Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 1

There are many telecommunication applications for customers or clients. Here are some of the examples: The first one is to upgrade the mobile experience within the organization to provide better services to the clients. The digital experience attracts the customers most nowadays because the young generation wants to experience digital services more than the traditional methods. The other one is the sale support app. In the sale support app, the dashboard includes useful information about the sales process. By using this information, the sales teams perform better. The next one is the disaster management app, which helps the customers to resolves their queries. In case of emergency, the customer also dial calls to the management team to resolve their issues (Pyrogova, 2018).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 2

The carrier network is an infrastructure of the service provider of the telecommunication. Some of the main service providers of telecommunication are AT&T. The other one is Verizon. These companies are under the supervision of the telecommunication regulatory authorities. Carrier network consists of very complex hardware that connected the people all around the world by using telecommunication services. Verizon provides services to the people by using CDMA carriers; this is the major drawback of it because most of the new devices dost not support CDMA carriers (Rouse, 2017).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 3

One of the cost-effective solutions in business planning is to solve the right problem. The business analyst takes some time to observe the exact problem which is needed to resolve by the organization. This will help the company to make a better business plan. The next one is to explore business process changes. To resolve the identified problem, we usually generate new ideas that need to change the business process. One is to identify the available leverage tool. To observe that which leverage tool is available in the organization, which is used to solve the problem (Brandenburg, 2017).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 4

Currently, the legislation law which describes the installation of the telecommunication equipment is the “General Telecommunication Act of 2003”. Article 30 to 42 describes the law for the installation of telecommunication equipment. Article 39 describes the basic principle for the evaluation of the equipment. According to this law, the importation of the telecommunication equipment without an approved certificate causing damage to the telecommunication network (Lyall, 2016).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 5

The telecommunication equipment, which is sold by the telecommunication service provider to the customer, which is installed in the location of the customer, is known as Customer Premises Equipment. The purpose of this installation is to provide or control the communication between the customer and the central office by routing or terminating the telecommunication carrier signals. Some of the CPE are telephone and modem, which is needed to install on the customer side by the service provider. One major tool to install the CPE on the customer side is the length of the cable. The rang of the CPE is different for different devices (Networkencyclopedia, 2017). For example, the High-Power Wireless 150N Outdoor CPE has up to 150 Mbps network speed, and 200 feet network connect distance (Intellinetnetwork, 2019).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 6

(a) There many impacts of information & communication technologies on the environment. Some of them are positive, and some are negative. On of the positive impact of ICT on the environment is its online delivery. ICT makes life easier than ever before. Now no need to go to the restaurant to place an order. This traditional method fails due to ICT. ICT reduces the need for travel. Now anyone can call their relatives by sitting their home. The negative impacts of ICT are: The production of ICT equipment produces harmful material, which increases the pollution ratio in the developing countries (Houghton, 2019).

(b) To reduce the negative impact of ICT on the environment the process used is called green ICT. The most important work on green ICT is to reduce the usage of energy for computers. It also reduces the usage of energy for servers and data centers. In this process of green ICT, someone needs to observe the whole Life Cycle of ICT and finds a useful method to recycle the waste material of ICT (Hankel, 2017).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 7

The major items for network and transmission are clients, server, transmission media, shared data, network operating system, hub, and switch. The server consists of the sharing data for the user, program for the user, and the operating system of the network. The server is used by the user to access the network resources. Clients are the user side processers that admittance the server’s system properties. The transmission media provide track to the clients to access the network resources of the server. The transmission media is sometimes a cable and sometimes air. The data which the server provides to the clients such as e-mail and the program provides access to a printer to the user. The network operating system runs on the server-side and allows different users computers to communicate. To split the connection of the network, the device which is used is called a hub (Contrib.andrew.cmu, 2019).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 8

System topology is the prearrangement of the network in which different nodes are connected to a line of connection. Several types of network topologies are existing. Some of them are: In a Bus topology, every computer and network device in this topology are linked through a single cable. In the ring topology, every computer in this topology is linked to another one and forms a ring. In Hub topology, each computer is linked to a single central hub. Another topology is Mesh. In this topology, the devices are connected node to node, and also all the network nodes are connected and form a mesh (Studytonight, 2017).

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 9

  • Usually, the workplaces use 220-volt electricity, but many other industries use 440-volt electricity; this high volt of electricity is the hazard in electrical safety because the contact of any human with live part of the cable causing of burring and electrical shocked.
  • There are two types of material handling one is manual, and the other one is automatic. The manual material handling sometimes causing severe injuries.
  • The factor which harms your health within the environment is called physical hazard. There are many physical hazards; some of them are vibration, body stress, electricity, heat, heights, and noise.
  • Space where the serious injuries usually occur from the harm condition and the substances that create hazard is known as confined space. In a confined space, suffocation is the major issue.
  • Height involves those issues mostly to fall.
  • Lifting involves issues that create serious muscle injuries.

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 10

For the success of the project, the power requirement is very necessary. To operate and manage the modules of the project, power tools are very necessary. The safety switches are required to reduce the chances of electric shock. Power tools are used to install safety devices. In the project, there is no need to use the extension for more than 30 minutes. When the work of the project finished turned off the power, which will help to reduce the chances of injuries and shocked.

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 11

NGN stands for the next-generation network, which provides services of telecommunication to the customers. It also provides the other services which are used to enable transport technologies. It enables the unrestricted privileges to support mobility that allows the customers to use the services consistently. There are many technologies used in NGN, such as control circuits and broadband capabilities with transparency.

Prepare a Detailed Design Brief - Question 12

To measure the currents and voltages in the circuit, the test equipment is used. There are many test equipment used to test these circuits.

  • The voltmeter is used to measure the voltage in the circuit and the reading display on the calibrated material.
  • Ohm-meter is used to measure the resistance in the electrical circuits.
  • The multimeter is used, which can measure many things like resistance, current, and voltage flow.
  • Semi-conductor curve tracer.
  • Vector signal analyzer.

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