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Australian labour market trends.

Healthcare sectors and occupations.

Sector one: Aged care.

Sector two: Mental health.




Abstract on Career Opportunities in Australia

In Australia, there are many job opportunities for medical or health care professionals. It is found that majority of the workforce is old and increasing health complications like stress, depression, mental health, and other health complications, the governments are releasing many jobs offers so that the patient-nurse ratio is maintained and the patients are provided with quality and complete care. Many organizations in the country help medical individuals to get jobs. The individuals with skills and experience find it easy to ace in his/her field and develop the career. Moreover, the trends in the market state that high employment rates and low unemployment rates are favoring the upcoming job seekers to get jobs.

Introduction to Career Opportunities in Australia

According to Australian jobs (2020), Australia’s fastest and largest growing sector is health care and there has been a significant increase in the number of jobs as well in this sector. Although, it is found that a majority of the workforce is old. A labor market is a place where employees and the workers interact with each other and this market functions with supply and the demands of the labour. Moreover, it is found that occupational therapy assistants are found to be in very high demand in health care sectors. Such assistants are useful in aged care and mental health care services as well. For various therapies in mental health, such assistants are required that’s why these jobs are in high demand. This report is about career opportunities in health care sectors in Australia and the labour market trends.

Australian Labour Market Trends

According to the Department of employment (2020), currently, the solid economic heath indicates that there is a strong indicator that points towards more number of job opportunities in this sector as well. The unemployment rates have decreased recently by 3.1 percent and the level of employment increased by a rate of 1.9 percent. The increase in health care is 4.9 percent and there has been a great increase in job opportunities for nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, speech and language pathologists, and many others. With this tends it is clear that many positive factors positively impact the career in Australian health care sectors. As per the job by professionals occupation, it is found that around 3018100 individuals are employed in which the highest number is of registered nurses. Similarly, for community and personal service professions, there are 1,322,400 individuals are employed in which the top employing occupations are for aged carers, disabled carers, child carers, and many others. As the major workforce is old and they will retire soon and the upcoming job seekers are open to many new and diverse job opportunities that will be available to them. It is found that there is a more female workforce employment rate that has increased to 71.7 percent over, by 0.6 percentage point, year to June 2016 and the male workforce has decreased to 82.2 percent over the year to June 2016, by 0.5 percentage point (Department of employment, 2020).

There are many employers of medical professions like state and territory health departments, and this includes New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, and many others which provide job opportunities for the job seekers (Labour market information portal, 2020).

Healthcare Sectors and Occupations

There are many job opportunities in health care sectors but the two selected sectors are aged care and mental health. The trends and the labour market shows that with an increase in employment offer in health the medical professionals will get jobs like nurse practitioner, registered nurse, physicians, and many others (Labour market information portal, 2020). With the help of skills like better communication skills to have improved and effective understanding with patients of mental health and aged patients, supportive attitude to help the mentally ill or aged patients, and patience. Some other skills like alertness to deal with the emergency condition in case of aged care services, understanding, teamwork with associated health care professionals in mentally ill patients. The experience of working and studying about the aged care and mental health care services with experience of working in aged care sectors during my training and projects.

These skills and experience can help in excelling in the selected sectors of health care. Moreover, these two sectors are selected because they match my experience and my skills will help me to get a better job in a better organization. According to Sisodia and Agarwal (2017), factors like ethics, code of conduct, effective communication, positive attitude, time management, conflict management, leadership strategies, and many others. These points can help a candidate or a medical professional job seeker to become a master in withers aged care sectors, mental health care sectors, or many other sectors as well. As per the trend also many jobs are available in these sectors which become a prime reason for choosing these sectors and applying for job offers in them.

Sector One: Aged Care

According to Meyer (2018), the number of an individual that will need to have an aged care services is increasing at a high rate in Australia and by the year 2050, the rates will get double. The Australian government has decided to release about 179000 jobs opening in the next five years in health care sectors in aged care. This is a very high number that can be considered to be a part of these sectors and apply for a job in the same. The roles and duties that are required in this sector are as follows: emotional support to the aged patient who seeks aged care, companionship, friendship with the patient, maintaining the hygiene of the patient, organizing the social activities, assisting the clients in mobility, and other daily activities (Meyer 2018).

As my experience and training in aged care have enabled me to learn many things about the care services in this sector, so this sector will provide to be a great option for me to apply for jobs. The knowledge of respect, care, and assistance to the patient for his/her needs or feelings will also help me to ace in this field while heading towards my job goals. My training in personal care will ensure that the patients get assistance in medical services, administrating medicines, maintaining hygiene, and others. In Australian aged care sectors, the job offers are many like aged care workers, registered nurses, residential support workers, and many others. A chance to know and learn about the duties in mental health will help in developing my career as well. Since, the life of an aged care worker is full of learning new things, delivering relief pain to patients and quality care services to the clients. Moreover, the life of an aged care worker is also full of fun and entertainment because the care worker has to meet to new people, surrounded by smiles, get a feeling of closeness with aged people who are suffering from dementia or other diseases and will provide many rewarding experiences with quality care of the patients (Sisodia and Agarwal 2017). 

Sector Two: Mental Health

According to Aloisio et al. (2018), the skills required in the mental care sector are – observational skills, interpersonal communication, good judgment, problem-solving, and many others. All these skills not only help in aged care sector jobs but also help in mental health care jobs. The ability to strong ethics, active listening, keeping records, and many others are required in mental health care jobs and knowledge of these can ensure that the individual will easily ace in his/her job. A degree in social work, psychology, mental health or related field enables the candidate to apply for jobs in this sector. As per the trends of employment in the health care sector, there are high demands of registered nurses, physicians, and many other health professionals that can apply in mental health easily (Aloisio et al. 2018).

Being a student of nursing who has experience of aged care also, it will be of great interest if my skills and it is also found that there is an increased number of stress and distress among Australians so patient-nurse ratio should be maintained for such cases. Therefore, it is interesting to opt for this sector for job offers and deliver quality care services to the patients. Nearly, thousands of job offers are made available daily in Australia in the mental health sector. Moreover, in the mental health sector, jobs like support workers in rehabilitation, residential care, and others are required (Gordon et al. 2018). A chance to know and learn about the duties in mental health will help in developing my career as well. This so because in mental health the nurse has to be in coordination with other health care professionals of the patient with this, the nurse gets to know about various new concepts and strategies in metals health as well.

Recommendations on Career Opportunities in Australia

Bankstown Hospital, Bankstown is an option for job seekers to apply for their career development. Being a nursing student who has experience in aged care as well, it is a great opportunity for me if I apply in this hospital and this hospital is also close to my residence so I will be able to commute easily as well to my workplace. The other organization is Macquire Park is a nursing agency where medical professionals like nurses can apply for a job. This organization is useful as it has a supportive workplace that I felt during my training with its staff members. These organizations not only offer jobs for nurses but also offer jobs for assistants, physicians, and other medical jobs for medical professionals so, there is a great chance of developing career by applying in them (Smith 2019).

Conclusion on Career Opportunities in Australia

It is found that many of the workforces in Australia are old and many people are suffering from stress, depression, and other mental health problems. So, as pert the trends of the market and employment rates, it is a great option if aged care and mental health care sectors have opted for the job. The government is also releasing many jobs annually in these sectors so that the patient-nurse ratio is maintained. My skills like effective communication, companionship with clients, and experience of aged care will help in getting higher chances of selection. Moreover, it is also found that in the coming years there be more jobs in the healthcare sector and professionals can get jobs as per their occupations.

References for Career Opportunities in Australia

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