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Statement of Purpose

As one of the leading Greek philosopher Socrates once said, “Let him that would move the world first move himself”, this thought had motivated me to move out of my safe zone bubble in which I had spent a large part of my life and travel across the globe in search for a better future and to utilize my true potential to its fullest. The world provides various choices to budding aspirants as one myself with leading institutes and organizations to learn something new every day and grow mentally and physical to be a better individual who could one day serve humanity and make this world a better place. At first, when a person imagines or the very first thought of travelling to a new city or country strikes their mind, it if often filled with excitement and imagination. But it is not the same when done practically. In our daily lives, we make several plans and dream about being at a better place in our future in comparison to our present. But in between living our present and planning our future, we forget what the great singer John Lenon had once quoted that, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” Moving to Australia was filled with ups and lows. At first, it was not easy to settle in a country like Australia which had a completely different culture as this was the first time I had stepped in the country and been all alone. The very first thought of moving to Australia was filled with amusement and the thoughts of living in a new country. I had studied about it in some of my coursebooks while in school and watched the beauty of the country in movies and in television. Like any other person of my age, I too had a very straight forward plan to move to Australia and try to adjust my lifestyle to a new environment and work hard to achieve the dreams and goals I had always wished for.

I had spent my initial years and my teenage in Bhutan, a country which has been an advocate of spiritual happiness and its people who have been living simple lives and have always preached about happiness and not relying much over technology to carry out their daily tasks. My country taught me to be happy in the smallest of things and find the greatest of pleasures in the environment and people around us. My country also taught me the importance and the need to follow etiquettes in life which could help in living a calm and peaceful life. I belong to a family of 4 members. My father is a businessman and my mother is an employee at the Department of Geology and Mines which works under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Royal Government of Bhutan. Influenced by the hard work and efforts put in by my parents, I too planned to graduate from school and join a college which could groom me both academically and professionally. I graduated high school in the year 2016 from Shaba Middle Secondary School scoring a percentage of 58% and then graduated 12th standard in the year 2018 with a score of 54.5% from Ugyen Academy of Higher Secondary School with English and Computer Studies being my main subjects. Although pursuing my 12th standard at the Ugyen Academy of Higher Secondary School was a tough decision to make as it was one of the most expensive schools in the region, but my parents were persistent on sending me there so as to be under the care of the best teachers and at a premiere academic institution with the finest quality of education. 

After graduating from school, I had started looking out for some of the leading institutions which could offer me the courses of my choice. Australia was a prime choice as the country is home to some of the leading institutions globally and has nurtured and launched some world class leaders who have deeply impacted different sections of the society. Australia has been the home to some of the leading institutes in the world. The quality of education provided in the country has been remarkable. With many world leaders and important personalities, the education system in the country has been highly intensive in terms of the knowledge imparted, an innovation driven approach and a key participant in the global technology trends. The educational institutes in Australia focus more on practical education for its students and believes that they are not just academically strong but also lays emphasis on an overall development. The degrees and certificates issues by institutes in the country are all globally recognized and are valued by major companies in the country and abroad. The support systems also provided to both domestic and international students is impeccable. The colleges and universities groom their students by helping them prepare for college and provide language classes for international students. While at college, the flexible scheduled timetables help students work as part time employees over varied companies. Also, the country has one of the most diverse cultures and society. Apart from being safe and friendly, the country provides a peaceful and laid-back environment for its people.

The first biggest decision which I had to make in order to pursue the course of my choice was to find a suitable college in Australia which provided me the course of my choice. Upon the advice of my parents I decided to pursue a course at the Edith Cowan College which is affiliated to the Edith Cowan University. At first during the initial days in the country, it took some time to settle in and to understand the work-life schedule followed in the country. It took some time to adopt to a new environment. A major portion of my time was spent learning the variations in the language and procuring things which were required for my coursework. The lectures were interesting and the teachers were very supportive. My classmates also helped me adapt to the changes. Since some of my classmate were international students too, they shared their experiences with us so that we could guide each other in blend in to the student culture of the country and not fear being left out. But every day after college got over, the time spent alone started to bring unwanted thoughts to my mind and the feeling of being anxious would increase. Gradually as time went by and the end of my trimester was approaching, the fear of clearing exams was at an all time high. This was extremely disastrous and had affected me socially, emotionally, cognitively and psychologically. The base of this fear was not due to extreme competition by my classmates or due to lack of preparation and planning but due to the fact that my motivation levels were low and the people around me and back at home in Bhutan had high hopes from me. The fear of not standing up to someone’s expectations can be tough especially when you are young and learning constantly and also away from home. Although Perth has provided the best comfort and a friendly environment to me to settle in but the fear of being away from home was one the major reasons of being anxious. Initially I would talk to my friends or the professors in college but at times of being along, the fear of being away from home added to the many distractions which hindered my studying schedule eventually leaving me with an unfocused state of mind. There were times when the constant anxious thoughts of being so far from home and trying to excel in academics would lead to me to panic attacks. The environment which was always considered as a safe and friendly environment to me would seem as unsafe and unreliable.

Hence, due to this I decided to shift my college to Stanley College in Perth. I had decided to pursue a course under the commercial cookery courses. Culinary arts have been a passion for me and is one of those courses whose ingenuity has been a source of excitement to me. Culinary courses have been subjected to boundless creativity and inculcate a sense of passion and enthusiasm in oneself. The levels of enthusiasm of being a culinary artist and their passion towards their jobs was one of the motivation factors for me to join the course of a commercial cooker. The course helped me participate in the team projects related to commercial culinary practises in a sustainable environment which helped understand the importance of team work and to work effectively. While at Stanley College, I also learnt various professional courses which taught me the importance of safe work practices and carry out tasks effectively and efficiently. The course has also trained me to work under pressure in difficult environments. Throughout the course, the fast pace environment and the adrenaline rush has helped me tackle of the major challenges offered to me and push my thinking capabilities beyond their limits.

This course has also given me time to think and ponder upon the decisions made by me to change my college from Edith Cowan College to Stanley College. The decision to move to Stanley college was influenced heavily by the increased levels of anxiety which was formed due to various reasons. The mental stress of being away from home and the pressure of passing the subjects and exams at college had let to a decrease in my morale. Like any other fresher student who travels to a foreign land in search of a stable career, I too found it difficult to concentrate on the coursework without being deviated by the unwanted thoughts. But my time at Stanley college has helped me pause and think about these decisions. Hence, I have decided to apply for a course at the Australian Professional Skills Institute which like Stanley College has been affiliated to Edith Cowan University too. I believe that the institute’s advanced infrastructure and vibrant community will provide me the necessary skills and experience required to groom myself for being a better professional. A course at the institute will help me equip with both basic and advanced knowledge required to pursue my career of choice with specialised trainings and workshops. Pursuing a course at the Australian Professional Skills Institute will help me enhance my exposure to a multicultural environment and interacting with people from various backgrounds will help me in developing a deeper understanding of a foreign culture. Learning has been a process which can be carried out throughout a lifetime and the source of knowledge and learning plays a crucial role in shaping a person as an individual and as a professional. I believe the Australian Professional Skills Institute will serve as the perfect place to me for not just academic learning but also for an overall growth and development which will contribute immensely for not just academic learning but also for an overall growth and development. This process will lead me to a better professional and shape my thought process and my point of view towards my career and future. With utmost certainty I believe that pursuing a course under the guidance of the renowned faculties at the Australian Professional Skills Institute will help me set the right path for my career and parallelly obtain the skills and knowledge required to shape my career objectives. By the time I graduate from this esteemed institution, I believe that I would possess a stronghold in developing strategies and plans which will help me scale newer heights in my professional life. In addition to it, the diverse student culture will help me by providing the right kind of exposure by increasing my awareness and help me in gaining first-hand experience to work in a diverse and a multicultural environment.

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