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Tourism, Resilience and Sustainability

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Overview according to PEST

Political issues

Social issues:

Economic issues:

Technological issues:

Legal issues

Influence of culture and customs

Changes in the business due to COVID-19


Introduction to Hotels Global Business

The hospitality business of the UK has been rising at a pace and is becoming successful with time. The United Kingdom is one of the most successful countries in having the hospitality industry working. There are several sectors of hospitality like hotels, restaurants, takeaways, hotels, pubs, and clubs. Many people visit London in the UK as it is one of the most popular cities. One can find many big hotels in London. Tourists prefer them in order to accommodate themselves in the city. Therefore, the hotels allow a lot of workforce and career in order to run these hotels. In short, they provide a lot of jobs for the people living in the county. The organizational chain of the hotels is also wide and varied and it can help in analyzing the growth of the hotels and hospitality industry. The hotels have other equipment as well such as providing entertainment and good food. These two sources attract a lot of publicity in this industry. The hotel industry is diverse due to its innovation, classification, and following the trend. It not only provided food and rooms but also with the innovation of trends it has swimming pools, salon, laundry, parking, meeting, and conference room. The rating and grading are also done by providing service stars from 1 to 5. It helps in giving an idea about the hotels to the guest. With changing time, the ownership pattern has been changed as well including, sole, or partnership, private or public limited. 

Overview According to PEST

The hotel industry in the United Kingdom is one of the growing businesses. The country’s political, social, economical, and technological situations do affect the working of the hotels. The following pointers are:

Political Issues

the political changes and implementation of new rules do affect the working of the hotels. The digital acts under which there have been rules for providing the wifi and other internet connection in order to maintain the growth. It is the political stances in the country that help in increasing the inflow of tourists. The immigration policies of the country are also a factor on which the hotels run. The immigration issues are taken care of by the political policies of the country. As stated by Cheer & Lew, (2017) in their book, the political issues of the country influence business to a large level. Hence the makers of the law must keep in mind the rules that are mergeable and acceptable to do business (Cheer & Lew, 2017).

Social Issues:

The social issues of the country that comprise the cultural development are also one of the factors that make the tourists incoming effective. Cultural monuments and buildings in the country portray the diversity of the place. London is popular with many monuments and buildings. The social diversity is also seen as the people come from different areas to see the monuments. The well-behaved public in London and their friendly nature also helps in boosting the tourism of the country. As stated by Şen Küpeli et al., (2017), religion and cultural understanding play an important role in the hospitality business because it is the driving factor for attracting the tourist (Şen Küpeli et al., 2017).

Economic Issues:

The crowded markets and the availability of products based in London is also a driving factor in making the business boost. The parks, museums, and shopping also attract crowds and they help in bringing the economy of the place. As stated by Schuckert et al., (2015), the new interventions regarding the new economic policies also help in gathering information about the economy. The uniqueness in food and diversity of places attract tourists. The special pricing for the people of different grades also helps in gaining business. Tourism provides great help in growing the economy as tourists tend to enjoy all sorts of facilities that are more common in the state or country and are area-specific such as watching the monuments or enjoying the particular food (Schuckert et al., 2015).

Technological Issues:

The technological issues consist of the new technological changes that can be implemented in boosting tourism. The new ways of attracting tourists by applying new technology such as good internet connection, better escorting policies, the better location of the hotels. These technological changes are also dependent on political changes. There are many changes that can be only implemented when there is no political barrier. The booking of tickets to delivering the services all comes under the management of technology. All sorts of management are being done online nowadays, the technology must be good enough to provide the security for transactions and other utilities so that the working can be normal and without flaws (Schuckert et al., 2015). These technological issues must be corrected in a way that can be made proper in managing the privacy of the customers at every level without making any legal issues that may harm the hotels and business (Schuckert et al., 2015).

Legal Issues

Apart from the mentioned issues, there are legal issues that are faced by the business such as consumer law, discrimination law, environmental protection law, and health and safety law. These legal considerations must be taken care of by the hospitality business management. It directly focuses on the stakeholders and the community in which the management is working. The consumers and the workers are bound to be provided with safety so that there are no loopholes discovered and the management and provisioning services to the consumers are done right (Schuckert et al., 2015). These legal norms help in proper functioning of the hospitality business at any level.

Influence of Culture and Customs

The culture of a place directly influences the mindset of the people and the tourist. If the London Olympics is taken as an example, it can be defined as a lifetime opportunity for the hospitality area to gain and procure its business. The increase in the tourist ion this time can be taken as a massive opportunity in the hospitality business. The different festivals and sports-based events held in London helps in getting tourists influx and it can be made sure that the hotels and hospitality business must be altered in this time (Nazarian et al., 2017).

The other factors that support the influx are the location where hotels are located. The hotels must have a perfect location in order to attract tourists. The hotels near the particular location or the festival place tend to attract more tourists.

The people working in the hotels must be chosen in such a way that they understand the cultural diversity of the people and the cultural diversity of the tourist as well. The understanding of this diversity would help in managing and maintaining respect within the community and the tourist group. The well-maintained staff can also be responsible for becoming cordial towards the cultural differences that are portrayed by the community. As stated by Nazarian et al., 2017, the hotel staff plays an important role in maintaining the cultural understanding within the hospitality business which is vital in helping it grow. Even the decision making in the hospitality business is largely influenced by cultural diversity. It is so because the decision-making group must also have members from different cultural backgrounds that would positively help in understanding the needs of the tourists who come to visit the country. The different associations would help them make decisions in order to respect the individual integrity of the culture(Nazarian et al., 2017).

Changes in The Business Due to Covid-19

The pandemic has put a large effect on the hospitality business in London. As stated by the occupancy of the London hotels have fallen down from 21 % resulting in overall falling by 27.7 %. The physical environment has put a lot of stress in hospitality management and the situation is COVID 19 has badly influenced the incoming of tourists (del Rio-Chanona et al., 2020). The way through which the social distancing has been done in order to prevent the pandemic, there has been sufficient loss in the incoming of the public for tourism. According to Nicola et al., (2020), the blocking of the borders in order to restrict the incoming of the tourists have made the hospitality business a strand. The loss of the business has led to the expulsion of many employees due to a lack of money. The places in the United Kingdom such as London are famous for its tourist spots and have encountered no tourists or fewer tourists. It can only be made normal when there would be free access to moving from one place to the other (Nicola et al., 2020).

The hospitality business has also been providing a wide range of careers to many people, the COVID pandemic has made a halt in providing the career to the people due to lack of the influx of economical help. The loss is just not limited to hotels, restaurants, scenic sites, museums, and other forms such as night clubs and pubs, all have been continuing to face the side effects of the pandemic as well as the economical changes as well. The things need to normalize as far as the pandemic is concerned. According to He et al., (2020), the GDP has been lowered down and it poses a large effect on the overall economy of the country. These tend to probe recession and can cause economic disbalance. Almost 40% of the hotels have been on the verge of closure and it is because of the lessening of the tourist. The normalization would directly affect the incoming of the tourist and growth in the economy of the organization (He et al., 2020).

Conclusion on Hotels Global Business

The hotel and hospitality business require laws and rules to be operated properly and the area wise appropriate direction is also important pertaining to the issues with PEST. The recent pandemic has affected the global business and it is important now to work according to the new normal in order to boost the economy again.

Reference for Hotels Global Business

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