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Aiming to Sparkle in The Designer Jewellery Business

Table of Contents

Task 1.



The viewpoint of hillberg and berk in terms of achieving competitive advantage.

Task 2.

My advice to Hillberg and berks management team..


Dynamics of Strategy - Task 1


HILLBERG & BERK is a company that deals with different kinds of jewellery items with their focus stuck over women empowerment to help them achieve their dreams with proper support and that is how they believe that world can be made into a better place for them. The section Sparkle among all the products is the representation of the extraordinary way through the help of which every woman glitters. The purchase made helps in the empowerment of women, and by using the jewellery range of Sparkle, the users form the internal part of a movement that is growing day by day. So lets join with the community of women who are focused over empowering women (Serdari, 2017).


This company is founded in the year 2007 by the name of Hillberg & Berk, which was a huge success among many Canadian companies in the field of designer jewellery industry that comes within affordability. In the year 2009, when they received funding from a television show, the proprietor with her entire team led the company into the achievement of more than $10 million in respect of sales in a year. The company had its main focus over the growth within its home area Saskatchewan as well as into the neighbouring location of Alberta (Serdari, 2017). Towards the end of the year 2016, it was a turning point for the company where the entrepreneur thought about a process by which success of the company's signature Sparkle Collection will have its capitalisation, as well as the growth, grow in terms of building customer loyalty. Now Hillberg & Berk was not a small company as before and even not a large company yet. The entrepreneur is well aware of the fact that how she handled all the strategies related to her company that is proved to have significant implications in terms of its capability to maintain sustainable growth (Hashim and Abd Rahman, 2016).

About strategic framework and its concept

The strategic framework is the combination of both a rational approach to strategy as well as the perspective towards the process. The rational part consists of normally a relevant and organised process that goes through three stages, i.e. analysis, making choices and implementation of the same. Throughout the entire process, data is collected and analysed at first, before the choice of a suitable strategy is made. Then after choosing the strategy, the implementation of the same begins. However, the entire process stands out to be very logical, rational and linear in terms of executing the steps one after the other, ie. first stage one, followed by stage two and then stage three (Serdari, 2017).

With regards to the processes involved according to the three stages of the strategic framework the concept behind this stands out to be very much connected as well as repetitive. The main principle of the framework is cited as three conjoined circles, but in materialistic form, the steps are found to be in very close connection as well as repetitive too. Every time the three stages need to be performed for the execution process (Hashim and Abd Rahman, 2016).

The strategic framework is dependant upon certain steps in terms of carrying on with its activities, and they are described below:


The main phase of the interrelated technique measure is breaking down. It includes looking at an assortment of structures that permits in build up a comprehension of the chances and dangers confronting the association from its outer climate, just as energy about the qualities and shortcomings of the association as far as assets and abilities. It will likewise be needed to recognise who the essential and optional partners are, to comprehend what they may need from the association and how to react to their requests.


What is the connection between the dissecting and the 'picking' phases of the system cycle? Picking definitely follows breaking down in the balanced system measure. As far as the procedure system, one is entitled to move from the principal hover (dissecting) to the subsequent circle (picking). In any case, the possibility of a 'cycle' suggests that picking follows breaking down, but at the same time is impacted by it, which is the reason the circles are interconnected.

Various kinds of authoritative structure are fit to specific organisations and specific undertakings. The hierarchical structure and control frameworks fit a worldwide bookkeeping firm are probably not going to be fitting for a worldwide cheap food chain or a web fire up (Viotto, 2017). It is likewise not out of the ordinary that the blend of assets required in those associations will be unique, and their societies as well. Dealing with every one of these parts of an association is basic for viable technique execution, yet every one of them is amazingly difficult to oversee or to change.


The third phase of the methodology cycle is 'executing'. It is regularly the most troublesome stage. Numerous techniques come up short not on the grounds that the examination was poor or the methodology unseemly, but since the execution of the procedure was seriously done. Actualising is the stage at which the methodology is converted vigorously inside the association. It is thus the piece of technique wherein everything levels of the association require to get included and where a comprehension by every person of their job and commitment in the association, can add to more viable usage and coordination.

Close by all these fundamental parts of the association that should be overseen during execution; there are additionally the outer powers for change that may clear in at any second and cause the magnificent new system to get old (Viotto, 2017).

The Viewpoint of Hillberg and Berk in Terms of Achieving Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is the factors that assist a company in the production of goods or services better or more cheaply than the rivals. This factor allows the productive entity to generate more sales or high margins as compared to its market rivals.

Rachel Mielke, the owner of hillberg and berk, focuses over the making of jewellery for women with unique designs at affordable prices. According to her, Affordable also means accessible. The goal of Rachel has always been set to create a brand-image that women find both inspiring as well as attainable and that is the primary reason why she seeks important personalities with great achieved backgrounds which stands up as change-makers as the faces of her campaigns (Viotto, 2017). She thinks sharing real-life stories through seminars and campaigns will motivate the women in terms of getting empowered to grow more and more. Reasonable likewise implies open. It's constantly been Rachel's objective to make a brand-picture that ladies find both optimistic and feasible, which is the reason she looks for pioneers and change-producers as the essences of her missions. Yet, Rachel realises that strengthening doesn't simply "occur" when somebody sees a lady they appreciate wearing adornments they love. Discussing lifting individuals up: since its origin in 2007, Hillberg and Berk has given well over $2,000,000 in real money and item to an assortment of magnanimous associations that instruct and provide chances for ladies in Canada and internationally. Rachel has additionally financed a few grants for ladies through her institute of matriculation, the University of Regina, and she as of late settled a group of adornments creators in Myanmar, with an end goal to give back positions to nearby craftspeople. Her activism happens on a miniature level, as well: it wouldn't be exceptional to see her parting with her gems — now and then from around her neck or wrists — to individuals she meets arbitrarily, or to those meriting a jolt of energy (Viotto, 2017). In the wake of the Fort McMurray fierce blazes in 2016, Rachel and her group parted with more than 500 sets of studs, implied as Mother's Day blessings to ladies in Edmonton and Calgary who had been uprooted by the fire. Rachel and her group have ventured to every part of the globe in the quest for the best gemstones and gems segments — regardless of whether its rutilated quartz from a little seller in China or perfect chains from an Italian shipper — yet the core of the brand beats immovably in Rachel's old neighbourhood of Regina, Saskatchewan, where most of Hillberg and Berk's gems is planned and made (Duberley et al. 2017).

Dynamics of Strategy - Task 2

My Advice to Hillberg and Berks Management Team

Competitive advantages as referred to in task 1 depends upon certain factors that are inclusive of cost structure, branding, the quality of product offerings, the distribution network, intellectual property, and customer service. Now unlike any management firm, certain basic advice will be given to hillberg and berks, and they are about maintaining certain strategies for the development, quoting prices that will prove to be competitive to the rivals, savings costs in terms of different processes involved during its operations and so on (Tzintzi et al. 2017). Hillberg and berks management team are already quite well organised in their form as per the guidelines and the sayings of Racheal, but still, certain points are to be noted where they need to reform themselves for better results.

  • It is a blessed thought of Racheal that she focuses over the empowerment of women but at a point where she distributed some earnings from her collection on the eve of mothers day to the fire affected people were not so wise a decision because that may trigger the competitiveness among people and the designs they may implement into their own by taking the idea from there. This might, in the long term, affect the economic structure of the organisation (Mohith, Pavithra and Joice, 2017).
  • Racheal wants to make the spread of her organisation into global terms, and herein she can take the help of the management boards that handle all the activities of the organisation in all the countries worldwide. They will be able to provide accurate and exact information about how to make the business large. Then before implementation, the ideas should be are considered by the management employees and then get a decision over the same. Racheal's view in terms of using the local elements for the production of the jewellery is although a perfect decision. Still, she needs to think it over again because while expanding the business she will require either to transport the local raw materials to the country of production or she will have to procure the same raw materials from the country where the new establishment will be arranged for. The production not only in terms of stones and gems but also farming and agriculture varies from one country to the other. In terms of that, I will suggest Racheal first to get full details about the country and then advance with her normal carrying out of the operations (Tzintzi et al. 2017).
  • Nearby creation likewise helps keep things maintainable. The company faces no waste as they are inclined to use maximum components which from the local areas as well as authentic silver and semiprecious gemstones which makes the items more dependable and attractive to others. She also stated that the vast majority of their pieces are remelted and made into new parts for future assortments along with their likely uses.
  • In terms of the organisation's future, Rachel wants to go on a global tour to find out about how her concern will become the best worldwide. Apart from this, she also wants to rest assured about the statistics that will state the number of women over the world who all are supported as well as made confident about themselves through grace. Lastly, it can be said that future shimmers.

Reference for Hillberg and Berk Analysis

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Viotto, J., 2017. Digital transformation and innovative business models in the jewelry industry (Bachelor's thesis, Università Ca'Foscari Venezia).

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