Wireless Communications

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Title Page.

Project Background:

Project Scope:

Project Goal:

Critical Analysis and Evaluation of The Tallent’s Networking Requirements:

Why Wi-Fi Is Necessary for Iot?.

Access-Points, Routers Configuration Guidelines

Evaluating the Security Issues in Network:

Justification for Network Design, Device Selection, and Wifi Security Issues

A Plan for Any Two of The Four Iot Deployments and Justification for Their Choice.

Justification for Plan 1 and Plan 2:




Project Background of Internet of Things 

The precise background of this project is that, we are living in the modern world where everything is getting smart from smartphones to smart cars or smart homes. Just like this project where we are trying to modernize the historical home as a smart home to compete in the modern world to work from home which will help the people to neglect the time-consuming parts of their life.

Project Scope of Internet of Things 

The scope of this project is to control home smartly through systems over the internet using the Internet of things (IoT). IoT these days are getting cheaper day by day which makes it approachable to every single person in this society whether he is a small business owner or a big business owner, whether someone needs security for his office or someone needs security for his house.

Just like this project where we are trying to control a big house through the automation system by using IoT devices over WIFI. And also generating a network for providing internet at every single corner of the house.

Project Goal of Internet of Things 

The goal for this project is to provide smart house technology, Smart house technology as well frequently mentioned to as home-based computerization, delivers proprietors sanctuary, ease, suitability and vigor competence by letting them on the way to governor smart devices, every so often by an app or further interacted device. A share of the internet of things (IoT), smart systems, and devices habitually function composed, distribution user usage data among themselves, and mechanizing action built on the owner likings. We are observing the interaction amongst the thoughts and probing for behaviors to fit in them into an innovative complete pattern.

Critical Analysis and Evaluation of The Tallent’s Networking Requirements:

There is a changed network plan tactic, which can be used to grow the network for Tallent’s network. Tallent firstly required Wi-Fi over the whole house which is necessary for IoT.

Why Wi-Fi is Necessary for IoT?

Because the Tallent requires everything to access smartly which can only be done by using IoT. To control everything like Security and access control, fire detection alarm, Temperature control alert, and Garden sprinkler control from their living room, their office room, or their bedroom they required internet to access all of these anytime.

They also want to open an office in this house which requires a good network connection in every room because they have to do office work from one of their bedrooms also.

For the creation of a network strategy for the given requirement, we have used the key router for each structure and IoT device and access point. VLAN’s are created for the whole network.

  • VLAN 5 for Bedrooms
  • VLAN 2 for living rooms
  • VLAN 1 for office
  • VLAN 3 for Utility room

We take thru all VLAN formation on the main router with a protracted access list. We took an interface for VLAN on the router. At that point, we linked the router to the cloud for communique.

Access-Points, Routers Arrangement Strategies

Strategies for access-points and server formation have conversed below:

  • Along with security limits to evade the security hazard Access-Point should be shaped.
  • Devoted facilities had better be constructed for the server to evade any dispute between the departmental admittances to the system.
  • VLAN must be correctly put on to the server to allow devices to communicate in between.
  • Security devices should be executed to secure the server-points from diverse types of attacks.

Evaluating Security Issues In-Network:

There are major security issues in the network that can let the network down on any single network problem.

Why there is a security issue?

There is a security issue because every system of the Tallent’s home is connected to the single network which is coming from the same router, which is giving internet access to the whole Tallent’s house.

One more key matter of smart home security. A 2016 NTT Data Corp. report found that 80% of U.S. customers are worried about the safety of their smart house data. If hackers are clever to penetrate a smart device, they could turn off the lights and alarms and unlock the doors, parting a home unprotected to a break-in. Further, hackers could access the proprietor's network, leading to worse attacks or information exfiltration. In October 2016, the Mirai IoT botnet was able to bring down parts of the internet in a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) outbreaks through critically protected cameras, DVRs, and routers as access points.

Justification for Network Design, Device Selection, and Wifi Security Issues

The network design for is mention in a figure below:

As you can see the IoT systems and home network both are connected to the same network or in other words you can say san switch and router, here the router we a using for the network is gigabit router.

As you can see the major security threat is that the whole network is accessing from the single router which can let the whole network down by one attack on the router.

A Plan for Any Two of The Four Iot Deployments and Justification for Their Choice.

Plan 1 For Security and access control:

Their choice for security and access control is good but for security purposes they have to do some changes in the plan.

Through keen security cameras, people can screen their family unit when they are absent or on holiday. Smart gesture feelers are also able to recognize the alteration amongst inhabitants, guests, animals, and thieves, and can alert authorities if doubtful actions are sensed.


They have to give the network for security and access control from the different secured router, because if some issue occurs on the router which is providing a network to the talent's home in future it will not compromise the security breach of the house.

Plan 2 for Fire detection and alarms:

The plan for this IoT system is that it has to be installed in each room separately but on a different router or switch for network connectivity.

Justification for Plan 1 and Plan 2:

Justification for these plans is that it is a security standard to give separate network access to those systems which are helping us to secure the house or the office or any building just like security and access control or fire detection or alarm system.

Conclusions on Internet of Things

A user-centric strategy tactic is cast-off for conniving the network. Cisco’s packet tracer will be cast-off as a tool that will help us to determine the network and would organize the network by running dissimilar commands on network devices. Separated VLAN would be allocated and would give access to both the networks to get access to the internet. Security types of machinery also are constructed in-network, which would be utilized to keep the network different types of attacks. Furthermore, a network of office is congested to entree possessions sited over the system.

we labeled the incorporation of iii insecurely tied types of machinery, smart house, IoT, and cloud computing. To arrange and appropriately achieve the massive information stream efficiently and stably, using the assets of each module we recommend a central tangible event dispensation application.

We designate the returns and profits of each impartial module and its conceivable foils, which might be attained via join in it with the other pieces of machinery provided that new aids raised from the whole composite arrangement. Since these mechanisms are still at its growth phase, the incorporation amongst them may revolution and make available a vigorous model that produces a new cohort of structure and applications.

As we follow-up on the growth of each module and its conforming influence on the unified complex, we will continuously reflect supplementary gears to be additional, subsequent with new facility reproductions and applications.

Recommendation on Internet of Things 

Contemplate the situation that you left the house despite the fact nearly all of the appliances are still on. In case your nonappearance is lengthy plentiful, some of the appliances may overheat and are about to get a short circuit. To shirk such circumstances, we link all IoT appliances’ sensors to the home app, so that the minute all leave home it will robotically adjust all the appliances’ sensors thus, to circumvent compensations, although the “on” signal of the appliance, is created by IoT. From now, this status quo is possible due to the incorporation between network and IoT systems.

For home computerization structures to be accurately operative, devices necessity be interoperable irrespective of who concocted them, through a similar procedure or, corresponding ones. Although it’s an emerging marketplace, there is no gold standard for home mechanization yet. Still, typical associations are joining with constructors and procedures to certify interchange and unified operator involvement. Certainly, smart homes can lodge operator likings. For example, as momentarily as you come home, your garage gate would open, the lights will go on, the fireplace will rumble and your favored songs will start playing on your smart speakers. Almost every single feature of life where technology has arrived the local space (lightbulbs, dishwashers, and so on) has seen the starter of a smart house as a substitute.

References for Internet of Things

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