Determine and Confirm Client Business Requirements

Table of Contents

Part 1: Establish and document a business problem

Part 2: Plan to gather information

Part 3: Verify documentation

Business Report


Part 1: Establish and Document a Business Problem

Founding in 2000 as a specialist metal architecture maker specializing in the manufacturing of aluminium and stainless steel, Tough trailers (formerly Tough Steel) was established. Throughout the spring of 2007, Tough Trailers diversified to truck construction. Initially, small box service trailers were produced in order to leverage limited processing capacities in the architectural metal industry during sluggish demand cycles. In 2010, Tough Trailers' trailer division expanded so strongly that it agreed to become a full time trailer manufacturer. Tough Trailers means that producers trailer for boxes, and now diversifies to tailor-made trailers. It is proud of the quality of its work and of its materials and of its unique customization. Sales offices are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The viewing region with regular box trailers for any office is seen. The production is in Newcastle (NSW) manufacture.

The trailers can be delivered directly from the fabric to the customer site by contract carriers or are available for pick-up from the factory or sales offices directly from the customer. The headquarters are also at the same place as the factory in Newcastle. It has been rising gradually since Difficult Trailers started. Sales have declined and increased annually by up to 40% in the last two years. Now it has $10 million in turnover and about 1500 clients. Tough Trailers maintains it’s rather stable income and looks forward to developing into new regions. The clients of Tough Trailers vary widely from home-based handymen to horse owners, tradesmen, serious off-roaders as well as a variety of engineers. Orders from the regular $1,000 small box truck to service trucks and personalized trucks available for consumers. Off-road trailers, automobile or motorcycle carriers and floating floats provide service vehicles. The price of the deluxe horse float may be between $1300 and over $10,000.

Custom trailers, specifically tradesmen and motor sportsmen, have become much more common in recent times. Prices will range from $3,000 to $9,500, based on the necessary individualization. Internal structures and computer systems of the business have functioned well in the past, but Tough Trailers has recognized that they cannot compete with the continued growth with the rise in demand, especially in some of the places it is hoping to use. The following issues were faced in particular: consumers want to see more samples of the kinds of personalized trailers that can be made. The product catalogues are very simple and only a small range of sample products are accessible at the product bureau. With the advantages of the retrospective, picturing the actual trailer in a more detailed brochure would have been a good idea. The Designer / Estimator works with the distributor to receive quotes for personalized vehicles, which are challenging to acquire in a reasonable period. Although they find it necessary to be able to give their consumers a limitless product spectrum, they are sacrificing the opportunity to gain a quotation from manufacturing. A deliberate drive into a custom trailer marketplace to provide options for individuals who want to individualize their trailers represent some of the big shift in the course arising from the strategic strategy.

To some degree, a number of interchangeable parts are produced that can be assembled in larger numbers rather than specially designed individually. To broaden its shopping stores by opening shops. This has also discussed the prospect of franchising distribution channels and this is planned to be achieved later. To create a website that will likely be used initially to supply standard and custom trailer information, and finally to directly sell to customers via online ordering. The website should be integrated with its existing payment systems. Office Director Jenny Smith has a strong knowledge of programming software and was a significant contributor to the website setting up by WordPress for her netball group (ROI, Red Opal Innovations scenario, 2020).

In specific, Jenny Smith is willing to build an online store, purchasing and payment systems for a company's website. She expects to execute daily web changes on her own or with the aid of IT. She is expecting the test. Tough Trailers agreed at this point that the web site's production will not require the skills and knowledge and that this service should be delivered by Red Opal Innovations. Nevertheless, they want to ensure that the website is dynamic as well as new and also that new content is developed and upload able to the homepage. They have an online budget of $30,000 and can be finished in two stages (TAFE, 2019).

Part 2: Plan to Gather Information

  1. Methods of interviews: The interviewer poses questions directly or by mail / telephone by the participants to acquire insight into the topic at hand, which is the most commonly employed primary data collection method. Either the researcher should visit the participant in his residence or encounter them in the middle of the position if he or she wants. If a broad number of respondents were approached, they may use the means of questionnaire sample. The questions are included in the e-mail sample to the participant, who is supposed to reply by phone (AnswerMiner, 2016).
  2. Delphi technology: it is a prediction system whereby the researcher can collect knowledge either directly from the committee of people or from a questionnaire that is sent via email. Here, any specialist in his / her region is asked to offer his / her perspective on the question and to get the most exact reaction from a combined view of all (Jargons, 2020).
  3. Method of questionnaires: Questionnaire is the most obvious data collection method, which consists of a series of research-related questions. In case of information collected from the diverse community, this system is very efficient. This primarily contains the written collection of queries, open or closed, to be addressed by the respondents depending on their awareness and understanding of the subject (Lotame, 2019).

Here the combination of interview and questionnaire is used. The researcher developed a questionnaire and gave it to the respondents. In the same way respondents were also asked different questions regarding the problem like:

  1. Would you prefer making new system?
  2. Would you like to add some more people into the system to make your workload balanced?
  3. Would you like to close some branches of the company to focus on the major branches?
  4. Would you like to partnership with some other company to look after other branches?
  5. Would you like to stop your business here and only work on the current project rather than adding developed and new things?

Part 3: Verify Documentation



Date: August 16th 2020

Subject: verification approval

Respected sir,

I am writing this email to you in order to tell you the deep realities of Tough Trailers (formerly Tough Steel). The problem is attached in the document. I would like you to read it thoroughly and give your point of view regarding it. I would also like you to look into the issue statement and evidence collection strategy attached to the email. I would also ask for the documents to be checked and accepted. Kindly verify the approval.

Thanking in anticipation.

Business Report

Tough trailers (formerly tough vehicles) were founded, and were established in 2000 as a professional metal construction maker, which specializes in the manufacturing of aluminium and stainless steel. Tough Trailers diversified into truck building during the spring of 2007. Small box service trailers were initially manufactured to impose restricted process capacities during minor demand periods in the architectural metal industry. In 2010, the trailer division of Tough Trailers expanded so strongly that it decided to become a full-time trailer manufacturer. Tough Trailers indicates the suppliers provide trailers for cartons that are also special to design trailers. She is confident of the consistency of her research and products and of her special personalization. Sydney, Melbourne as well as Brisbane are distribution facilities. The area with standard trailers for boxes is clear for any workplace. Manufacture is made in Newcastle (NSW) (ROI, Red Opal Innovations Organisation chart, 2019).

The trailers may be shipped by contracted carriers directly from the supplier to the customer's location or can be picked up from the business or from distribution teams directly from the consumer. The building is located in the same area as the Newcastle plant. After complicated trailers started, it has been rising slowly. Over the last two years, revenues have declined and increasing by close to 40% annually. This currently has a revenue of $10 million and about 1500 subscribers. Tough Trailers maintains its profits very steady and aims to expand into new regions. Tough Trailers' buyers differ greatly from homemakers to cavalry managers, dealers, highway operators and a wide selection of engineers. Orders for standard trucks and personalized vehicles for $1,000, eligible for customers. The utility vehicles are operated by off-road trucks, electric or motor biking carriers and floating cars. There may be an extra $1300 or more for the deluxe horse carriage. In recent times, custom trailers, particularly motor sportsmen and traders have become much more popular (Lotame, 2019).

Prices vary between $3,000 and $9,500, depending upon the individualization needed. Internal business processes and computer systems have in the past performed well, but Tough Trailers has learned that they cannot cope with the increased rise in demand, especially in some areas it wishes to use. There were specific problems: buyers would like to see more examples of the kinds of custom trailers that can be produced. The product catalogues are very straightforward and the product office has only a small range of samples. With the advantage of the flashback, it might have been a smart choice to imagine the real video in a more comprehensive brochure. The designer / estimator works with the distributor to receive quotes for custom vehicles that are difficult to buy within a reasonable amount of time. Because they feel it appropriate to supply their customers with an infinite variety of goods, they are losing the possibility of obtaining a quote from production. A concerted shift to a personalized trailer sector for people who wish to individualize their trailers is a significant improvement in the direction of the business approach. To some degree, a range of components which can be produced in larger quantities than individually built are produced. To boost the shopping centres with stores. The opportunities for franchising networks were often explored, although this is expected to be done later. Build a website that will be used first to have personalized and regular trailer data and then offer directly to customers through online ordering. Incorporated through the current payment structures is the app (Ainsworth, 2020).

Jenny Smith, the Office manager, has a deep background in coding and was a significant contributor to WordPress's netball community platform. In fact, Jenny Smith is able to build on the platform of a business an online marketplace, shopping and payment processes. She intends regular site improvements to be introduced either by herself or by IT. She awaits the exam. At this point, Rough Trailers decided that the website would not need the know-how and expertise needed for development and that Red Opal Technologies will provide the operation. Nonetheless, they want to insure that both the web remains fresh and modern, as well as the creation and upload of new material to the homepage. The budget is $30,000 online and can be completed in two phases. The conversation and questionnaire mix is included here. The study planned and presented the surveyors with a questionnaire. Similarly, respondents had numerous questions about the problem: would you like to create a new system? Do you decide to recruit additional staff to the network in order to manage the workload? Do you want to close certain branches in order to focus on the major industries? Need a collaboration to look after other businesses with another company? Would you decide to quit here and focus just on the existing mission, instead of incorporating fresh and improved things?

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