Work and Organizational Behaviour

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Hr Attribution.

Types of Hr Attribution.

Determinants of Hr Attribution.





HR Attribution

According to Hewett, Et Al., 2018, the Theory of Hr Attribution Was Developed by Fritz Heider in The 20Th century. the Theory Tries to Provide an Explanation of Events Encountered by People in An Organization. the Theory of Hr Attribution Attempts to Provide an Explanation of The Reason Why People Arrive at Certain Casual Inferences, What Those Inferences Are and What Are the Possible Behavioral Impacts of Those Inferences. Heider’s Work Was Further Developed by Kelley and Weiner, Which Gave Rise to Three Theories of Attribution. These Theories Given in This Journal Are Significant Because They Focus on Hr System Strengths, Attributions Which Influence Behavior and Judgement of People in Hr Domains and Functions Along with Attributions of Employees Regarding the Intent of Hr Practices in The Organization (hewett, 2018).

According to Koutiva, Et Al., 2014, Hr Attribution, when Concentrated on Employee Well-Being, Leads to Higher Levels of Affective Commitment by The Workforce. the Employees Become More Productive and Committed to Work, when The Organization Provides an Environment for Their Well-Being, the Fact Is Also Supported by Researchers on “great Places to Work”. if Employees Infer that The Hr Practices Employed in The Workplace Are for Their Well-Being, Organizational Well-Being Will Increase. Well-Being and Affective Commitment Portrayed by Employees Is Corelated. the Research Paper Presents Evidence on The Hr Attribution of Well-Being, Increasing Employee Commitment by The Study It Conducted at Individual Level, Surveying 439 Employees from 35 Different Organizations in Netherlands. the Results of The Study Showed That, Affective Commitment Is Shown by Employees when Hr Practices Are Inferred to Be Supportive of Their Well-Being (kouvita, 2014).

Types of Hr Attribution

In the Study Given by Heider, in A Study by Mezulis Et Al., 2004, States that Perceiver’s Responses and Actions Taken Are a Result of Perceived Casualty Influences. the Inference About Attribution People Make in An Organization Is Based on Person as Internal Factor and Environment as External Factor as The Locus of Casualty. Motivation and Ability of Individual Lies in The Internal Locus. Motivation Is the Process to Stimulating People to Action, to Accomplish Organizational Goals. for Instance, an Employee Might Be Late for Work Due to Low Motivation (internal), or A Snowstorm May Make Him Late (external). These Factors Influence Attribution. Identification of Errors of Attribution, Is the Second Important Proposition of The Theory. Error in Attribution Arises when Individuals Explain Behavior of Other People Based on Internal, Rather than External Factors. at Last, Self-Serving Bias in Individuals Allows Them to Blame Their Failures on External Factors and Attribute Success to Internal (mezulis Et Al. 2004).

According to Human Resource Management, 2016, Kelley’s Writings Focused on Inferences of People About the Causes of A Certain Behavior or Event in The Organization. in A Situation, Where People Have Access to A Number of Behaviors, They Make Use of The Covariational Model to Make an Inference. for Instance, if A Manager Is Not Behaving Properly with Employees, They Will Attribute the Cause to Reason for His Misbehavior. a Person Makes Attribution Based on Internal and External Factors. Distinctiveness Makes Him See the Behavior as Same in All the Situations. Example- a Manager Who Is Irritable at Home and Work, Is Perceived to Be of That Personality. Consensus, that Is, Agreement Among Individuals on Another Person’s Behavior Is Internal Attribution. for Instance, if Colleagues Agree that The Manager Is Strict, Then Have High Consensus. Consistency Defines the Behavior of A Person Over Time. for Example, if Manager Becomes Irritated Constantly at Certain Intervals of Time, Observers Perceive Him to Be Irritable on A Constant Basis (internal) (human Resource Management, 2016).

Determinants of Hr Attribution


According to Sang, Et Al., 2016, Various Theories Associated with Leadership Act as Factors that Determine Hr Attribution. Trait Theories, Contingency and Behavioral Theories and Decision Making. the First Theory of Leadership Contingency Was Developed by Fred Fiedler, It States that Performance of Employees in The Organization Is Determined by The Leadership Style Followed by The Manager and The Degree to Which He Is Able to Exercise Control Over Them. Stress Plays an Important Role in Bringing Unfavorable Situations. a Leader’s Intelligence and Expertise Influences Attribution on Part of Employees’ Reaction. a Leader’s Experience and Tactics Boost Performance in Less Stressful Situations and Vice-Versa. for Example, Autocratic Style of Leadership Takes Away Autonomy from Employees and Induces Attribution Which Is Negative and Stressful, While Democratic Style Focuses on Taking Everyone’s Opinions in Decision-Making and Providing Them Autonomy to Exhibit Good Performance, Thereby Leading to Positive Influence on Attribution (sang, 2016).


As per The Study Put Forth by Beijer, Et Al, 2019, People in Organization Who Possess High Demographic Similarities, Have Similar Motivation, Work Related Needs and May Search for Similar Hr Practices Make These Practices, a Basis for Hr Attribution. Motivation Influences Hr Attribution Between Colleagues. Motivation Is Defined as Workers Attached Significance with Job Features and Corresponding Work Outcomes. Growth and Development Motivation, Helps One Succeed by Maximizing the Potential of Their Talent and Skills. Esteem Motivation Drives Ability to Exhibit Performance Which Builds Status and Reputation of People and Influences Their Attribution. Sharing Knowledge with Others and Generating an Atmosphere Where Employees Take up Responsibility Happily by Utilizing Methods of Theory Y of Motivation. Thus, Paper States that Positive Motivational Measures Help Generate Performance Outcomes Which Influences Hr Attribution in A Healthy Way (beijer, 2019).


According to Sahar, 2016, Personality Plays a Big Role in Performance and Attribution of Hr Practices. Different Personalities Are Suitable for Different Tasks. This Way Personality Becomes a Factor Influencing Attribution in The Workplace. Personality Is Defined as A Set of Behavioral Characteristics Which Determine a Person’s Identity and Forms an Attribution of Their Work Performance. the Big 5 Personality Theory States 5 Traits Which Influence Behavior in Organization. Extroversion Is a Personality Trait Which Allows Extroverts to Be Action Oriented and Work with Others Through Enthusiastic Engagement. Openness to Experience Is a Factor Which People with High Openness Exhibit by Accepting and Generating New Ideas, Cultures and Creativity in Work Processes. Agreeableness Influence Attribution of People to Get Along with One Another. Conscientiousness Allows an Individual to Focus on A Limited Number of Goals and Try to Achieve Them, Instead of Working on Several Targets Simultaneously. at Last Neuroticism Is the Emotional Stability Level of An Individual Which Helps Him Stay Calm, Composed, Concentrated and Stable in His Work Thereby Affecting Attribution Towards Hr Practices in Organization (sahar, 2016).

References for Work and Organizational Behaviour

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