Introduction to Nursing Reflective Commentary 

Through the essay, the main aim is to understand the meaning of nursing and what does it mean one own life. In my view, the nursing role plays a vital role in taking care of people (Potter, 2016). As observed, in the scenarios the nurses faces constant fatigue, constant tiresome roles to take care of patients, and even have to undergo training and development to ensure, they can overcome the unnecessary gaps. In my opinion, the nursing role is an on-going and continuous job role is to learn. The primary function of the nurse is to understand the varied and complex jobs. For me, nursing is more than the professional practice that can fulfill my professional empowerment and also bring autonomy in the workplace. Constantly due to the proper training and the various workshops, I have understood the significance of the knowledge and skills required to take care of the patients and to have a better clinical setting”. To apply one own knowledge and acquired skills it is important to understand the on the job training requirement and how with the better confidence one can abide by the autonomy in the practice (O’Brien, 2017).

Discussion on Integrated Nursing Practice 

As per the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the four codes of the nursing are the prioritize people, practice effectively, to ensure and have the preserved safety and to focus on the promoting the professionalism and trust. Based on the code it is important to have better practices that can help in providing better care for the patients, careers, nurses, and midwives (Zaccagnini, 2017). Similarly, in my opinion, I always ensure, that I abide by the NMC four domains which are to have a professional set of values while taking care of the patients or even when discussing with the fellow nurses and the other medical practitioners (NMC, 2018). The importance to adopt open communication and have the interpersonal skills and finally to have the nursing practices that can have a biter decision-making process (Smith, 2018). Lastly, the nurses are also amid to have transparent leadership, management, and team working. In my view, the principles and the domains of the NMC is to ensue, one stands out of the generic standard for competence and also gain expertise over the field standard for competence (Nursing & Midwifery Council. 2018).

In my view, the nursing role is primarily based on the given career plans and how to lead from the given ideas and my professional career plans are to scope out and to develop in accordance with the new ability to self-determination. Depending on the choosing freedom and how being a nurse, one can form an independent decision and correlation next to the level of own decisions which can equally be deceit, facing the constraints or coercion. My trait is to be flexible and have a principle of autonomy. As I have developed such depending on the competency which can be founded through professional independence along with the decision-making skills which can help in gaining a critical thinking ability (McEwen, 2017),

Being a nursing student, as we enter the new environment it is important to understand what can be expected out of what and how it can be managed to be difficult (Johnston, 2019). Depending on the “same” environment how there can be a place of applying the environment and understanding of where it can be placed in. Adaptation is also one of my fair understandings in the clinical arena. As per the common goals, how to popularize the orientation plan that is within the hospital settings and relates it with my own clinical experience, It is important to understand, how one can apply it a suitable approach and to be adequately useful within the clinical education. At the same time, one has to proactively think of carrying out (McEwen, 2018).

Another way to look at it is the less apprehensive approach related to the clinical environment and how to be patient and to be focused. My own nursing rule is to be patient, approachable, and relate to autonomy. It is equally important to understand the standards of practice and how to have competent care in a patient-centered environment. I have also seen, to have the nursing effective practices often it is important to co-rate with the current learning environment, nursing managers along with the supervisors to have good communication style, be open to new thoughts, receptive to a new approach and how to manage protocols and policy (Butcher, 2018).

Depending on the communication, the nursing code of integrity and following the duty of care is important in health care settings. The nurses are trained to have better communication practices that can work in accordance with the effective goals and also aligning it with the goals (Aligood, 2017).

GIBBS Framework for Reflexive Learning

In the given framework, the model of GIBBS would be applied.


In my nursing experience, I faced a sit-in, where the schizophrenic patient was feeling psychotic, and due to the inability to meet his metabolic disturbances (hypernatremia) and also work over the idiopathic confusion, the patient often started with the allegation of physical assault over the other member. It was stressful, as the patient not only membered the instances but also could not be verified, recorded, documented, and question about the allegations. From the in-depth analysis, the problem lies in the reflection on the actions which have been taken as the capacity for improvement.


During stimulant, my role lies in the recipient of the allegation and to even have to derive the sense of allegation, which can make a brief sense out of it. The situation was tough as I was aware of the allegations but as it was not verified, there it could question my integrity and how to create a survival plan out of it. While the patient recounted some moments, he would cry, and again the situation would become tough to handle.


From the theoretical elements, the situation analysis was pretty straightforward. As per the theories of Jasper, who provides and directs the responsibility of the professional practitioner is to ensure, that they can give the best possible care to the patients or the clients (Jasper, 2018). It is also working as per the similar situation, where the theories suggest as to how one can have the professional duty of the nurse and from the insights, how one can overcome the problem of the patient abuse which needs to be in accordance to the immediate superior (McEwen, 2018). Due to the patient incapability ‘of reduced capacity’ another aspect ‘of questionable reliability’ is important to understand the ‘vulnerable’ conditions which can be applied in the professional sense.


Another identified aspect is of the ethical analysis that identifies how being a nurse, one has to focus on the Principle of Non-Maleficence and also abide by the Duty of care framework. Based on the governing principles, it is important to understand the obligation of “first does not harm" (NMC, 2018). It helps to understand being healthcare professionals it is important to ensure all the duties are abided by and there is no potential harm to come and to face (Smith, 2018).


To conclude, it is important to understand the condition and even focus on the uncertainty elements related to the veracity of the allegations which can eventually be caused by the inappropriateness and unduly prejudicial to the ‘Special’. To report the matter, it is important to have the appropriate course of action, and how to develop a professional sense of responsibility for which necessary action has to be taken.

Action Plan

The action plan for the case, the patient often experiences the reoccurring possible abuse, and at the same time, it was also not recorded and investigated. In this case, just for the safety and security, the same nurse part of the special caring unit should be given reduced hours and some alternative nurses should be appointed, with the changing schedules. It would help to have more recorded instances and there would be cross-examined versions of any similar cases. The other part is to understand that such patients are often confused and do have uncontrolled behavior.

Conclusion on Nursing 

To conclude, nursing means how one can assist a person, and at the same time to be entrusted and also be focused on the vulnerability in one own’s life. The nursing role is challenging, but at the same time to be a nurse is a challenge, as apart from learning, one has to foster relations and even think of providing comfort and care to the patent. The nursing role is a mix of the personal and professional aspects, as not only it is a great honor but at the same time, it is important to think about the comfort and the process of assuring the patients that can receive the best. Nursing in my understanding is also one of the non- judgmental careers, where one has to aspire and think about the personal and the professional wellbeing to extend, learn, and groom one own skill. It would be important to abide by the Nursing principles and even extend.

References for Integrated Nursing Practice Reflective Commentary 

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