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Unfair Representation of Minorities in Australian Media

The relationship between Australian media and Government is complicated because of the existence of State, territories', and commonwealth national government. Several government bodies that have made inquiries in the context of racism and race relations. National inquiry into racist violence also found that media play a very important role when it comes to limiting the communication between ethnic and racial groups to the situation where the population does not know about the diverse experience. To improve education and training of journalism it is very important to hire or recruit minority community people in the media positions so that they can be also valued and given importance. (Jakubowiz, 1996).

Media plays a very important role when it comes to shaping society's values and as well as individual and collective behaviour. There are various factors on which media influence audiences in relation to issues related to coaching cultural diversity by the portrayal of stereotype biased otherwise different images of people which I result in miss a present at it of the character and social-cultural values of these people. Media is such a platform that leaves a very significant impact on the people who are watching it.so it is very important to look out of the fact that what is shown on the media and whether it is representing any minority in a positive way or a negative way. A recent analysis of Diversity in Australian media and TV network has analysed that diversity in race, culture, and religion is not present in news services unless people from minorities post a social problem of one kind or another. In News Austria is represented as an 'Anglo 'nation. Even if ethnic minorities are featured, they take peripheral roles, and even if they are allowed to take a central role, it is represented as threatening or menacing to the mainstream American culture or Anglo nation. From the international point of view, studies on the same have shown that cultural minorities have a long history dating back from the 1950s. underrepresentation of the minorities has also been conducted by the United Nations, USA, and Canada. In Australia, gender is more apparent than researching on age and sex. In terms of cultural diversity when the research was conducted in Anti-industry Participating, it was shown that TV drama has been consistently increasing from 2% in the previous study. (BrownHiggs, 2005)

When it comes to the legal framework for the same, the industry code of practice states that the standards of the same shall be applicable when reporting on race, culture, and religion. But no one follows the same. Public broadcasters like ABC only follow the guidelines which elaborated on the importance of representation of diversity. Reporting practice on commercial stations encourages a sense of racial discrimination and Anglo dominates. (Phillips, 2011).

 The Non-English-speaking background of Australia has been divided into two categories which are as follows: -

NESBI- born overseas and;

NESBII - Children of parents that are born overseas are known as NESBII.

The Introduction of the Community Relations Commission and Multiculturalism has emphasized on complexities that surrounds meaning of ethnic minorities. (Anthony, 2006)

Ethnic Communities have responded to the fact that nowadays the media is focusing more on internet and TV rather than publishing media. Questions were raised - how they can preserve Australia from the impact of journalism and media . It was found that it is fairly easy to mention how typical Australians was to be presented in the media.

Television has always been the main source of media. The visual nature of this media has some influence on the way the group has responded and describes how Australians in the media look like and it but it was found that it is hard to say directly what is the web values of Australians were. The majority of the people are only concerned with the lack of news from the part of the world of particular importance. Local Australian British and North American stories have let down the news even when the issues reported were of a trivial nature. In this context, the Australian media can be said to be demolishing the rights of minorities by concentrating on the news of English-speaking countries and the ex-colonies of the British Empire that have been always influenced by Anglo population.

A proper Codified Ethics in the context of Journalism Australia has a very long history just like the USA. Australia has a proper code of conduct which specifies that Australian Journalists have a poor and declining view of the ethics of Australian Journalists, despite checks and balances in the same. (Taylor, 2009 )

ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) Media code of conduct relates to identification, investigation, prosecution. It is also related to resolving potential breach of part IV of the Competition and Consumer Act, 2010 and Australian consumer law.

ACC has developed a code of conduct that promotes fairness to individuals, companies, and businesses that are involved in the same. The Act engages in various types of communication activities to promote law and a better understanding of it. (Commission, 2016).

ACCC never conducts its investment unless it is in the context of public interest because public commentary can have on the reputation of the parties that are under investigation.

Australian Journalists Code of Ethics specifies that the journalists should commit themselves to – being honest, being fair, being independent, and respecting the rights of other minority sections in the society. As per the code of conduct the journalists should-

Report honestly and disclose all the facts that are important for the people to know. The conduct also specifies that any journalist should not emphasize on any personal characteristic of a person which includes race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sex, family relations, physical or intellectual disability. (journalism, 2019)

Australian Code of Journalists Association Code of ethics 1994 specifies that Australian journalists should follow the code of Ethics in the course of employment which re as follows:

  • To broadcast information news honestly.
  • Not to hide important news and twist truth by omission or changed information or improper emphasis.
  • To respect all minorities and ethnics at the time of reporting.
  • To use only fair and honest means to obtain news, pictures and documents.
  • To maintain full confidence in the integrity and dignity of the calling of a journalist.

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2005, made a statement that the life range of tribal groups Australian males is 59.4 years and females is 64.8 years of age. Media including Television, radio, and newspapers are active platforms that give importance to the issues that arise in the public domain. Print media also constitutes a part of journalism. Australian mainstream media plays a vital role when it comes to defining Indigenous people as Non-Indigenous Australians.

Media plays a very crucial role when it comes to the representation of people and shaping attitudes and beliefs. The Australian media market is loaded with audiences that access news from various sources (mainstream or social media) on numerous platforms. (Rodrigues, Usha M, 2019). Indigenous journalism needs to raise their voice and make a change. It is something for which journalism should owe to. journalism is nowadays becoming a middle-class profession because the quality of the same is degrading day by day. In regards to political and economic change, journalism is struggling a lot these days to become sustainable. it is getting difficult for the news fraternity to allocate their money towards diversity and inclusion. An increase in cultured diverse population will bring more and more people who will speak to them rather than just about them. only very few media channels play a role or have a policy that addresses the issue of a gaping cultural hole in the newsroom.

Australian media like the media of many modern and westernized countries plays a very important role in not only providing the news that is related to ethnic groups and minorities but also in actively constructing the picture of the society. The media has the power and authority to change the mindset of the viewers and create core relations in the same. There has always been a history of racism for minorities and ethnic groups in Australia. Racism may not be as evident in the Australian media but it covers it in the form of stereotypical form of representation of minor groups of the society.

To correct and improve the situation of minority groups in the context of both quality as well as quantity, one solution that can be followed up by the media is that to hire minority journalists so that the minorities can be represented in society. In countries like the US, Canada, and Britain it is accepted that all members of the society must take part in the democratic process. in its media plays a very crucial role and a comprehensive and fair representation of societies irrespective of their ethnic, racial, and gender diversity. Inclusive journalism is always considered to be spondaic. Culture has been always studied in media and suggests that what can be the disadvantages of not representing minorities and ethical groups in the media. Therefore, to increase the quality and quantity of the news represented it is of utmost importance to include all minor and ethical groups in the media. (Larrazet, 2014 ).

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