Market Segmentation Analysis

Executive Summary of Grill’d Marketing

The analysis aims to assess the marketing and positioning strategy of Grilled burger business. Furthermore, the business has designed an effective advertisement to target customers. The main objective is to create brand awareness through effective social media channels. Furthermore the analysis revealed that business is highly effective in delivering quality products to the customers. It also highlighted that baby boomers and millennial are the major target customers of the company. In addition the analysis specified that the business must make sure to design an effective marketing campaign that can target more customers. The effective positioning strategy has been designed to differentiate the products or services of the company from other competitors. The overall analysis was highly effective in assessing the efforts of advertisements. With the help effective advertisement campaign, the company has created an effective strategy targeted towards necessary clients.


Executive summary.





Marketing Mix.





Target market

Distribution channels.

Promotional tools.




Introduction to Grill’d Marketing

The particular analysis is about a YouTube advertisement which focuses on promoting healthy grilled burger. One of the major aims of this business is to target health-conscious customers. Its basic aim is to find the people who will attract towards a healthy restaurant. In the current scenario, customers are highly conscious about their health and they want a healthy product that is free from any fat content. In addition, the Grilled burger has chosen this idea because the current generation is highly conscious about the food which is healthy and tasty. Furthermore, the business will target customers who like healthy food and a friendly atmosphere and prefer comfort food (Fayvishenko 2018). Furthermore, the restaurant has developed the low carb burger which is suitable for gym junkies, beach body seekers, and anyone else who usually avoid eating burgers. Grilled provides 100 percent natural burgers which are made with zero percent artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It is Australia's first burger restaurant which develops fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers and selects Australians first. The protein carbs and gluten-free products of the companies are effective enough to differentiate it from competitors. The grilled burgers are made from all-natural whole food ingredients which are the key kind of premium recovery fuel for customers' bodies. All the products of the companies are specially designed for health-conscious customers. The business provides great Ambience and brilliant customer service in order to attract a large customer base. The main aim of this analysis is to use market segmentation and positioning strategy for the Grilled burger business so that it can survive in a highly competitive environment. It is necessary to understand the market segmentation provide Useful information about the potential customers to direct this choice and to make sure that marketing activities are more consumer-focused. With the help of these strategies, the business will be able to develop the most effective strategy and split the buyers into two different measurable groups that share similar needs and want (Nastasoiu and Vandenbosch 2019). To survive in a highly competitive environment it is necessary to create an effective positioning strategy that can differentiate the business from other competitors. In order to provide the right product to the right customers the business should be able to understand who their target customers are and what their needs are. It has been identified that knowledge of a specific market segment allows the company to develop the right products for the right customers.

Discussion on Grill’d Marketing


Market segmentation is the process of dividing the market of customers into different groups based on different characteristics like age, income, personality traits, or behaviors. Furthermore, the segments can be used to optimize production and advertising for different customers (Iyer et al. 2019). In addition market segmentation can assist you to define and better understand your target audience and ideal customers. The particular video is about a grilled burger that is especially suitable for the health-conscious people. Furthermore, the demographics include the age, generation, gender, religion, and incomes some of the major characteristics specific demographics include: generation Z which is born between 1995 to 2014. These customers spend money on food above all else and they prefer quick services and casual dining restaurants. In addition they use digital technology to find more information about new product and service. It has been identified that generation z emerge as a strong customer of organic and natural foods. As per the evidences generation, Z is ready to pay for healthy products that are gluten-free fat-free, and natural. Other target markets for Grilled burgers are millennial who are born between 1980 and 1994; they prefer to eat out more than the general population that is about 50percent of millennial (Bian et al. 2019). Millennial prefer natural and gluten-free products. According to a survey, 60 percent of the millennial prefer healthy food which is more than any other generation. They spent huge amount of money to dine out there and as tech-savvy as their gifts and grandkids but they are trying to keep up with the trend.


Positioning is classified as the procedure of design the company's goods and representation to engage a dissimilar place in the target market's mind. It is the formation of an apparent image in the minds of customers in the target section about the character of the product and the profit to be gained from buying the product (Hu and Dong 2019). With the help of effective positioning the company will be able to differentiate itself from other similar competitors. Once the attractive segments have been identified the next task is to research a target segment to position the product in the mind of customers and create a marketing mix that will satisfy the needs and wants of the customers. With the help of an effective positioning strategy, the company can become superior in the food industry. The company will base its positioning to satisfy the needs of health-conscious customers. The business will make it to be a low-cost restaurant in the food industry. 

The business has positioned itself as a natural organic fat-free burger which is healthy and tasty. The advertisement segment is inspired by people who prefer healthy and low carb food. It highlighted that people pay attention to the quality of the product they buy and would always go for what is organic and environmentally friendly. They just stand out from the crowd by taking good care of themselves being knowledgeable and buying a fat-free burger. (Baker et al. 2018) Also the strategy will majorly depend on improving customer satisfaction. Also the employees of the company will need to greet customer with a smile and the priorities is to deliver quality products in order to make the customer happy. Another competitive advantage that grilled managed to gain as its brand equity is that the company has employed substantial branding strategies through sponsorship with known sponsors. In order to increase brand awareness, the company will employ social media strategies through Facebook Instagram, and Twitter. It will post the daily stories about the health-conscious people who are eating the healthy burgers. 

Many customers think that burgers are not a healthy alternative so they do not prefer burgers. One of the major aims of this positioning strategy is to clear the misconception about Grilled burgers. It is indicated that the burger is free from any kind of fat and the health-conscious people can easily consume it (Jin et al. 2017). The positioning strategy has evolved around the fact that people are becoming more health-conscious so it is necessary to introduce healthy and fat-free products in the market. The company has also highlighted the benefits of low carb burgers. In addition, the strategy is effective enough to convey the message that burgers are a healthy alternative. The company has used an advertisement to show the benefits of the products. Now the customers can easily consume the product without consuming more calories.

Marketing Mix

The Grilled burger company uses its marketing mix as a reaction to assess current situation in the market and develop quick-service restaurant business. Furthermore marketing mix is a combination of Strategies and approaches to efficiently apply a marketing plan. In this case, the major strategy of the company is to exploit competitiveness against a wide variety of players (Dolnicar et al. 2018). The strategy will help the company to achieve the goals and objectives in the most effective manner. The business operates a quick-service eatery business focusing on healthy burgers as its main product. This element of the marketing mix revealed the companies output offered to target customers.


The main products of the companies are fat-free burgers, beef burgers, salads veggies and many more. The company is majorly targeting health-conscious customers so it is offering the burgers that are free from fat and nutritious for all kinds of target customers. In addition, the company has a Limited product mix but this product mix supports the approach through the economy of scale from large scale production of an inadequate number of product lines.


 Pricing strategy of the business is majorly based on cost leadership as it helps to reduce costs and prices. In addition appropriate pricing of the product is considered in order to provide maximum benefits to the company. To succeed in the current competitive environment the company is using a market-oriented pricing strategy and bundled pricing strategy. The grilled burger business uses a market-oriented pricing strategy as its major approach to pricing. Furthermore, the strategy includes setting prices based on prevailing market circumstances including supply and demand concealed conditions as well as the price of a rival. Another pricing strategy is the bundle pricing strategy. For instance, customers can purchase value meals and kid meals at bundled prices that are more affordable than buying separate items (Camilleri 2018). This element of the marketing mix revealed that the company is also considering market conditions to determine its prices.


The products of the company are available all across Australia. In addition, the company is using its websites, mobile apps, and restaurants to provide effective services in the most effective manner. Apart from this restaurant customers can use grill burgers mobile app to access coupons was special offers. Customers can also use the official website to place orders for home delivery. However, the grilled burger depends mainly on the physical presence of its restaurant.Promotion

Business is using different types of promotional strategies in order to generate awareness and increase customer engagement. In order to succeed in the competitive environment, it is necessary to create a unique Identity and develop effective advertising to convey the right information to the right customers. The company has implemented various tactics to promote the services. In addition, the company is using advertising as the primary medium to promote products and services. Social media is one of the most useful elements for the business as it helps to posts different stories and videos related to the benefits of Low carb burgers. It has been identified that the business relies heavily on advertising to promote its product and services. The company posts the advertisement on online and on print media. In addition, it is also using sales promotion techniques to engage more and more customers. The employees of the restaurant normally use personal selling to support customers to purchase products from the menu. Also, they are factually promoting and strengthening the brand by engaging in local community programs. The company has successfully combined different promotional tactics to address the component of the marketing mix.

Target Market

The target market of the grilled burger company is divided into two segments known as the middle age white collar baby boomers and millennial (Shin et al. 2019). It has been identified the millennial are the major healthy eating consumer groups in Australia which shows that this age group is breaking with the previous generation to impress more free fresh healthy food choices. The sudden growth of health-related meals can provide an opportunity for growth and development (Fayvishenko 2018). In addition clean eating and transparency has become an important aspect of the millennial generation. Furthermore, this target segment is putting a major emphasis on eating natural and organic products that are free from any kind of fat content. The evidences specified that this generation has created a health indulgence culture into the Australian foodservice. In addition, the grilled has understood that easy access to health products made with high-quality local ingredients can help to target the health-conscious generation of Australia. The target customers of the grilled company also include baby boomers. Furthermore baby boomers are more conscious of the product they are buying come from and what is in them. They read the food labels and curious about the origin of the food products. The evidence also indicates that baby boomers are better at assessing the quality of a product or service. 

Distribution Channels

In the current scenario companies are using effective distribution channels in order to provide services and a safe and friendly environment. It is also important for the company to operate a sustainable and profitable business that will be benefited from the partnership with other small restaurants. It has been identified that supply chain management is an imperative aspect of systems of operations in an organization (Liu et al. 2019). The management of the operation is essential in respect to every organization because it is the operational effectiveness that enables the company to work in an inefficient manner. In addition, the main distribution channel of the company includes the company websites, mobile apps that can provide timely services to the customers. It is the responsibility of the management to develop an effective distribution of the company.

Promotional Tools

The promotional tools and usually based on digital and social media marketing. Social media marketing help the company to engage young customers in the most effective manner. The Company is also using Facebook to post new information about the customers and targeting the different segments. In addition the company has used to advertisement to provide necessary information about the products and services they are offering. Furthermore, advertisement is Highly Effective as it allows the company to attract the client with the proven power of the effective script and individual techniques of advertisements. The evidence specifies that advertising is a Highly Effective tool to target a large number of customers. In addition, the digital promotional strategy is highly effective to target millennials as they are highly engaged in social media and other platforms.

Conclusion on Grill’d Marketing

It has been concluded from the overall analysis that grilled Burger Company is targeting its customers by offering healthy and tasty burgers. Furthermore, advertisement is specially designed to capture the attention of health-conscious people who want to eat tasty food without facing any health issues. The advertisement was effective in clearing any misconception about the products and services offered by the business. In addition, the marketing mix has been used to analyze the products and services to fulfill the changing needs and wants of the target customers. It has also been identified that the baby boomers and millennials are the two most important target customers of the company. The major reason for selecting these as the major target customers is that they are highly conscious about their health and can spent high prices on the quality products. In addition, the product and services of the business are majorly designed to fulfill the needs and want of people who want to consume healthy food. It has also been identified that the business has introduced low carb bun to differentiate itself from all competitors. Furthermore, the advertising strategies and approaches of the business are highly effective in differentiating itself from other major players. With the help of effective marketing and positioning the company can attain a competitive advantage. Also, the right selection of target markets and customers can provide additional benefits to the Grilled burger company. It is necessary for the business to assess the demands of the customers to provide new and effective products. Also, effective marketing research can play a crucial role in providing information about the target market, customers, and competitors. It has also been identified that restaurants must focus on communicating the right message through effective platforms. The high engagement with target customers will allow the business to develop innovative and effective products and services. The overall analysis was highly interesting and effective in providing necessary benefits to the business as well as customers.

Recommendation on Grill’d Marketing

  • Integrated promotional mix: Grilled burger business must focus on using an integrated promotional mix that has a balance of conventional and modern digital media for promotions. It is also essential to assess the potential of traditional platforms as it helps to target baby boomers in an appropriate manner. In addition, the company can devise its marketing and promotional strategy to target the right customers in the most effective manner.
  • Product augmentation: The Company can provide additional and new products like home delivery and food on demand to develop effective strategies in a cost-effective manner. It has been identified that product quality can be enhanced by using fresh ingredients. Also, the business must focus on investing in a promotional mix.
  • Service differentiation: Grilled Burger Company must focus on the service differentiation approach to position restaurant as the key player in the food industry. The process of effective service differentiation must begin at each step of customer touchpoints right from the order placement to the delivery of products.

Reference for Grill’d Marketing

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