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Oral Communication.

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Introduction to 

Communication is the subject that helps in almost all places and it is a lot more nuanced than one think of. If the person is having a good communication skill, it does not mean that this person should might be having good writing abilities and speaking abilities. If a communicator is speaking so effectively and he/she is having very effective communication skills so he/she may be capable of getting undivided attention from the target audience and the speaker can pass the message to all in a successful way. It is important tool to convey the messages to the client. It does not matter if a small document needs to communicate or any large and important document needs to communicate, the main purpose of the communication that held in the business should be real and very expressive. There are various tools that are available to communicate with the target audience for making the communication effective and efficient. Moreover, there are various tools available for the learning and practicing the art of communication. These tools are the best way to achieve the perfection in communicating the messages and information. It is also necessary for the individuals that how to use these tools while doing professional communication.

Playing the role in busines is not a unique thing in the business. It is the remarkable part of each human being about learning the process of communication right from the childhood. The most important question is that hoe children learn the way of communication, they mostly imitate what they look around and they also see their adults around them. The greatest influence for these children is adults, they observe the adults and learn the speak and communicate. The adults can be any, it can the parents, the nannies, the elder siblings, the teachers and so on. This study provides the answers of various questions like which are the most important tools for the effective communication, which tools can be used according to the situation, how to make the communication effective, can all the different tools and techniques can be used simultaneously, why studying these tools are judicious, how can a speaker inculcate the habit of using the effective communications tools and techniques (Weissman, 2013).

Discussion on 

All individual work very hard to make the communication very effective and wants to improve the communication more. This, is needed in all the mediums such as writing, discussing, speaking and any kind of rhetoric arguments etc. in this competitive era and it is important to become popular among professional and social circle. There are two impressive things that makes the human personality amazing apart from the voice which is god gifted and the looks, are the effective communication skills and great dressing style. The word communication includes a lot of thing in itself such as language, appropriate and accurate body postures, words, and sentence construction to deliver the message. These are the skills that are of utmost importance in the professional communication and to deal with the professional people, to deliver the lectures, to attend the meetings and different kinds of social gathering. The remarkable delivery of the messages can make a long-lasting impression on the person who are hearing in professional and social circle. In addition to this, it carries one most important factor is to feel good factor. The primary techniques and methods which is very useful in communicating any speech or any story, poem, anecdote, or any thing from pun, metaphor, simile, religious scripture, quotations, figures of speech, questions whish are rhetoric etc. it is not necessary that each tool can handle all kinds of situation. However, each tool may not be as effective as the other tool in each condition (Weissman, 2013). Here are some techniques for making the communication very effective:

Oral Communication

Oral communication is the most important type of communication and it has been given the highest importance among all people who wants to get a challenge such as delivering presentations, public speaking, delivering any kind of public lecture et. The people who have amazing communication skills are more popular from them who don’t have very effective communication skills. The issues and challenges that comes when people want to start speaking in public, sometimes people get camera conscious and sometimes people get sacred after seeing so many audiences from the stage. These challenges are daunting without any kind of practice (Raman, 2016). The best manner is to get grasp of oral communication is that always listen to the good speakers and try to imitate their methods and their strategies, the way the good speakers pronounce the words. There are different aspects that needs to be taken care in oral communication such as pitch, tone, gesture, eye contact, pause, fluency and space. These are the important things that needs to be taken care to make the oral communication very successful. Various tools and techniques can also be used during oral communication such as anecdote, stories, couplet and poetry etc. The practice of certain language is must to accomplish the goals. The meaning of oral communication is to giving the live performance such as the artist has to use the presence of mind and talent to achieve the skills by practicing a lot, it can be many years. The artist has to remember all the tools such as anecdotes, sense of humour, stories and couplets. It is necessary to follow all the methods to become the proficient in this tool. The methods are, keeping notes while presenting a lecture, memorising all the things while delivering the presentation in front of the audience, etc. in oral communication, one has to practice a lot before giving the actual presentation. It is basically an art to deliver the messages and to deliver some professional lecture. It is the responsibility of the communicator to use the befitting tone, create a mystery while delivering the communication, gesture should be well planned, imagery during defining, or narrative a story. The speaker can master it with the help of practice and observing the good speakers and observe self while delivering the presentation, lectures or different kind of narration (Fog, 2015).

Written Communication

Written communication is very important for the business perspective, in the government agencies and it is undeniable in all kinds of legal transaction. In businesses, written communication is much important than the oral communication. Conveying the thoughts by writing the documents while delivering the presentation is the most critical thing that all employees has to perform in the organisation. It leaves an impact which is a good impact if the presentation or any document which is in written. If one person is very positive but this person is unable to express its thought or unable to write the proper documentation then this person never get success in the businesses process or documentation. Written communication should be good of all the employees. It is very important to use the right kind of approach and right kind of strategy, and right kinds of words and right kind of style in the written document. This is the most suitable strategy to convey the thoughts in a good way and help the person to be success. It is a belief that mastering in the written communication is far more tough than the oral communication (Raman, 2016). Since, oral communication has a lot of challenges in order to over come with the fears like stage speaking fear, public speaking and other kinds od extempore speaking. Although written communication has various other challenges such as, the written communication should have impeccable grammar skills, spellings, setting of tone and punctuation. If the communicator is expert then he/she has to develop bity kinds of written and oral communication skills. There are many kinds to tools available to make the written communication skills perfect. It is important to use many kinds of techniques while writing any document such as, stories, humour, poetry, anecdotes and others. These are some tools that make the written communication more effective. The written communication can be divided in two parts such as, first is that includes fiction, poetry, captions and essays and other official documents like legal documents and business documents. It depends on the individuals how individuals use these tools. The above written tools can be used if the individual is not dealing with the formal writing or if the connection between the writer and the audience is not very formal. A CEO or manager writing encouraging emails or other kind of letters to his/her employees can use the story, poetry or humour to fill the gap and this will help in driving all the points of communication more effectively. Anecdotes are very powerful tool that help in driving the communication effectively. Even, if the anecdote is very small then also it contains four key components of storytelling. The quite effective tool is storytelling to motivate the employees during the management meeting, training and in other form of education. These tools are highly effective in oral communication as well as these are spontaneous and helps in connecting with the audience. In written communication, individual can plan and carry out the research before using anu kind of story, couplet or anecdote. Individual should also know the flow of messages, conclusion and discussion as well. it is necessary to draft the document very well so that it looks a wonderful pierce of document (Sanghi, 2014).

Visual Communication

In this particular communication, visual images are very important and plays a key role in the form of pictures, graphs, pie charts, etc. or any kind of description telling by the communicator. Visualization is much important form if delivering any kind of presentation, public speaking, it is very effective for both, the receiver and the communicator. The communicator should select the visualization very wisely and carefully to make the utmost influence so that the receiver can get all messages of the speaker. The effects of visuals can be used in describing a story, telling a story, narrating a story or one can also use the quotations and poetries. The process of visualization is very effective in order to convey the thoughts and messages and audience can grasp the visual images more easily and they can remember this for a long period of time. It helps in presenting the communication in a natural way. It is a powerful technique for communication to end the communication and to begin the communication. Visualization helps in capturing the reader’s and audience’s attention and they get more involved in the communication. Sometimes, visualization can also misfire if the pictures, graphs, images do not use properly in the document. A good communicator uses the visualization accordingly and use it to create the required effect. Good communicators don’t over use visualization because it would be disastrous and does not purpose of communication (Kapoor, 2015).

Conclusion on 

Each communication methods and techniques have its own advantage to make the connection with the target audience and it will help in remaining oriented and following the flow. Communication is the heart and soul of very business and it is the blood line of all the business. No business can be successful without the use of effective communication. All types of communication, whether it is a visual communication or oral communication, should have proper flow. User needs to select the words wisely and gesture should be used in the right manner. There is various purpose that can only solved with the help of communication. The first and the last thing is to convey the thoughts and messages to the audience property. The communication medium can be written or it can oral communication. Communication helps in solving various issues at the workplace. It solves various purposes.

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