• Subject Name : Management

International Human Resource Management

1) Design an HR manager job description for a German and Canadian joint venture construction company in France. What strategy do you choose to hire the HR manager and why?

Roles and Responsibilities for a French HR Manager of a German-Canadian JV Construction company will include the following:

  • Forecasting— Collaborate with construction managers, project managers, contractors and other essential business entities to understand specific project roles and responsibilities and document entire process to further charter personnel requirements for those projects.
  • Hiring—contractual labor with skills as specified by each project manager..
  • Training—To ensure proper and regular inductions and trainings for employees and labor through licensed trainers and field specialists. The HR Manager is also responsible for taking regular training feedbacks and cover and gaps or deficiency arising in any employee or department of the organization
  • Compensation and benefits plans—To devise proper remunerations and compensation plans including healthcare plans for every employee of the organization in accordance with prescribed standards of Government of France.
  • Worker safety—To ensure that all safety regulations are adhered in workplace and on-site. The HR Manager is responsible for coordinating with department heads to ensure that safety regulations for each employee is being effectively managed and is responsible for drafting safety policies to be followed in case of any untoward incident (such as accidents or natural disasters). The HR Manager is also responsible for ensuring proper training to employees for managing workplace accidents and response to disasters.
  • Performance Apparaisals—The HR Manager will be responsible to conduct timely performance reviews and feedbacks from department heads and individual employees to help employees grow in the organization.

The company will opt for hiring a local HR Manager (French ethnicity) because

  • The company is a Joint Venture to be based in France and will require majority of French workforce to be employed
  • A French HR Manager will be better able to understand the needs of the local employees and will serve as a connecting bridge between the employees and top management
  • This will further ensure that workers can develop trust with the parent company that doesnot have a French origin as they can comfortably connect with their local HR and voice their opinions and raise their concerns.
  • Language barrier which can hamper critical communication between people can also be effectively eliminated.

Q 2.) Create a Job Ad for a Canadian subsidiary manager in Columbia. How will you make it attractive for family?

Job Advertisement

Xyz Corporation

Hiring for Subsidiary Manager (location- Columbia)

Qualifications and Experience

  • Stating the desired academic qualifications as per specific job profile
  • Relevant Work Experience (to qualify for Job Application)
  • Specific skills (Accounting or Software related or Function related such as Sales skill)

Job Description

  • Stating what the job objectives are
  • Stating what the manager will be required to do
  • Authority and reporting relationship description
  • Proper Roles and Responsibilities
  • Clarifying the nature of job (is it easy or very time demanding)

Work Hours

The job will be full time, with hours to be worked between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday


  • Mentioning Fixed Remuneration
  • Mention Bonus or other Monetary Incentives
  • Coverage under Company Insurance Policy
  • Monthly Meal Card
  • Reimbursement of Travel and Mobile allowance
  • Coverage of upto 30 % of Children tuition fee
  • Accommodation for 6 months for Applicant and their family in Company facility (till the applicant can find their own accommodation)
  • Availability of Child Care Facility in office premises (incase the applicant is a female employee)

Interested Applicants May Apply as Under:

Drop your CVs at xyz@abc.com

Selected Applicants will be called for interview

Applications Close ON 26-09-2020 Contact Mr. PQR: <Number>

Q 3)MCQ for Merger Acquisition and HRM

  1. In an organization, techniques such as downsizing, reduction in worforce and rightzing are referred to as :
    1. Workforce realighnment
    2. Workforce alighnment
    3. Merger and acquisition alignment
    4. All of the above
  2. The process of sending and preparing global employees for any of the foreign assignments is classified as:
    1. Distant assignments
    2. Expatriation
    3. Repatriation
    4. Foreign advancement
  3. An international recruitment method wherein the managers are selected from different countries lying within the geographic region of business is called as
    1. Ethnocentric approach
    2. Regiocentric approach
    3. Geocentric approach
    4. Polycentric approach

Q 4.) What strategy would you choose to hire a Sales Manager for Apple Inc in China and Why?

China is one of the most promising markets in terms of sales potential. Apple Inc gets special benefits from China because

  • China accounts for maximum purchase of Apple smartphones and other Apple products
  • China also helps in maximum manufacturing of Apple products to be sold to the rest of the world

However, as a market, capturing the attention of Chinese customers is not that easy as there is a vast difference in the culture of China and USA. In order to appeal to the Chinese customers, it is essential to have a sales manager from China itself.

Therefore, my strategy would be to adopt the ethnocentric approach and hire a sales manager from Chinese ethnicity only. The benefits will be as follows:

  • The sales manager would be an effective communicator of product benefits
  • The hiring cost will be significantly lower as the company will not have to find accommodation for the manager
  • The Chinese sales manager will be well versed with the markets of China and will be in a much better position to guide the parent company (Apple Inc) as to where the potential scope of expansion for Apple Inc resides.
  • The hiring of local sales manager will also give Apple Inc a chance to compete on parity with its rival competitor Huawei which also is a dominant market player and enjoys the local privileges from China

Q 5.) MCQ on IHRM

  1. The scope of international human resource management (IHRM) includes:
    1. Staff recruitment
    2. Staff development
    3. Compensation
    4. All of the above
  1. The staffing policy in which all key management positions are filled by home country nationals is termed:
    1. Polycentric
    2. Ethnocentric
    3. Geocentric
    4. Regiocentric
  2. The country where the headquarters of a multinational company is located is known as
    1. Host country
    2. Foreign country
    3. Third country
    4. None of the above
  3. Which of the following factors is not related directly to success of expatriate assignments
    1. The personality of expatriate employees
    2. The intentions of expatriate employees
    3. The incapability of the spouse to adjust to the new position
    4. The nature of products produced by the company

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