Answer 1.

Answer 2:

Part 2.

Answer: 3.


Front Stage.

Explanation of significance of the service encounter.

Analysis of managerial implications.


Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing - Part 1

 Answer 1

The 5 Ws concept includes communicator, information, media, audience and effect and helps us to study and understand new media communications. In the process of new media communication, these five elements are developing with their characteristics (Vieira 2019). To analyse better, the first W of Who or the communicator is a diverse field where anyone could be the sender of information and thus YG Entertainment had deployed strategy to build a model wherein they would have various social media platforms available with them with loads of subscribers base and thus following an influencer marketing model on various social media platforms (Vieira 2019). This had given them a huge base wherein they could send the video link or promote the video and thus had made the video a sensation and viral activity in a short period. Thus YG Entertainment had their first W of communicator developed and sorted so that they were able to have a base of probable clients and do network marketing and reach to masses and do publicity of millions of views and downloads and like and thus tempting others to follow the same (Tomczak 2017). It is also to be believed that influencer marketing practices have helped a lot in Psychology’s case.

The second W of information sending and sharing was the biggest game-changer as it is very important for the message or the video to be likeable and thus be viewed, downloaded and shared more (Zhu 2019). The Gangnam style video, song and music and moves were eye-catching and soothed ears and individual's and became an instant hit. The third W being an equally important factor of media and technology and usage of social media platform ensured that Psychology’s new video and the song became an instant hit due to accessibility to global viewers and listeners and under the able marketing skills of influencers it had crossed record downloads. The fourth W of the audience is the core of all the activities as it is pertinent to understand the target audience and then select the mode of media and other factors to grab maximum reach and results. In YG entertainments case they focused tech-savvy youth first and gradually they promoted the success and thus forcing middle-aged and seniors to also get involved in the subscribers base of the video (Tomczak 2017). The last W comes for the effect be it visual effect or the effect on the minds of viewers so that they have a recall value and sense to see the video again and again. YG Entertainment had no doubt a great visual presentation with unique move and good music composition that it had an excellent recall value in the minds of listeners globally despite not understanding the language used in the song. The rhythm and music and move were the game changer and were appreciated in all parts of the world. Thus a mix of 5W’s had ensured Gangnam Style a big hit in a very short period (Paschen 2019). 

Answer 2:

The Gangnam style video depicts the fancies and fantasies a common man has and he is not baling to fulfil them due to various reasons. Psychology depicts the thought process of various people like workers, young male and adds perspective to other segments of the society and portrays their thought process (Ndofirepi 2020). The communication content is focused on masses and thus is addressed primarily to middle-income class people or probably people with lower-middle-income class groups. Thus the communication channel is aimed to make direct connect with masses and capture their attention. It also focuses on youths and is aimed to attract them as well. The video is made in such a way that people from across the globe and a majority of them from all walks of life could relate and imagine themselves in place of psychology and thus we need to acknowledge the risk and challenge YG entertainment and psychology has taken as it is not easy to understand the thought process of people from different culture and background and with different perspective and choices. They have done through analysis and research before doing this video and spent good techniques for its promotion. If we talk about the content of the video it is very much visible that the content is humorous yet approachable in terms of it bring relative reliability (Rana 2020). The comic sense helps the local audience to get instant relation and amusement which is the most important step of success, they make it a viral view and download in South Korea and it is spread to various others social media platforms by YG Entertainment teams and it promoted worldwide. For others who do not speak or understand Korean, the music appeal and the funny dance move is a soothing sight and an instant follow step amongst youths and others(Najafi-Tavani 2016). Talking about visual content, it is simple yet effective, the shooting of the video locations is not too snobbish and yet classy with ambience and background of common places a normal person visits in his daily life routine. Thus the video also makes an instant appeal to all and thus its appeal to certain demography but yet is open to all (Paschen 2019). The biggest punchline of Gangnam Style which is probably the only English word which is repeated multiple times and thus gets stuck to viewer and listener’s mind and has a great recall value. Thus even though the song was released in 2012, it sort of echoes in our heads right now as well while writing this assignment. Such is the power of its content and presentation and all credit to YG Entertainment and Psychology for their hard work, thorough study and belief in the work so that their risk was paid off very well. Thus we see and understand that content and target audience are two parameters that go in sync of each other's and are an important aspect for a successful campaign and needs to be very well understood at conceptualisation phase itself (Kamboj 2017).

Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing - Part 2

Answer: 3

For understanding the significance of service counter, we hereby take the example of a hospital and understand it working style with regards to dealings with walk in patients and others who make an appointment online and the way these are handled. If we look carefully the workflow in a hospital consists of reception for walk-in patients or facilities for an appointment follow up visits and walk-ins for another pre-booked appointment. At the counter, there are facilities for maintaining patient's schedule an appointment besides, there are counters or system capability to handle and store their relevant paper works and prescriptions (Ndofirepi 2020). These counters also house certain basic forms such as certain customer information data and details and other leaflets for providing information on various surgeries or advertisements of other service provider or sales partners (Joensuu-Salo 2018). The reception area is also entrusted to take care of patient's visitors and have waiting area attached to it wherein they need to keep them occupied and thus there would be certain newspapers and magazines arranged and kept for them. In many hospitals such waiting areas have a small snack point as well serving refreshments and beverages etc. thus the front desk is an area wherein a patient, the attendant can have clarity with them for checking doctor's availability, discussing general ailments and getting some advice and thus comfort themselves (Fornell 2016). The reception area also is a data-gathering place wherein the personal details of patients are taken and fed in the systems and also loyalty program is cross-sold to visitors. Thus the reception area serves as an active data gathering and cross-selling point and also comforting the visitors and patient. It is in this area that the patients are guided to fill up various forms and are also being helped in case of any confusion. Also, they could fix their future appointments there itself and also make payments and get receipts.


At the backstage of it, all the information, patient's details and appointments etc get flowed to relevant teams, doctors etc. through technological support and teams are informed simultaneously which gets into action for doctor's consultation, preparation of procedure, getting reports made and printed and dispatched and the likes. Thus from the front desk, the information percolates to various department and is shared with the teams within for their action (Cacciolatti 2016). For making an appointment, various processes have to be run parallel and most important factor that needs to be checked is the availability of doctor and completion of all procedures like x-ray, tests etc. before consultation form the doctor as they might need certain reports before the consultation and it is very much an element in follow up a consultation so the systems need to inform whether the report would be available within the timelines and before the schedule form the doctor is fixed and convey to the patient accordingly. Thus if we understand, the front office and back offices need to work in sync to achieve desired results and make the customer or the patients satisfied and happy (Eggers 2017).

Front Stage

Front stage involves the there are multiple systems and processes in between a patient's visit and doctor's appointment and follow up consultations which need to be worked promptly as these would be critical and central for providing desired customer service. In between the front office and back office, there is a very important middle office sort of arrangement which is entrusted with follow up and ensuring correctness and quality control and has to work on strict timelines. Such department work in between and gels with any outsource service providers such as a lab for certain report or in house third party testing unit. Department of third party insurance, food and beverages also comes in here and make an efficient cycle for work and others (Cacciolatti 2016). They are the ones who also form part of the nursing care unit and are the sole factor for the difference in service provided to patients and others. Thus to understand it better, a hospital is a very dynamic office setup wherein multiple factors and departments need to work on sync to achieve desired results. As such the work of the hospital is very taxing and critical as there is no scope for errors and a wrong diagnosis or treatment could work against the patient and its cure and lead to loss of reputation to the hospital and legal action against it (Kamboj 2017). Thus it is critical for hospital's to ensure their staff is well-groomed and trained and they are also taken good care of. The nursing staff including ward boys and others is generally much more stressed as they are required to go beyond their call of duty and manage heavy workloads and taxing shifts and also maintain good emphatic relation with the patients so that the patient recovers fast and can communicate their concerns well to the doctor or nursing staff. This is especially required in case of elderly staff and nursing mothers. It is to be noted that hospitals operate in a highly stressful environment as there is the situation of life and death there as and certain high profile patient's like ministers, big businessmen, certain other influential public figure, celebrities get treated there at and it also involves big media scrutiny and attention, besides, dealing with cases such as accidents, murder or other police cases on a day to day basis. Thus the life of workers and doctors at a hospital is very taxing and they are entrusted to deliver every single time and help the patient. One should also take into cognizance of the fact that hospitals have an emergency unit with them which is a 24*7 care centre and doctors, nurses and other staff are working and present to take care of any emergency coming in (Cacciolatti 2016).

Explanation of significance of the service encounter 

Such an aspect also introduces us to the fact that it is very required to have a good managerial aspect of the hospital. The managers need to pay attention to patient's grievances, attend internal teams and resolve their problems, manage doctors and their schedules and various other situations. Nowadays there is the specialized field of study for hospital management and it focuses on managing doctors and their schedule, supplies needed in a hospital, resource planning, space planning, planning of revenues, overall management such as building maintenance, maintaining liaisons with local authorities such as police departments etc. and this is a very important aspect that needs proper attention to. It is understood that all the staff related to a hospital needs proper attention and motivation to work properly and live a stress-free life (Kamboj 2017). The doctors and top management are still better as they get paid decently and also earn respect from others. The other staff especially nursing ones are not paid well and have to slog a lot and still maintain the highest level of work concentration and ethics and performance. Many times nursing staff is stressed about their families and due to changing shifts cannot devote proper time to their children and family and thus are also worried about the same and they become stressed. It is also to be noted that they many times do not see them growing and their involvement to the hospital is limited and they are not also recognized and thus suffer a lot (Kamboj 2017). The hospital administration and management should think of them and the other such staff such as ward boys, front line staff, reception executives and billing persons and provide them recognition, increase in salaries, proper work shifts and weekly off so that they can spend time with their families and also be relaxed. It is also advisable that they should be involved in certain decisions of the hospitals so that they have representation and feel privileged and management should also hear their recommendations and another practical aspect that they face. The managerial aspect involves a lot more and is ready to handle any exigency situation such as prevailing COVID -19 situation wherein there was a shortage of beds, medicines, anxiety amongst patients and thus they need to manage them as well. It is also to be understood that recent media trials have also caused hospitals under great scrutiny and thus they need to ensure highest levels of work ethics, nay loose end would make the efforts go waste and would cause great troubles for the patients' health and his speedy recovery and the hospital as well.

Analysis of managerial implications 

The managers should respect the front desk staff, the middle-level staff and the backstage staff and processes and work with them rather than making to work for them and ensure the highest level of cooperation and synergy. Hospital management has also to make good relations with local police and other authorities so that any issues faced by them are well addressed. Many a time we witness that patients relatives create ruckus inside the hospital and they try to either force the hospital to make them meet the patient beyond visitor limit, try to force discounted bills and operations and force for allotting bed earlier to others (Najafi-Tavani 2016). Thus see and understand that working in a hospital is full of the stressful environment and the expectations are nothing but perfect execution of work by everyone. This is correct as well as the medical field is a noble field and respected by all and doctors and nursing staff are treated as gods and respected everywhere. Although the operations are stiff and the challenge is big, we human beings owe a lot to the hospitals and medical staff for taking care of the majority of cases they handle day in day out and there could not be any other office which has such high rate of performance and near-perfect results.

Looking all the above factors and parameters, it is important to gather that operation at a hospital are very closely knitted functions and work near each other as delay in one work could lead to series of delays over all other related and interdependent functions. Similarly, any flaw in one aspect could lead to incorrect diagnosis and deviation from the desired result (Najafi-Tavani 2016). For an example, a case of a manual error in finalisation of report or error in a change in patients name in the report could have fatal errors in further consultation from the doctor and wrong diagnosis and lead to health deterioration and lead to a serious situation to the patient. Thus it is proven beyond doubt that the hospital and its support functions are one of the biggest centres for learning wherein one can study efficient operations, manpower planning, coordination amongst departments a detaches us to be at our best in every aspect and at all times so that error of one department should not be the reason for an error of others and lead to complete failure of the institution and effort of all also causing immense pain and suffering to the patient and his family. The management of a hospital is also very important as they deal with sensitive aspects and also have to deal with an emergency at any point in time. Thus, managerial effectiveness is a very critical area and cannot be compromised with and it is thus important to take every aspect with a great deal of seriousness and care and give due care and importance.

References for Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing

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