles and responsibilities and even assigning duties to it. As observed, there can be a complex situation under which the allocation, decision making and the problem-solving approach can be reasonable. It is important to understand, how as a team one can work to build and do the assigned duties (Zuo, 2018). Within the project management, I have come across the situation, where one person was assigned the duties of the project management cycle, the other was the execution and the other was the budget person. Each of them has their set of the assigned duties and it was necessary to collaborate and strengthen the time and energy mounted to completion of the work. It was a common fear, in how to accomplish the task and one at grounds or the duties the work can be designed and carried on (Silvius, 2017).

 A brief statement

As a person who can carry the RFP diligently should be a person with the knowledge of the before doing a task, completion of the duties and knowing how to attain the assigned project delivered on quality and time (Müller, 2019).

Build on Yourself

To my best of the knowledge, it is important to understand and pitch into the duties, that could be identified with the set roles and calibre. The first task is to understand the job duties and the second task is to collaborate the resources and to do the task diligently, The process involves, the assigned the duties and how to strengthen the job roles (Martens, 2017). There can be confusion as to how one can diligently carry on their duties and how one can proceed with the roles and the responsibilities (Silvius, 2017). Such as I am good with the accounts, budgeting and the finance and the roles have been designed in a manner, where I can manage my duties and perform my goals with the dedication and time.

The Problem

In the design thinking, the important challenge can be foreseen is in the visionary ideas and to have the innovative ideas Such as when introducing the salesforce method, while for some it can be easy to understand the task, for the others, even after the meetings and the documentation, suiting and working with the sales force can be a challenge. The complexities lie in the accomplishment of the task with the dedication and on time. In the consunsulting role, the challenge is to convince the clients, that could be done with the innovative ideas, techniques and the skils. In my opinion, the age-old methods of the marketing and convincing through traditional method for the people should not be adopted in the RFP process, but an innovation of ideas, new techniques ad convincing skills can help to adopt and brainstorm ideas. Dedication and on the job duties it is important to accomplish the goals.

Additional actors

The additional actors which would be involved would be the stakeholders who know how to do the task with the good amount of calibre and the on the job duties. It is important to understand the team's requirements, such as the sales team pitch, the budgeting roles of the finance and the investors who trust and count upon. At every stage, the dedication and the accomplishment of the duties can be done with the time and the time sense factor.

Constraints and Any Limitations

The constraints can be the visualization part and how to achieve it. It can be done and overcome with the key challenge of understanding one own duty and then deciding upon the strengths. The other limitations that could be faced are the innovation f ideas, how to secure the result with the efficient edge and with the controlled assets. The action plans can be through the on the job duties, monitoring and with the vision set ideas. With the step by step role, it can be helpful to achieve and collaborate with the resources.

Development Considerations

When building consideration, to Identify key organisational resources, key decision flows and alignment of key stakeholders is required to develop deliverables considerations. In one of the episodes, the problem of the RFP analysis was the budgeting and the cost control. the cost was coming to be high, while the revenues are low. In this case, it was important to step by step collaborate and dedicate one own duty that could worship and accomplish the duties. It is important to sync in the resources and understand how the team can perform and what their roles can be. The high stakes of the investors to reap results and the dedication to accomplish the job roles is important to be mapped. At every point of time, the cost, revenue and the convincing power of the budgeting, allocation and the duties should be understood and mapped.

Deliverables and Approach

The deliverable should be quality-based, cost-efficient and satisfactory to the vendor's interest. The approach can be through the step by step dedication and control on the duties and the guidelines. At every stage, the deliverables would accomplish with the inputs and the output factors. The approach should be through the Gnatt chart of accomplishment of the goals (Sanchez, 2017).

Methodology of Impact of Integration Management

Gnatt chart would be appropriate to understand how we would reach step by step and how with the time and the resources factors, we can achieve the targets with the set deadlines. Another goal is the accomplishments of the quality and the customer service, that can be marinated by mapping the parameters. Such as the feedbacks and the surveys, can help to note how important we have achieved it (Demirkesen, 2017).

Delivery Plan

The deliver plans would be through the visualizing and with the achievement of the goals.

Specific Recommendation on Impact of Integration Management

To understand the stakeholder's expectations and how to achieve the goals is one of the vital element in the project (Bjorvatn, 2018). Such as the vendor expects to achieve the project A before time, the goals would be meticulously set for that.

Deliverable goals

It is important to visualize and eve have the set goals, like how to accomplish with the duties and to have the vision, plan and accomplishments (Bjorvatn, 2018).

The roles would be the internal project allocation and the duties of the other people would be how to step by step process and achieve the goals.

Conclusion on Impact of Integration Management

It is concluded while achieving the goals there would be no problem understanding. It is concluded that each of them has their set of the assigned duties and it was necessary to collaborate and strengthen the time and energy mounted to completion of the work. It is important to understand, how as a team one can work to build and do the assigned duties. There can be a complex situation under which the allocation, decision making and the problem-solving approach can be reasonable.

References for Impact of Integration Management

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