John and Carla Case Study

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Some characteristics which were identified from the case study include the following.
John John is a hardworking and the only male member of the family who earns income. In spite of a happy married life, he decided to get separated from her wife. He lacks the skills and has no confidence in himself (Wu et al. 2018). This can be easily derived from the case study which reveals that John was a victim of depression just because he had a fear of not getting a good job.

Carla- She has a loving and caring nature. Moreover, she is a person who is ready to help her husband in spite of getting a divorce. She is a very hard working lady and has qualities that helped her get a job even when her children were small (Rauthmann et al. 2015). She was the only member of the family who was looking after her children as well as her husband when there was no other source of income left.

Annie- She is the daughter of Carla who has moved to the city in seeks of employment opportunities. She lives with her boyfriend in the same apartment and was found to be pregnant. Later, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It can be revealed out from her nature that she was a self-centered or a selfish person as she was forcing her mother to live with her just because she was not well and require midwifery who can take care for her as well as babys health after and before birth.
Josh- He is the boyfriend of Annie and was taking care of her girlfriend. It was clear from her routine that he has some ambitions for which he was working as well as studying. But later, when he found Annie, pregnant he decided to quit schooling because he was not sure that with his limited amount of salary who will be able to handle the expenses of rent as a well as new baby.

Robbie- He was the second child of Carla and was not at all good in studies although he had passed is 12 grade.
It can be clearly estimated through the case study that there are various social determinants that had a direct and indirect impact on the population. Some of these social determinants include the availability of resources to meet the daily requirements of the people, access to educational opportunities, access to health care services and so on. The differences in the social determinants between the populations depend on circumstances which shape the distribution of money, resources and power. Language, culture, socioeconomic changes also contribute to the social determinants of the populations. Safe and affordable housing, availability of food, social security, local emergency and an environment free from life-threatening toxins are some necessities which are required by very individuals in a community. It can be clearly evaluated from the case study that factory in which John was working did not provide the safety measures and as a result, he became a victim of head injury and depression. It must be the duty of the organization to provide all means for ensuring health and safety measures for their employees (Adler et al. 2016). In addition to the above mentioned social determinants, it was observed in the case study that these factors were having a negative impact on the health of the people. Carlas daughter, Annie was suffering from gestational diabetes which is usually found in lower-income people. There are various strategies which can be adopted by the authority members to assess the health impact of the people. Health in all policies must be introduced by the organization to improve the health of all the people living in the country. They must create an environment to promote good health and status for all.

It has been identified that living condition and the environment in which people work, live and worship plays an important role in identifying social determinants. It was analysed form the case study that Carla and her family due to low-income opportunities were not able to meet the daily needs of the family members, as a result, they had to adjust with whatever they had. Sometimes Carla just used to eat the toast in the evening so as to collect money for meeting her daughter who was suffering from gestational diabetes. Poverty was one of the main social determinants found out from the case study. It has many dimensions in itself some of these include material deprivation, lack of education, social exclusion, unemployment and so on (Chung et al. 2016). The governmental and non-governmental organizations must come up with strategies to give some sort of support to all those families who are poverty stricken. The government must create more and more jobs for the people so that they can earn their livelihood and sustain their life happily. The government must raise the minimum wage standard it will not only help the country to boost the economy but will also help in reducing poverty. The government must force the organizations to provide paid sick leaves because it becomes very difficult for the families to maintain a balance between work, health and family. To address the main cause of social determinants, the authority members must invest a huge amount of money in high-quality education. The government officials must also come up with Medicaid health programs so as to cover a large number of the population who are suffering from certain kinds of diseases. Providing them with better health aid facilities will help in addressing the impact of poverty in population. It is very easy to dramatically cut poetry from the entire population if measures provided are taken into consideration with an immediate effect.

In order to overcome issues of depressions, psychologists play a critical role in reducing the state of depression experienced by the patients. Health professionals use psychotherapy approaches to recover patients from depression. Cognitive behavioural therapy is given by the health professionals to manage their negative thoughts and behavioural patterns that contribute to the success of depression. Sometimes health professionals use interpersonal therapy to improve the relationship between with others in a healthier way. It is the responsibility of the health professionals to work closely with the patient and tailor some treatment plans to manage stress and symptoms related to depressions (Perry and Pescosolido 2015). It can be clearly understood that John was suffering from symptoms of depression after his head injury. In order to help John health professionals must try to understand his situation and provide solutions for them. From the case study, it was identified that Annie Carlas daughter was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It occurs when the body of the patient is unable to make effective use of insulin present inside the body. Patients suffering from gestational diabetes require a specialist midwife to provide support during and after the birth of the child. Such a patient also requires endocrinologists, obstetrician, diabetes nurse and dieticians (Cable 2016). Doctor under this condition will regularly evaluate all the risk factors through screening taste and will start providing medication on the basis of the results observed. It is the role and responsibility of the doctor to inform the patient about healthy eating as it can only help the patient to reduce the level of blood sugar in the body. It has been found that if the patient fails to exercise and eat healthy food then the doctor advises them to inject insulin so as to lower down the blood sugar level of patients. It can be thus said that health professionals play a central role in improving the quality health of the population.


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