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Human Rights

Introduction to Values and Ethics in Social Work

Human rights are known to be one of the most common and vital essential rights for everyday survival. The purpose of the paper is to focus on the human rights issue and to conclude research on it. The human rights are widely accepted with various interpretations in the many countries due to the cultural background. But the basic understanding of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is to more consciously or subconsciously related to acquiring the basic rights (Sun, 2018). The Human rights and the basic framework came into the existence due to the formal adoption by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as passed on the December 10th, 1948 and it was mentioned, that the common standard of achievement aimed for the people along with all the nations, which are subsequently meeting with the aims of every individual to secure rights (Della Fina, 2017). To protect citizens from any type of violation the world as identified within the Preamble and 30 Articles (Della Fina, 2017). 

Despite, being following the fundamental rights to live, still, there has been a persistent issue of the outraging human rights in Syria. Not only the common people are denied the basic rights of living peace rights, securing the basic facilities of food, shelter, medical assistance and the other fundamental rights, but even the Syrian children are suffering due to denial of everyday basic rights (Ní Shúilleabháin, 2019). Even though with the secure international charter, the basic rights are denied and every day the Syrian people along with children are facing the unprecedented denials to survive peacefully (Romero Moreno, 2020).

Choose a Human Issue

The Human rights chosen is the “Right to Life Dignity”. Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which mentions “everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person'. The issue is the denial of the most common right to life, which is living a peaceful life.

The U.N. articles obligate the nations to follow the right to live in dignity; which would be liberal in thoughts, be more secure and to also inculcate the freedom of movement and having the right to nationality along with free access the education; and to have the fair treatment along with securing the freedom of expressions and opinions and to overcome the problem of the torture or inhumane treatment, and acquiring the economic, social and cultural rights. Human rights are the most common rights, which cannot be compromised.

The country Syria has even signed the Conventions on 2 November 1953 and also has been actively been following the Additional Protocol I (Protection to follow the Victims and to secure an International Armed Conflicts) as per November 14, 1983 (Della Fina, 2017). Even the country Syria has officially signed the Convention for the Rights of the Child (CRC) as on the 15 July 1993, along with following the Optional Protocol with the CRC on 17 October 2003 (Della Fina, 2017).

The country Syria has even voted in favor of the UDHR in 1948, and it was one of the courtiers within the 48 member nations, along being the active member of the OIC since 1972. Even Syria has actively been part of the eight fundamental ILO conventions to be followed by the Syrian Arab Republic. But still, the Syrian children are denied the most common and the fundamental right to survive. The children's conditions are worsening and require an active treatment from the ghastly wounds of violence, malnutrition, and an unstable environment.

Research of Values and Ethics in Social Work

The Constitution (1973) has identified the Syrian Arab Republic to be one of the democratic, popular, and even the sovereign state, where one can see that the freedom is denied with the sacred right. In the past, under the regime of Hafiz al-Assad, who was the predecessor of the president, was equally intolerant to the dissidence and hold the high power of authority, causing the many political prisoners to be jailed for the years, and there have been extensive records of the torture cases faced which has been bough to the media attention and within the human rights organizations. Ever since, the Bashar al-Assad took the government, with the hope to stabilize the country reforms and to improve the overall human rights, but still, the unprecedented issues of the violence, reoccurring peace conflicts, and wars exist. Even Bashar al-Assad as an action has released the political prisoners and further has even accepted the working of the freedom of the press, still, there have been constant backlashes and unstable environment (Mapp,2019). It was during 2005, when the Damascus has declared to have a stable democratic environment and it was signed through the petition from numerous celebrities and many citizens to acquire the basic freedom of expression. Syria country, has by far denied the most contemplate charges to constitution through the illegal means and by spreading the false information . Syria has constantly been suffering from the steady erosion of freedom and it has faced the autocratic rule of structure with the authoritarian rule’ (Della Fina, 2017.)

Hinman (2013) has mentioned the Human rights violations in his research and detailed how the Northern Syria was mainly against the Kurds that have been denied basic citizenship and even suppressing their Kurdish language and culture, causing the disruption and persistent denial of rights to the Kurdish ethnicity; and forcing to seize Kurdish land which was attained such Arabs rights. During the Syrian Civil War, the war has allowed gaining the de facto autonomy as covered by the Kurdish-led Democratic Federation. As outlined the human rights were even denied in the report, which mentioned that how the Northern Syrian pope is forced to displace and to be demolished outlining the place "Nowhere to Go': and as presented by the global media through the Amnesty International documentation which showed how the people have been forced to evict their destructed homes. In accordance with the documentation, it was the war conflicts caused by the ISIL and other Islamist groups. The documentation also claimed how the entire village was made to leave a gunpoint, killing their livestock and to evade the wide massacre, as a result of the US coalition against terrorism, where the civilians were killed. In 2015, the war has hit on several attacks over the Arab or Kurdish Muslims and even attacked the Syrian Christians, causing widespread disruptions. The attacks were termed as the “ethical cleansing” (Della Fina, 2017)

Fredman (2016) has mentioned that in accordance to the Human Rights Watch in the year 2014 which stated that there has been numerous incidents of the maltreatment, where the captured prison tortured and killed, causing outrages against the demonstrators, political opponents, even the media people, and the medial attendees were not spared, causing arbitrary arrests forced displacement (Arnardóttir, 2017).

The Syrian children have been denied the basic fundamental rights of education, due to the school destructions. Banks (2016) has mentioned even the basic school facility, the school education has not been proper and streamlined to regular 3.5 hours/day due to constant conflicts between the war groups, unaided bombs/mortars, and wide instability, without any uncertainty of the next attacks (Della Fina, 2017). The basic fundamental rights for the children to survive in peace and the stable environment have been denied with the inhumane attacks that have not spared even the fundamental right to live a peaceful life, enjoy and experience a stable environment.

Corey (2015) has mentioned even in the war type situation started with the massacre caused by the Syrian-Russian forces and it has been considered as the most notable Violations of Human Rights during 2017 which has caused approximately 10,204 civilians killed by the conflicted palettes (Fredman, 2016). The war zone even not spared the hospitals, schools, basic facility amenities, and even attacked the medical personnel, killing and attacking 101 attacks during the medical points and facilities. As the constant detrition of the Syria condition worsened, the UN Security Council has enacted immediately to stabilize and urged to take strong actions against the conflicted groups to bring in the justice. Even though the action of accounting the groups responsible to create disruptions was commenced, which covered the forces support, particularly the weapons supplied and reasons for the disruption? The conflict was mainly created at the military level, with the Russian regime causing the disruption and rebuilding the attacks hit areas such as the educational and medical) and trying to compensate the Syrian losses especially to children (de Morree, 2016).

Human rights have been considered to be egregiously poor and there has always been a state of emergency found within the emergency of 1963 until April 2011, that have given alarming security forces causing the arrest power and leading to detention (Della Fina, 2017). From 1973 to 2012, the country was considered to be the single-party state (Fredman, 2016). Wherein the autocratic party rules have even harassed and imprisoned the human rights activists and cause a massive violation against the government. The countries has even experienced a lack of freedom of expression, and even cant associate, collaborate and assemble and caused the unethical violation to the women, children, and ethnic minorities. As per the Human Rights Watch, the action taken by President Bashar al-Assad has even failed to improvise Syria's state of human rights records and conditions within the 10 years of his rule, and still, the country situation has only worsened to worst situation globally. The among the Syrian government and the suppressed autocratic rules are guilty of crimes against humanity and there have been unrecorded and violent deaths within the custody and faces the extrajudicial executions, unaccounted torture, brutal rapes, and even the arbitrary detention and even disappearing the people. The crackdown started in 2011 where there was the Syrian Civil War, where the government was guilty of chemically attacking its citizens (Della Fina, 2017).

Denial of the Freedom of speech and the media- The other human right for the survival, is how the media has been denied, there is no communication with the global and all the records of the unethical practices and violence has not been detailed to the world. Still, even after the fake promises, the Ba'ath Party has been in control of the press. Further, the Journalists and the free public opinions who have been sharing are arrested and even being tried. During 2009, the Committee actively engage to Protect Journalists has named the country as the worst country facing the arrests, harassment, and the unprecedented freedom of speech. Hinman (2013) describes, that the country also has to bear the denials of the internet censorship and there have been various online media bans on account of political reasons and people do not have the liberty to freely access it. The problems of facing the lack of internet cafes have gone on records to the comments users post found on the various chat forums. Even the basic websites such as Wikipedia Arabic, YouTube, and Facebook were denied to operate between 2008 to 2011 (Fredman, 2016). Subsequently, the moderation and the blocking have been pervasive in the political and the free area of social and conflict/security areas through the Opened Initiative.

Conclusion on Values and Ethics in Social Work

To conclude, the Syrian civil war has been described as the grossest inaction caused to human basic rights. The country not only experiences constant violence, disruption in the peace and even denial to the basic rights like of the education, freedom of speech, to sustain life with dignity and even to have to survive in the peaceful environment, but it is the gross violation against the UN article 3 Human rights of “Everyone has the freedom to live with dignity”. the country has recorded the violent events like shooting recruits bombing the peaceful crowd without the prior warnings, causing the brutal interrogations ways to abuse the young men’s, gang rapes to the children, women and even shooting at the sought assistance to children or anyone. Syria records the bleakest Human Rights preserved in mankind.

References for Values and Ethics in Social Work

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