Human Resource Management

Introduction to Diversity Management

The purpose of the report is to identify the various challenges that an organization faces due to diverse and multicultural book forces. The report will address on few findings based on organization observation and will propose the relevant solution to come out of the challenging situation. The relevant fact will be depicted in the report related to diversity in the organization and how effectively it could be managed.

As stated, diversity management in a broader concept is related to and is equal to employment equity. The concept states that every employee regardless of demography, geography must be given equal opportunity. The report also addresses how important it is for an organization to have diversified it and a multicultural workforce. It not only helps the organization in dealings in the global market or with multicultural business clients but also helps in keeping up the knowledge hi and increase the market reliance of the organization. Diversity generally in employees or workforce or differ based on their appearance, demography, tradition, culture, geography, and other preferences like sexual orientation. Diversity also conceives in form of different weight, height, eye color, use of the hand, age, parental status, values, sexual orientation, work style, ethnic city, and much more. The organization diversity is generally in employees or workforce are differs based on their appearance, demography, tradition, culture, geography, and other preferences like sexual orientation. Diversity also conceives in form of different weight, height, eye color, use of the hand, age, parental status, values, sexual orientation, work style, ethnic city, and much more. The report will also address why it is important to accept people from different cultures and how it can benefit the organization as well. It will also reflect on what are the perspective when it considers and comes to the hiring process and integrating a diverse workplace.

Background Information on Diversity Management

It is observed with some new hiring is that people are getting a little uncomfortable while mingling with the other employees. In that case, previous and existing employees and maintaining the culture policies will be reflected. The software company has always been a company with a diversified work culture. The company has been dealing with diversity management and challenges related to it very nicely. The most prominent role here is played by the managers they make their employees feel comfortable and make sure that no one is uncomfortable with anybody's presence due to a difference in diversity and culture (Fernando, 2020). The organization addresses the changes and the diversity management challenges by celebrating various cultures and traditions of various caste and religion so that each employee understands and value and respect the other employees’ diverse culture. As far as companies' new hiring is concerned the company wants every employee to feel comfortable and respectful for every employee and the background. In such cases existing and new employees are being ensured that they are paid fairly also the managers address the problem of each employee without any business or without discriminating on any kind of diversity (Kaur et al, n.a.). My perspective in this situation as a human resource manager is to always allow employees to feel comfortable while approaching any issue also to value every employee's value, tradition, and respect for their culture as well. One must always become integrative in a diverse workplace and the company runs some examination to ensure the same. For example, diverse and employee knowledge-based quizzes are organized packed with some spot gift to observe whether employees can mingle with each other or not despite having diversified backgrounds (Menezes & Prikladnicki, 2018).

Diversity is not just a matter that the car software company is facing but also it has been adopted as a way of organization and organization structure in many big companies or almost in every company. Talking about the history of diversity management so this is not new; it has been in the practice since 1980 and is establishing the diverse workforce in every organization. It provides a competitive advantage to the organization. It also makes the organization have bigger dealings in terms of global business scenario (Kalargyrou & Costen, 2017). Greater dealings will ultimately impact the greater satisfaction level for the employees as observed. Also, nowadays it has been a legal mandate. In that scenario, it has to be informed to each employee that with any proof if anyone or any employer finds out to not to respect or to behave biasedly with other employee based on any diversified culture then serious consequences can be faced by the employees.

3 Specific Best Practices

  • Give managers proper training - Proper training to be given to the managers so that they must be prepared in advance for the diversified work culture the company is about to set up. Whether the manager is untrained or under strain it creates significant barriers by establishing a diverse workforce (Köllen, 2016). Therefore, managers must be completely train and acceptable and open about having a diversified team under the manager working. The manager must also be trained in terms of behavior so that any biasness or any hesitation faced by an employee can be easily reportable to the manager also manager himself herself must keep the organization about a diverse workforce and must support to do it. The manager is in a position to understand and address the challenges of a diversified workforce and must start to position and address each challenge on a regular basis so that everything can be smoothly run with a diversified strategy for diversified culture.
  • Pay fairly - Every employee in the company must be fairly and equally paid. Salaries are flexible and open in companies (Sifatu et al, 2020). Negotiation practice and a few other factors are there that determine their employee's salary. This does not mean that every employee without any defamation must be paid equally but the point is to pay fairly. Any kind of personal biasness and fairness, salary, or wage underpaying due to diversity must be avoided. Also, this has to be taken as a mandatory policy by human resource managers.
  • Be great at onboarding - In this practice is the company that is the Indian software company will ensure that with every employee getting on board the concrete process has to be created and therefore it is crucial for the defied work culture management. Whether it is women, minorities or, work persons different from sexual orientation one must all must be given equal opportunities in terms of the hiring process and they are on board criteria. These practices will help the company in terms of team death. The team that is a technical term that is used when the employees are not fully informed, updated, or train so that to avoid the situation of the team that the organization must follow a complete over boarding and proper over boarding practices or onboarding practices for the new hiring (Pronschinske, n.a.). A code of conduct will be created and policies will be followed. The comprehensive and collaborative process must be there for the onboarding of new employees. These processes must ensure and reflect on how the company is a parade in various situations regarding specific communication and specific questions related to the organization. Other than that, tools in the coding process are used in the company what are the different languages preferred what are the different frameworks preferred must also be documented along with the links on the onboarding paperwork. Commitment building and deploying a code of conduct in an organization is necessary there for information on that must also be there. Independent operating in the organization and the goals and the target and how it has to be met and what will make them happier while accomplishing must also be mention to motivate and encourage the employees from very up boarding.

Conclusion on Diversity Management

The conclusion from the above three practices can be drawn that these three practices will help the software technology industry to maintain a proper challenge-free diverse work culture.

  • It will help the indie software company to showcase their concrete processes and they have equal opportunities for every employee. Especially in the software-based company, it has been majorly found that the company is facing challenges related to diverse cultures there for these three practices will help the company to get their employees fully trained, Informed, update on the diverse work culture. It is important for these developers in a software company that they go by the company’s code of conduct as far as diverse culture is concerned.
  • It will help the company to operate in many domestic and global scenario.
  • It will enhance the organizational structure also these three practices will make sure proper communication and security practices being checked on a regular basis in the organization. Tools and coding processes might be worked on based on different languages and that can only be possible with the diversified workforce.
  • Companies operations can be independently going by showcasing various languages and various good decision-making process by diverse work culture working for the organization.
  • Also, it will bring out new ideas with the different mindset of each person and it is also been observed that 70% of new ideas will be endorsed with the application of the free practices (Karimi & Blazevic, 2019). Also, according to research by Harvard and Wharton, it has been identified that in a diversified culture 200% of the actions suggested by the employees or seem to be implemented, and 37% of the employees with diversified backgrounds are eligible for the race (CFI, n.a.).
  • Performance reviews can be made without any kind of business and promotional activities can be fairly carried out. Also, these kinds of practices prefer existing or new hiring process without any discrimination and go for the advanced level as far as job satisfaction is concerned in a company.
  • These three practices will also help employee not to suffer any job satisfaction challenge and this will give the maximum retention rate to the indie software company.
  • Problems stem can be easily identified with these practices ensuring diversity among performance reviewers as well.
  • These practices will also help to fulfil the company's objective by making diversity a part of the company's objective (Çavuş, Kapusuz & Biçer, 2016).
  • It will encourage the staff and support them while working on different social causes and to raise funds for the vulnerable population and weaker sections of the society.
  • Commitment to the top management given by the managers can be fulfilled by checking on the policy formulation considered with diversity and diverse workplace.
  • New talent could be identified and can bring out some marvellous results in the company with diverse skills and knowledge that the indie company is looking for.
  • Also, this will ensure providing a safe environment for every employee while early mentoring, socializing, and networking on employee engagement and performance level on regular basis.
  • Diversity and affirmative actions will also be judged on regular basis by checking on work styles, perspectives, and thought rather than checking on their cultural background and belief system. It will bring more efficiency, creativity, and encouragement to the company is working.

References for Diversity Management

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