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The Christian Theology and Its Worldview Towards the Ethical Dilemmas

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Introduction to Ethical Issues and The Christian Worldview

An ethical dilemma is a problem between two possible options in the decision-making process, neither of which is absolutely acceptable from an ethical perspective. While in our lives we face many ethical and moral problems, most of them come with fairly straightforward solutions. Every day, many can face ethical dilemmas and ask who they are in life. Wayne Grudem 's Christian Ethics: An Introduction to Biblical Moral Theory is intended to help readers adopt a Biblical perspective to complex ethical problems, including wealth and poverty, marriage and divorce, abortion, euthanasia, adultery, telling the truth, knowing the will of God, following the rules of the Old Testament, and more (Wayne Grudem, 2018)Every day, some can face ethical dilemmas, and question who they are in life. Some face dilemmas that can cause hurt or emotional distress. In this case study, TJ is facing a pornography ethical dilemma. He remains with the decision if he continues to maintain viewing pornography or stopping because of the illegal behavior in this industry. Though getting out of the problem can take some time, but it can help by examining the views that apply to these dilemmas. However, allowing one to examine the ethical question of pornography in the Christian context as it relates to a non-Christian context. According to the Christian perspective, the ramifications of an ethical question will be analyzed in this essay. And also help one think about the fundamental values of Christian theology and its worldview.

Ethical Dilemma

TJ gets the pleasure of watching adult movies and thinks his actions have no effect on others. Nevertheless, TJ discovered that these pornographic films are the very fuel of commercial sexual abuse for trafficked persons. In this situation, TJ will make a very critical decision to discontinue or continue watching its pornographic activities. Hence, TJ will have a difficult time making a decision based on the fact that he may be addicted to porn. While TJ may not know the ladies involved or acting in those adult movies. He recognizes that women's sexual harassment is contrary to the law. He is met with life-ruining pornography if he tries to follow the addiction. TJ needs to know that he has an addiction as a replacement for viewing pornography, seek wise advice from God or a therapist, and attempt to improve his behavior. 

Core Beliefs

The moral principles of God in the Scriptures allow us not to look for sexual intercourse with anyone other than to be married to that person. According to Scripture, therefore, it is morally unethical to make, obtain and display photographs whose primary purpose is to arouse in people’s sexual impulses which are contrary to the moral standards of God, and this is the primary purpose of pornography. Pornography produces harmful results for the spiritual lives of people, their marriages, and other relationships and their communities. Governments should make and enforce fair laws that restrict the production and sale of pornography. The Bible does talk of unfaithfulness, sexual immorality, and temptation and does not include adultery, pornography, but many may not see pornography as a concern, but the Christian worldview finds pornography to be awfully corrupt.

TJ allows pornography to fuel its desires rather than admit the desire to view pornography. Allowing pictures or videos of sinful sexual acts to induce negative thoughts and cause inappropriate behavior. In this case, it makes TJ in the eyes of God look unclean, or dirty. Matthew says, "But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust for her hath committed adultery in his heart with her already" (KJV). There are many religious texts that provide thoughtful guidance and awareness that can be used with respect to this sexual sin scenario. Christians' core theological convictions affect one’s decision about this scenario based on TJ's struggle with his need for pornography and may demonstrate how it can be a form of idol preaching.


According to the Christian perspective, a way to overcome the ethical question regarding pornography in this situation will have to be for TJ to realize that he has an addiction to porn and that he needs to change his life and actions. His first step on this path is to trust the only person, Jesus Christ, who can help to overcome his desires. TJ must put all his trust in Jesus Christ in taking this step forward to help lessen his addiction and encourage him to do the right thing. Often, a Christian's best course of action is to exercise constructive responsibility, set goals and divert his life from negative events (Butcher, 2015). Overcoming sexual activity may be difficult, but your success is a sign of hope for all those who struggle with sexual addictions and seriously want to know if their sexual addictions make it possible to be unchained (Focus on the Family 2010). 


The unintended consequences of the Christian worldview’s proposed resolution would be the struggle between TJ and his earthly desire. "For the human wants that which is beside the Soul, and the Soul desires that which is beside the flesh; both are separate from one another, that ye should not do that which ye desire" Galatians. TJ is a young single man and is addicted to porn, so there are many compulsions because the internet and television make it possible for TJ to fight his flesh. Now, the potential benefits of the resolution would be that TJ would fight sinfulness in high positions, for it is written that "For we fight not against flesh and blood, but against domains, against influences, against the leaders of this world's darkness, against spiritual naughtiness in high places" Ephesians (KJV). Yet God will motivate TJ to be more effective in managing his desire for porn and being conscious of his temptation when it comes up.


Many people who identify themselves as religious or holy and watch pornography are more likely to recall being addicted to porn. Unquestionably, however, the Christian worldview tries to teach us that no one is a component anybody can use. Now, Islam believes that porn is directly contrary to the spirit of Islamic teachings, which Allah stresses to gain stronger self-control (Mansur, 2018). It is also illegal to commit pornography or other immoral activities in the home or internet privacy (Mahamoud, 2016). For, it says in the Quran, "Do not even draw close to shameful things – be they open or secret? Quran. Now the consequence of adopting these principles of worldview is quite much the same. Pornography is not appropriate, and it positions us in an immorality state. TJ must, therefore, make an intelligent decision by setting barriers to this situation in both world views.

Conclusion on Ethical Issues and The Christian Worldview

Many people struggle with an ethical dilemma, but through God’s mercy and guidance they can face their battles head-on. TJ's problem may seem like there's no way out, but there's a clear path to his recovery if he just follows the Christian worldview. To get over his ethical problem of pornography, TJ must go through the cycle of sustaining from either desire or fornication. Even though everyone is not perfect in any universe, God's word says that we must humble ourselves and turn away from our sinful ways, God will forgive their sin and restore their land 2 Chronicles (KJV)

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