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Nutrition Interventions for Healthy Ageing Across the Lifespan

Healthy ageing is considered to be the lifelong processes that help the individual to be free from any disorder that is important for good health status. Healthy ageing not only focuses on the physical wellbeing but it also includes the social, emotional and mental wellbeing (Michel et al., 2016). The nurses are considered to be the backbone of the care and they also play an important role in the healthy ageing. They are expected to improve the health of the older individual while empowering them to sustain good health with non-pharmacological measure (Wu et al., 2020). The essay will critically analyse the role of the nurse in improving the healthy ageing and it will also discuss current approaches to promote healthy ageing.

The age is considered to be directly proportional for the prevalence of the disorder due to a weaker immune system this increase the need for the extra care of the older adult. The healthy ageing that includes addressing physical, mental, emotional and social aspect to provide the holistic services to the individual. Nurses are expected to use the holistic approach to address the different changes of the ageing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The nurses are central players in the health care services thus they are important to promote the healthy ageing (Lloyd-Sherlock et al., 2019).

One of the article presented by Bosch-Farré et al., (2018) added that nurses are expected to follow different roles in improving the healthy ageing that is important for older adults. One of the roles discussed by the researcher is the healer that including decreasing the individual issue or concern of the health. The healing of the issue helps the nurses to improve the health status that is the first step of the active ageing. The healing process is important to decrease the health-related issue of the patient to promote the empowerment process that will result in healthy ageing. The findings are also supported by the Claesson et al. (2020) by adding that effective leadership and teamwork is important to properly assess patient issue that can be addressed to promote the healthy ageing of the patient. The nurses in the healer role understand the individual enablers and barriers to addressing the issue accordingly so that recovery time can be decreased to improve the health of the patient.

Moreover, the article presented by Bierhalset al. (2017) added that nurses also play an important role as caregivers for the older patient to empower them and induce the sense of the health ageing which is important for life. The author also added that caregivers nurse are expected to assist the patient in daily routine and care that help them to understand the personalized need of the patient this will help to empower the patient to be self-sufficient to perform the daily activity. This also discussed in the article presented by Boots et al. (2018) Caregiver nurses utilize effective communication skills and therapeutic communication to improve the patient understanding concerning the self-management technique. The researcher also discussed that right information n concerning the self-management is important to promote healthy ageing.

The study presented by Bahrami, et al. (2019) describe that nurses also play an educator role while caring for the older adult to improve their understanding that is important for the healthy ageing. The researcher added that the educator role allows the nurse to convey the necessary information concerning the lifestyle or individual habits that are important to maintain the healthy ageing of the individual. The nurses are expected to assist the patient to improve their knowledge concerning the different approaches that are important to promote healthy ageing. Another study presented by Kaya & Turan, (2016) discussed that nurse also plays a role of the innovator in the older adult care to understand the specific need of the patient that is important to improve services. The innovation is important to deliver the person-centred services that are important for the sustaining healthy ageing in the adults.

Many approaches have been utilized to improve the healthy ageing which is necessary to maintain the good health of the patient. One of the approaches extensively used is the lifestyle intervention that helps the individual to reduce the chances of the sedentary lifestyle by improving the exercise and daily routine activities. The lifestyle intervention will include helping the patient to understand the different exercise with improving the individual ability to perform in daily routine as per the health of the patient. The nurses will help the older individual to include walking, jogging and yoga in the routine which is important to maintain good metabolism (Daskalopoulou, et al., 2018). Another approach discussed by Kalache et al. (2019) by adding the importance of nutrition intervention in healthy ageing. The nutrition intervention helps to improve the calories consumption and expenditure that is important to decrease the chances of the non-communicable disorder. The nurse will help the patient to understand the right dietary routine that is important to manage eth calories intake. The intervention also helps to assist the patient in reducing the individual wrong dietary need that can increase complication for the patient.

The stress management approach is also utilized to improve the healthy ageing of the individual as older age increase the susceptibility of the individual to get stressed over small aspects. The nurses can assist the patient to understand the different strategies that are important for reducing and managing the stress. The first strategy includes avoiding the stress triggering factor that will help to decrease the stress episodes. The second strategy is altering the thought process to avoid stress followed by another strategy that is acceptance which includes accepting the reality with stressing (Maatouk et al., 2018). The last approach and most important is the education intervention for self-management in older adults. The self-management approach helps the individual to deal with the fluctuation in the health status to maintain healthy ageing. The nurses can assist the patient to understand the health condition and possibly minor changes that can be encountered with the patient. This will help them to be aware of the condition so that they can self-manage the minor issue to maintain healthy ageing. This will help to improve the self-efficacy and morale that is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle which leads to healthy ageing (Scult et al., 2015). These approaches are important to improve the patient health by empowering the patient which helps to increase the self –sufficiency of the individual to maintain healthy ageing.

The essay can be concluded by adding that healthy ageing requires the improvement of the patient to improve the individual ability to deal with the health issue. Nurses play an important role in improving individual health and understanding concerning the different approaches to improving patient lifestyle. The nurse plays a different role that includes healer, educator, caregiver and innovator those are necessary to improve individual power concerning the health. These roles help the nurse to be in direct contact with the patient to assist in the holistic development of the patient. The different approach that can be utilized to improve healthy ageing includes lifestyle intervention, nutrition intervention, stress management and self-management to improve individual self-efficacy to maintain healthy ageing.

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