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Personal Branding Phenomenon

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Employability Skills.

Personal Branding..

Personal Development Plan..



Introduction to Employability Portfolio

I am a passed-out Diploma graduate in architecture and Design with a bachelor of nursing degree besides. I am also running my own restaurant business for the past 2 years in the name of Tripti Restaurant. I find myself qualified for the role of HR Manager.

Human Resource Management has emerged as one of the most strategic roles instead of just being an administrative role (Cassar et al, 2018). They also handle the employee concerned activities like promotions, benefits, payroll, employee relations, and training. The key responsibilities associated with this role are planning of policies, recruiting of employees, providing assistance to the employees, and evaluating employee’s performance. Though I possess the required educational qualifications and work experience, with relevant internships in a similar HRM field, therefore, I find myself suitable for the HR Manager position after completing my current degree course. After completing my HRM degree I would like to pursue my career in the role of HR Manager of a reputed international organization.

This Portfolio comprises of the details regarding the advertisement for the position of HR Manager in a reputed organization, the various skills, and abilities that are required for the role. The portfolio also comprises the information on employability skills and in which skills I am potential enough and the skills in which I need to work hard on. Moreover, the employability portfolio discusses my graduate identity for my future employability. Besides employability skills, the portfolio also comprises of my development plan that I use to enhance my skills and abilities. This Personal Development plan also discusses my capabilities and experiences, that are helpful and beneficial for me in grabbing a good job opportunity. This portfolio determines my SMART and clearly defined goals that helped in enhancing and developing employability skills.

This portfolio in overall terms comprises of every minutest detail about me including my skills and abilities. Moreover, this portfolio comprises all the key aspects of my future employability and career development.

Employability Skills

Employability Skills are close to home qualities dependent on practices and mentalities that cannot be isolated with nonexclusive aptitudes, including trustworthiness, autonomy, exactness, appearance, morals and practices, receptiveness, and different characters (Suarta et al, 2018). This portfolio usually comprises the abilities, skills, and accomplishments of the candidate. It depicts the main objective of the aspirant and why they should get hired for the job or get the admission to a particular desired college. According to Kinash et al. (2015), the Graduate employability portfolio refers to a framework that depicts that the alumni possess all the developed capabilities to obtain or create work.

There are 10 elements of graduate employability that incorporate higher education degree, knowledge, goals, identity, grades, work experience, skills, attributes, co-curricular activities, and match between degree and employment industry. The two of the employability elements in which I am proficient or trying to be proficient are the work experiences and career goals and objectives.

Work Experience: I had 3 internships in different organizations, each of 3 months each in the HR domain. The 1st internship I had was in the Air India organization. I learned and got the opportunity to practice various HR activities. I experienced and learned from all the HR sections in an organization. I learned preparing air passages, maintaining records, handling leave records, and maintaining performance appraisal records. My other internship was with the NetApp Organization in which I dealt with various colleges and university campus ambassadors to gather the student’s data of a particular college. I also recruited a few of those campus ambassadors based on their skills and interest. The last internship I had was in the Chics Connect Organization, I managed the official financial records of the company. I deal with most of the advanced excel work there. Moreover, I am a diploma graduate in architecture and design with a bachelor of nursing degree. I am also running my own restaurant business for the past 2 years. Therefore, as I possess experience in almost every discipline of the HR domain, so I find myself quite proficient and suitable in this work experience element.

Career Objectives: We always directed for the urge to be receptive and seek plenty of the alternatives to pursue. My career objective is to secure the most suitable and challenging position in an international organization. My goal is also to develop learnings from my experiences, knowledge, and skills. Not only the learnings, but I also aim at securing the position to practice these learnings in real-life situations to have better criticism from life experiences. My focus is also to enhance my interpersonal skills to attain organizational goals efficiently and effectively. Moreover, in alignment with my qualifications and desire to pursue the job position of an HR Manager, my ultimate goal is to support and enhance human resources efficiently and to frame effective HR policies. Besides, as HR responsibilities have gone through a drastic change in this COVID 19 pandemic, therefore, I will try to handle this situation smartly with the SMART policies of the organization. So, as I have a pre-defined and focused career goal, therefore, I consider myself proficient in this discipline or element too.

Among one of the 10 graduate employability framework, the one element in which I am not proficient or up to the mark is the Respectable grades. Respectable grades usually refer to the level of achievement in the degree. I was an average student right from my school days. The grades that I possessed in my Secondary and Higher secondary classes were only 50%. I wasn’t too much into the theoretical subjects and even in my Diploma course, I wasn’t that good in terms of grades. Moreover, I have completed my graduate diploma in Architecture and Design with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. This diploma course with an add-on degree is different from my aspirations of the HR Manager position, as they are two different domains of study. As a few of the recruiters and the employers consider the qualification grades as one of the important factors for offering job opportunities. Therefore, in terms of respectable grades or level of achievements in the degree, I am not proficient enough. Though currently, I am pursuing an HRM degree from a reputed organization, and will surely pass-out in the given time, but according to my experience, skills matter the most in fieldwork than grades.

Personal Branding

According to Khedher (2014), Individual Branding is an arranged cycle where individuals put forth attempts to showcase themselves. This cycle includes three stages.

  • The principal stage is to build up a brand personality, individuals need to separate themselves and stand apart from a group while fitting desires for a particular objective market.
  • The second phase is to develop the brand's positioning by developing an active communication of one's brand character through overseeing conduct, correspondence, and imagery.
  • The third stage is to assess a brand's image and that to satisfy individual and expert targets, and subsequently, the acts of individual marking can assist with contending in the jam-packed employment market.

Personal branding depicts the identity element of the graduate employability framework which represents the true identity of candidates in terms of defined career goals, confidence, self-awareness, and communication skills.

My brand identity is that I possess a Diploma degree in Architecture and design, that will help the company to redesign the company’s infrastructure. Moreover, I am running my own restaurant business for the past 2 years, therefore I have the skill and abilities to employ and manage the workers with a well-defined career objective. Besides, I also possess work experience in an HR department at various organizations as an intern. Therefore, these aspects and skills strengthen my personal and unique brand identity.

Personal Development Plan

SMART refers to the process of developing specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound objectives. SMART objectives have plenty of benefits like capacity building and monitoring outcomes objective’s development (Bjerke & Renger, 2017).

Specific: According to this parameter, goals needed to be outlined and portrayed to get the essence of the goals. The goals needed to be focussed and clearly defined.

Measurable: The goals should have key performance indicators and other existing benchmarks to measure the performance and success of the goal.

Attainable: The goals should be achievable within the deadlines.

Relevant: The goals needed to be relevant and in line with the career objective.

Time-Bound: The goals needed to be time-bound i.e. they needed to have a start and end time to depict the timeline team have to achieve the objectives.

Whereas, Personal Development Plan refers to the framework that helps in recognizing both personal and educational aspirations of the individual and helps in mapping out the plan to achieve these aspirations (Rimmer, 2018).

SMART goals are one of the most important requirements for a personal development plan as they go hand in hand for achieving the defined objectives. For developing the personal development plan the first step is to generate the SMART goals. As my career objective is to become an HR manager after completing my HRM degree in another two years and getting an HR job role in reputed international organization in another 1 year of completion of degree by developing and enhancing HR skills during the course study. Therefore my SMART goals will help me to focus and define a specific objective with some defined benchmarks to measure the growth. Moreover, SMART goals will help me to set the attainable goals that are aligned with my career’s ultimate objectives. Additionally, through SMART goals I will keep the objective time bounded to attain efficiency. After generating my SMART goals, the personal development plan will redefine my objectives and support me or map me out with the significant steps that I need to take to achieve those targets. So, as my target is to be an HR Manager after completing this degree, SMART goals are defining my objectives and set up the time limits for me whereas, PDP (Personal development plan is helping me out with the guidance and efficient steps to achieve my goals.

Conclusion on Employability Portfolio

This can be concluded from this employability portfolio that there are various skills in which I am proficient and that gives me an edge over others for securing the desired HR Manager position. Whereas, there are some elements too where I lack and need to work hard for the same to overcome that issue and attain proficiency. This portfolio also covers the brand identity that makes me different from others and helps me to present myself better in front of future employers. Moreover, the portfolio also discusses the relationship between SMART goals and the personal development plan in achieving my desired target and developing my employability skills.

References for Employability Portfolio

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