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Introduction to Professional Practice

Dermatographia: it is described as a very typical and rare symptom that arises in the skin as a cause of scratching. Although, it is not serious but quite itchy as redness or sores can be viewed (Healthline.com, 2019). For example: unwashed bedsheets can be a considered as a good example of causing redness in skin.

Haemotoma: It is a condition that arises due to the result of any sort of injury in the external region of the blood vessel. It mainly takes place in the wall of the blood vessel causing the blood to trickle out of it. It can also sometimes occur inside the body of an individual as well.

For example: injury in the upper tip of the thumb is a common case of haemotoma and is visible among many people.

Acrochordon: this is a type of very small and soft growths of the skin that mainly appear in the neck as well as eyelids, underarms etc. These are not at all harmful or painful but causes irritation on wearing any sort of clothes (Healthline.com, 2019).

For example: skin tags appearing under the arms, on the neck etc

Hyperhidoses: this term describes excessive sweating of an individual, generally not related with heat or exercising. Primly, this disorder mainly arises due to social anxiety or any sort of embarrassment (rxlist.com, 2019). For example: excessive sweating of the hands, feet and underarms as shown

Seborrhoeic dermatis: it is a type of condition that commonly occurs in the scalp It mainly results in red skin, stubborn dandruff as well as patches in the oily parts of the scalp. It is also at times associated with sebopsoriasis or psoriasis (Medicalnewstoday, 2017).

For example: white patches in the entire scalp that can lead to itching and can get peeled sometimes. Redness in the cheeks and fingers of the individual is also a common symptom of Seborrhoeic dermatis.

Hypertrichosis: As pet the description, it means extreme growth of hair in different parts of the body such as forehead, upper lip etc. Such type of condition is also recognised as werewolf syndrome and it appears in very minor patches (Dermnetnz, 2019).

For example: Excessive hair growth seen in the eye brows and it becomes quite solid and is also known as unibrow. Such type of disorders can be seen in 10-15 percent of the individual and can be treated as it arises due to hormonal changes (Medicalnewstoday, 2019).

Sanguineous: it is recognised as the blood as well as the liquid part of the blood or serum. It is the fluid part of the blood and is yellow in view. Such type of wounds is visualised at the time of damage of the skin due to surgery or injury (Medicalnewstoday, 2018). For example: such type of yellow fluids is visible when the wound is likely to get healed.

Androgenic Alopecia male baldness Evadute: this is a medical term in which hair loss takes place in both men as well as women. In men it is known as male-pattern baldness and in females, women-baldness. It takes place mainly due to hormonal disorder or excess hormone predisposition. It is mainly in the shape of M (mayoclinic, 2020).

For example: loss of hair in the hairline of the forehead, patchy loss of hairs in the entire scalp can also be seen in this disorder.

Scant: it is a medical condition in which the secretion is insufficient or barely inadequate in quantity within the individual. In cases, scant quantity of urine is discharged by the individual and is mainly due to certain types of abnormal conditions within the body (Merriam-webster, 2019). For example: low quantity of urine.

Purulent: this is described as a type of liquid that comes out from the wounded portion of the individual. This is a discharging pus and can be of the colour of yellow, brown or green. Such type of pus can be witnessed from the gonorrhoea in male sections. For example: yellow pus from the infected wounds. Such types of wounds need to be treated in an effective manner so as to heal it in lowest possible time (Medicinenet.com, 2020).

Serosanguineous: It is a type of fluid that comes out of the body along with blood. The liquid is yellow in colour and it comprises of a little quantity of blood in it. The fluid is very thin and pale red in colour and it need to be treated in accurate manner (Healthline.com, 2017).

For example: abnormal wounds, hemorrhagic wounds.

Parethesia: in this type of disease, a burning feeling can be felt mainly in the hands, legs, as well as the feet of the individual. Rather than these parts, it can also occur in other portions of the body (Medicalnewstoday.com, 2017). For example, such types of itching takes place due to diabetes, tumors, strokes etc.

Fasciculation: it is also recognised as a muscle jerk that can take place due to contraction or relaxation of the muscles. It is a very common symptom and the individual can experience it at any point of time. Due to this, a bitter and troublesome situation had to be faced by the people’s (Medicalnewstoday.com, 2020).

For example: leg or hand twist or joint jerk.

Heloma Molle: It is a type of soft corn that arises within the fourth and fifth digits of the foot. This is also called foot corns and are entirely diverse from the calluses and plantar warts. The corn mainly concentrates in the pinpoint regions and leads to acute ulcerations. Although it is of thin surface but its entirely white and rubbery in nature. From time to time, it becomes quite itchy and becomes a very troublesome situation. So, to get rid from this, effective medicinal treatment is extremely essential for such issues (Michiganfootdoctors, 2020). For example: within the foot and toes.

Onychocryptosis –ingrown toenail : it is mainly developed by the extreme weight from the ingrowth of the nails of the foot. It takes place in the edge of the skin toe. It also results in inflammation as it causes by breaking the skin of the toes. It gives extreme discomfort and pain as well. For example: it is seen in the foot of the athletes (Medicinenet.com, 2020).

Horripilation –Goose bumps: such type of diseases is experienced by maximum extent of the people in the entire world. In the presence of this disorder, the hairs of the arm, legs always try to stand up straight and creates a hike in the little bump of the skin. This mainly takes place when the individual is in excess cold condition (healthline.com, 2020). For example: standing condition of the hairs of leags, hands etc

Stna- Stretch Marks: it is a very common form of scarring that appears on the skin of maximum extent of the females. It mainly takes place after pregnancy, sudden alteration of the weight change. It can arise in the belly, breasts, hips, butts (bmd.com, 2019).

For example: Pregnancy is one of the causes that leads to stretch marks and these can surely be treated in due course of time.

Desmoscopy: it is considered as a process to examine the skin with the help of skin surface microscopy. It is mainly utilised to analyse the pigmented lesions of the skins and useful in diagnosing melanoma. It also helps the physicians to evaluate the subsurface of the skins of varied patients. This can become quite disturbing, if it is not treated accurately (accessmedicine.mhmedical.com, 2020). For example: to examine any sort of spots in the skin, doctors use this procedure to determine its type.

Xerodeena pigmentasion: this is a very known genetic disease in which the body fails to heal the damage made by the ultraviolet or UV light rays. This means the individual fails to heal the DNA damages and hence the skin leads to varied types of pigmentations. The individual suffering from such type of diseases often suffer from skin cancers and may not live after the middle age. For example: large parts of sun damaged skin, dry skin etc (ghr.nlm.nih.gov, 2020).

bd: this mentions that ‘bis in die’, i.e. twice a day. These types of words are viewed in the prescription for highlighting the dosage of the medicines for a specific patient. For example: crocin is to taken BID

tds: this states in medical terms ‘ter die sumendum’, i.e. to intake any medicine three times daily in the entire day. Such type of short terms are written in the prescriptions of the doctors while doing the prescriptions. After writing it, then the doctor also explains the meaning of this to the patient to remove any sort of tension while taking the medicines.

For example: Crocin need to be taken in TD

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