Teaching Senior Secondary Geography

Table of Contents



Strengths and weaknesses of the task.

Quality assurance.

Sequence of three lessons.


Data analysis.

Data interpretation.

Geographical challenge.



One modification to this task.


Introduction to Student Services and Support Programs

In this paper, an attempt to identify the ways to conduct a selected summative assessment task that is instrumental in connecting final grade. This gradation is further reported in the context of this subject. The main aim of this paper is to identify the strengths, as well as the weaknesses associated with the students. The sequence of the task is based on three lessons that are related to a given module or study unit. The study of this will be instrumental in illustrating the knowledge of the researcher Browns Plains State High school in Queensland, Australia. This research work is further based on the Browns Plains State High school in Queensland, Australia's syllabus. Contemporary literature works are referred to explain the process of quality assurance. It is related to the infrastructural development of a marking associated with the data of the summative tasks (brownsplainsshs.eq.edu.au, 2020).

The rationale of this study is to explain as well as justify sequentially all the three lessons that are related directly to the study unit used to knowledge illustration and develop a keen understanding of the subject. It also includes data analysis of the available specific classroom-level data. As a senior secondary teacher, the discussion carried out in the context of this paper refers to the teaching and assessment's commencement terms. An attempt to critically analyse the task and to demonstrate the use of an even yet highly quality-oriented data from credible and relevant sources are established. It includes a conclusion that supports and recommends the development of creative ideas in context to learning geography for senior secondary students. This paper is presented in the form of a proposal that can manage the impacts of the identified challenge using convincing evidence

Discussion on Student Services and Support Programs

According to the Website of Browns Plains State High School it can be observed that the school was established in 1985. The goal of Brown's Plains State High School is to empower all students to follow our goals "with care and sincerity." It provides a dynamic and caring learning environment that aims to motivate students to connect their learning with the real world. The programs are provided by a dedicated and talented team of teachers and support staff who work in collaboration with students, parents and the wider community. The schools works with students to achieve the four pillars of excellence: education, sports, fine arts and community. Through these four pillars the senior secondary students are engaged effectively into their course (brownsplainsshs.eq.edu.au, 2020).

Strengths and Weaknesses of The Task


  • It helps the both teachers along with the students to teach as well as learn, at the same time.
  • Develops an understanding of the content’s diversity relative to difficult subject associated with social studies.
  • This helps in the understanding of abrupt social and technological changes in context to the class room environment


  • The complex nature of the subject makes it more difficult for teachers or the curriculum developers to decide about the course contents
  • Unfortunately, the way the subject of social studies is taught to students is not very popular.
  • At times geography as a subject can influence most of the students negatively because of adapting wrong methods of teaching
  • They are unable to teach the subject in a meaningful way also fails to translate real-world scenarios associated with the mentioned context.

Quality Assurance

In context of the quality of the education this paper provides the necessary assurance related to modules design. The development of a teacher’s module is based on the lessons that helps both the parties to understand and implement the criteria of marking. Processes associated with the modernization of the summative task assurance are related to the selection of marking considerations. This paper will investigate the 12th Grade Browns Plains State High school in Queensland, Australia’s curriculum and pedagogy. The quality assurance or assessment process in senior geography is dependent on different factors that include diversity as well as the comprehensiveness of the contents. These modules presented below are instrumental in including the aspects of thoroughness, and exerts ample amount of clarity in context to senior geography teaching style and modules. Being the clarity at the foundation this module also boasts for its user friendliness (brownsplainsss.eq.edu.au, 2020).

Sequence of Three Lessons


Syllabus Content Knowledge

Discipline-Specific Pedagogy

Learning Goals That Create Achievable Challenges

A Range Of Teaching Strategies And Resources

Student Engagement And Participation

Student Feedback

Management and responding to natural hazards

Feeding world’s population

Reflective Inquiry Based Constructivist Learning 

Work on single challenge each day for two weeks

 Lecture and reading a book

Develop in the way of acquiring knowledge as well as skills,

Facilitate teachers in organizing their lectures

Sustaining of the communities with its people and places

Exploring disease 


Increase and improve reading time, as well as skills

Project Based and Inquiry Based Learning,

Maximise the student’s potential.

Facilitate them to understand the lesson plans.

Sustaining biodiversity and Living with climate change

Connecting people as well as the places.


Allow student in developing a habit of acquiring an indept analysis to find solution of the given problem

Active Collaborative Learning of complex Instruction,

Functioning on a current range toward their future environments adaptations. 

Help them to get involved in mainstream educational classroom based programs

Table 1: Sequence of three lessons

(Source: Created by the Researcher)

Contents mentioned above are based on the QCAA’s social studies specifically geographical standard, all the information furnished are derived from topic’s division and geographical key concepts. This module will be easier to understand and makes it extremely easy even for the students to read and understand the contents of the Syllabus. It considers the natural and anthropogenic geographical processes that have caused changes in earth’s crust. To cover the Earth’s land crust Geo-ICT or the Geospatial information based on the communication technologies are used. This Geo-ICT is instrumental in encompassing the technological synergy as well as the convergence associated with the aspect of dealing with several spatial data. This management of data includes its data acquisition assimilation, as well as analysis of the given information. The impacts of these changes pose management challenges to ensure sustainable futures at a local scale. Knowledge Specific importance is given toward the designing of the Discipline based Pedagogy that further aims in the generation of supportive decisions. Going further it helps in the process of disseminating the available information associated with the learning Goals that are instrumental in creating an achievable yet challenging challenges (brownsplainsss.eq.edu.au, 2020).

All these helps in the reduction of confusion factor associated with the understanding of the lessons. Not only has this, a range of teaching strategies as well as the resources associated with the aspect of engagement as well as participation allowed the integration of the previous lessons with the main subject that is Geography. This is instrumental in making the standard of social studies highly user-friendly as all the topics within the curriculum clearly and logically defined by the progress of QCAA standard (qcaa.qld.edu.au, 2019).

The contents of the mentioned module involves the use of spatial technologies that going further encompasses remote sensing technology instrumental in collects data from satellites, UAV or drones scanners. It also involves the Global Navigational Satellite Systems, like that of the GPS, to implement a step by step progression from one conceptual module to those of the other.

The student’s feedback is a crucial part as for an example, under different socio-economic strand it measures and analyses the geographically progressed concepts. It refers to the foundation socio-economic standard of the students. It helps to bring out the similarity and the dissimilarity in their conceptual thinking while living in a differential geographical topography. It includes aspects like the though they represent towards their personal finance and preference management that are instrumental in covering the aspects of microeconomics, macroeconomics as well as that of the global demography (qcaa.qld.edu.au, 2019).

Methodology of Student Services and Support Programs

The classroom level data that will be required as a senior secondary teacher before the commencement of the teaching and assessment related to geography are to determine the subject outline. Geography guides careers in environmental protection, resource management, regional / urban planning, education, media, journalism, management, administration and human relations as well as landscape architecture, arts, finance and law enforcement. For example as a senior secondary teacher it will be required to know the semester details of Browns Plains State High School, Browns Plains, QLD (qcaa.qld.edu.au, 2019).

Unit 1: Responding to risk and vulnerability in hazard zones

Unit 2: Planning sustainable places

Unit 3:Responding to land cover transformations

Unit 4: Managing population change

The collection of data in this context will be initiated from https://www.myschool.edu.au/ website. The website will give the recent details of Browns Plains State High School, Browns Plains, QLD in context to its school profile, senior secondary outcomes, attendance and finances.

The limitations of data collection in this regard are based on time constraints and also lack of availability of data and syllabus of the School (myskills.gov.au, 2020).

Data Analysis

The data is gathered from myschool.edu.au website. The data will help to confer the background of the students studying in the school, number of Senior secondary certificate awarded, the number of students Completed senior secondary school, finances, attendance of Indigenous students and Non-Indigenous students. The data gathered will be helpful to determine the success rate of the government school and how it is empowering the children.

Data Interpretation

The aforesaid data states the student background in context to the distribution of Socio-Educational Advantage. School distribution is seen to be 45% in the bottom quarter, 34% in Middle quarters and 17% in middle quarters and 4% in top quarter. School ICSEA value is noted to be 966, average ICSEA value is 1000 and School ICSEA percentile is 29.

In this context it can be seen that total enrolment is 768. The number of boys enrolled is 494 and the numbers of girls are 474. It can be seen that the number of boys enrolled are higher than girls. Indigenous students are 4% and 28% students with language background other than English.

It can be stated that the number of senior secondary certificate awarded is 162 in Year 12 of 2018. 163 students completed senior secondary school.

In this context it can be found that the indigenous students account for 82% in attendance whereas non indigenous students account for about 88%. Non indigenous students are more attentive than the indigenous students.

The net recurrent income observed from the table is $15,468,207 and per student is $15,656. Total capital expenditure is $ 131,317 and capital expenditure accumulated is $ 2,175,619

Geographical Challenge

This paper represents the contextual geographical challenges (impacts of biophysical changes and land cover on anthropogenic environments). Challenges in rural and remote areas (school location) include lack of vehicle connectivity, lack of service delivery, isolation and remoteness.


Cartography is the science, art, and practice of making maps. The map in context to the location of the school is as follows

Conclusion on Student Services and Support Programs

This will be good to conclude that this paper critically analyses the geographic data as well as the information that are selected or interpreted from the provided data of Browns Plains State High school in Queensland, Australia's . This paper represents the contextual geographical challenges (impacts of biophysical changes and land cover on anthropogenic environments) that are faced by the students at Browns Plains State High school in Queensland, Australia. It is by applying and developing a geographic understanding of the analysis. In context to this paper it can be concluded that it tend to analyze and throw some light on the ways the patterns or trends of the geography based study build up a strong relation between the teacher and the students. It helps to understand the student the facts about their demography and have strengthened their mutual relationships. In later part of the study different astute interpretations as well as the contextual inferences were used to identify the ways these mentioned patterns impacts their relationships. Although it was observed that these relationships represent a geographical challenge for location. This has represented a sophisticated form of extrapolation can be sensed from the contextual analysis. It in turn has made a generalization in context to the requisite impacts associated with the change of land cover. It also considers the associated changes based on biophysical aspects as well as in context to describing the anthropogenic environments.

Recommendation on Student Services and Support Programs

Looking at the strategic plan to build curriculum as well as learning connections the representation of data must be done using appropriate geographical term and cartographic graphical form. As the students are deep learners this strategic plan must build a connection between curriculum and the key NPDL based learning competencies associated to new deep learning pedagogies. It must aim to develop students to engage actively and prepare to learn for life and experience life’s learning. The developed module must involve the aspect of connecting meaningful learning relationships. Integral curriculum mentioned by the Australian state education standard is focused to explore ancient traditional civilizations. Each of the mentioned concepts must thoroughly explain the topic with detailed descriptions (qcaa.qld.edu.au, 2019).

One Modification to This Task

While learning the ancient people and their worldly events the students must try to find a relation in between the ancient as well as the modern world by studying the details minutely. Not only this the geography based contents need to cover all the socio-political economics activities. The defined curriculum covers conceptual topics and must consider the diversity of standard important to each of the category.

References for Student Services and Support Programs

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qcaa.qld.edu.au (2019), Syllabus, from: https://www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/downloads/senior-qce/syllabuses/snr_geography_19_syll.pdf

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