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Farmers’ Assessment of Plant Biosecurity Risk Management Strategies

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Client Scouting.

Market potential





Introduction to Healthy and Beneficial Food Products of Australia

In the era of the changing lifestyle, citizens of Australia are intended to follow the trendy diet as such the number of vegan and vegetarians are increasing rapidly. The change in food style affected organic food farming and companies. The companies are collaborating with each other to produce healthy food components and each of the companies following varied food segments to expand their quality. Thus the present paper is going to shed light on then the companies and their market values as well. In this current research assessment, the paper will highlight the product quality and market segment of Eco- Farm and Carmen's Kitchen. In the following section, the page will highlight the target audience of this company adding the competition level and the efficacy partly.

Company’s Details

The company, Eco- Farm, is a highly rated and one of the leading wholesaler and farming organizations Australia in the food segment. The organization has a number of grocery shops and green ingredient shops as well (Gorlov et al., 2019, October). As the company is one of the leading grocery and farming companies of Australia and many food production organizations tie-up with the organization the present research paper has planned to assess the different prospects of this particular farm. The organization has its own organic shop and used to deliver their food crops to the companies who produce healthy food products. The organization used to produce different fruits and veggies with chia seeds and eco organics "Edamame pasta. The company has a revenue of $50.11 million USD yearly (Nguyen, Recknagel, Meyer & Frizenschaf, 2017). The organization farm has over 30 brands overly in the household sector of the household. The organization also has its own online website as their selling station. The organization has targeted the audience widely.

Carmen's Kitchen is also the leading production company of Australia and the review of the product quality and quantity satisfy the customer needs and the revenue of the company. In the sector of the SME (Small Middle Enterprise) of Australia, the mentioned organization is one of the highly reviewed companies. The organization also has different products as well as the health products made from organic food resources. The most well-known products of the company are “super seed and grain crackers”, “protein cluster”, “muesli bars”, “porridge oats” and others (Zycherman, 2016). The organization has served successfully over 25 years. The organization has a revenue of $25000 yearly ASD. This food producing organization has successfully met the criteria of the target and existing audience of Australia even the brand product Muesli is used widely, in German and Japan also. The rotation of the brand in the territory of Australia has gained enough fame and the quality of the food and the recipes served by the particular has huge craze among the young stars and the others (McLemore & Frey, 2018).


Both organizations have a similar and high review in Australia and again the Carmen's Kitchen has chosen the quality product of Eco- farm to produce the quality food products thus the present paper has concentrated in detail. Being the leading organization of Australia the information related to the organization will be enough helpful for the present research paper. As the paper has concentrated on consumer food products with positive benefits including human health the duo Australian company will be the most glare example in this sector (Laffan, 2016). The mentioned and the following organizations related to the food sector are also in the global competition with their unique business strategy and business policies which can be taken as the major reason for selecting. More than it, the organizations have coped up with the needs of the local and the international consumer and are trying to develop the organization structure according to it. Though the organization has already set up the organizational image on the market still it has the urge to expand its business as well as the brand image in the local and international niche market (Ball, Hargreaves & Watson, 2018). The revenues of both organizations have high revenue and also the opportunities to expand it as far or can be stated as the organization is also trying to globalize their organization. Summing up all points of view the companies have chosen to present the research topic.

Client Scouting

The organization has a similar view and its purpose is to enhance brand loyalty and brand image through providing qualified and certified food quality and organic vegetables. Thus the organization, Eco- Farm has focused on the SME companies who have the intention to produce food products. As the company has its grocery shop and supermarket whole selling market the organization has targeted Australian citizens. The organization already acquires the major review and revenues and has focused to extend the particular brand. The organization has mainly focused on the food production company and the recipe hubs for the wholesale business. Even these will help the organization to promote its products in the market through the online and offline (Parker, Carey & Scrinis, 2018). 

The organization has introduced itself with the food products directly made by the organic food resources through the major collaboration with the eco farms. The organization mainly targets the audience who are following trendy diets such as a healthy diet, vegan or vegetarian diet instead of high meat protein. Mostly the organization emphasizes the young stars who generally follow the trends of the era and also motivate others to follow the same way for a healthy lifestyle. Even in the target audience list, the organization has targeted the citizens who have the intention to promote a healthy lifestyle through vegetable food products. Being a super crowded country, Australia has provided many options to target the audience and to expand the brand reputation. As a future business purpose, the organization has planned to introduce many new products, and by enhancing the product quality (Dans, González & Vázquez, 2019).

Market Potential

Marketing segment

The market segment stands for the research of different markets which enable the business organization to be strong enough for the customer research based on the organizational products. The market segment reveals the experience of the consumers in sighting the product development and the innovation of the organizational products for the brand expenditure. The organizations follow some particular market segment:

  • The organization sets the particular object or the purpose of selling the product and the hypothesis to develop the business models or the variables objects related to the product popularity with the market condition.
  • The organization also needs to evaluate the target segment for the potential and the existing customers. The exercise can be performed by changing the promotion modes or the strategy of the market and planning of the market.
  • The organization should also have a plan to launch their brand new products. In this time the organization needs to adhere to the ethical codes which are the product quality and the ingredients or the formulation will not repeat in the particular brand product. And in case the product ingredients or the formation are followed by any existing the new product should have a unique quality to attract the audience (Paull & Hennig, 2018).

Customer segment

The customer segment term stands for the target audience of the organization with the satisfaction of the existing customer as well. Only if the organizations focus on the development of the product quality through which it can enhance customer satisfaction and in planning the strategy to promote the brand to reach more audience while the brand is promoting.

Marketing mode

The organizations are promoting their brand or the marketing model of the brand is offline and online both. The organizations are experiencing their online service or they provide their customers to have the window shopping from their online service and also providing the service facility. More than that, both organizations have a number of offline shops in the different places of Australia (Pande, McWhorter & Chousalkar, 2018).

Competition level

The competition of the organizations in the local as well as in the international niche market the organizations are getting a high level of competition. Most organic farms from the Southern part of Australia gain the revenues and also the organic farms which are on the side of New South Wales. From the varied census and review of the organization related to the organic farms and the food production companies are getting a high level of competition (Duong, Brewer, Luck & Zander, 2019). 


Porter’s Five Force


 Eco- Farm

Carmen's Kitchen

 Competitive rivalry 



 Supplier power 



 Buyer power 



 Threat for substitute product



 New entry threat 



Table 1: Porter’s five force evaluation

 Eco- Farm

The eco-farm organization is getting a high threat from the rival organization of South Australia and also from New South Wales. The organization also enjoys the high supplier power as the organization is recognized as the leading organic farm. For the same justification Eco- Farm has high buyer power as the product of the company is satisfying for the customers. But the threat of the substitute product is low as the organization is producing the vegetables and the fresh fruits which are supposed to have to substitute products as well. The Australian organic farms have a medium risk to have a threat from the new entries (Torres-Ruiz, Vega-Zamora & Parras-Rosa, 2018). According to Porter's Five Force, the organization has a mixed threat and also experiencing profit factors.

Carmen's Kitchen

Imposing a similar factor in the food-producing organization, Carmen's Kitchen the assessment outcome is the organization has the threats and also the matter of credit. The risk issue is the company rivalry is high as the nation has different food-producing organizations and readymade food stalls like KFC and others. The organization is counted as the SME industry and the supplier power is kindly medium. But the buyer power respect on the organizational product is high as "Muesli" has the international demand as well. Though the supplier and buyer power is high still the threat of the rivalry product is also high (Wynen, 2019). The substitute of the product of the company is meat and other protein-based products. The organization also faces challenges from the new entries and also from their revenues.


Eco- Farm

The term efficacy stands for the ability to produce food products as per the requirement. In that case, the organization has abundant scope to enhance its efficacy as the quality and its products are on-demand not only in the territory of Australia but also of the boundaries. The organization has a wholesale business and farms for normal consumers. Even more, the organization is continuously trying to add the varieties in its product segment. Most importantly, the organization intended to use organic pesticides as it highlighted the health of the clients as well. As the market demands are growing with the changing trends of the young lives and the legal cooperation of Australia is business-friendly the organization has abundant chances to grow its organization as well the efficacy (Figueroa-Rodríguez et al., 2019).

Carmen's Kitchen

The carmen's kitchen has also the same potentiality to expand their brand image as their product basically "Muesli" is exporting in Japan and Germany. Again the vegan trend in Australia is so effective and the youngsters are promoting the healthy and meat substitute protein-based product the organization getting more opportunity to grab the audience. Again the readymade products or the recipes of the organization are having a huge craze (Song, Safari & Mansori, 2016). The revenue of the organization is enough to encourage product potentiality.

Conclusion on Healthy and Beneficial Food Products of Australia

Both organizations have raised their revenue time by time through the food quality and the sufficient quantity. As in the present time, the citizens of Australia are intended to have alternative prime based products instead of consumption of meat. Targeting in this particular market segment the organization is enhancing its brand image and highlighting the part of the launch strategy of its p[products. The discussed organization is getting high competition from the varied organic farms.and the food production organization. Here both organizations, Eco- Farm for organic farming and Carmen's Kitchen for the organic food production services are facing the same issues and the disputes in the time of executing their market strategies. The brand is enabling to produce many new products including the development of the existing ones. 

References for Healthy and Beneficial Food Products of Australia

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