The Professional Educator: Developing Teacher Identity

Introduction to Concept of Resilience

Resilience is known as the process of adapting effectively from the difficult phases such as stress, trauma, adversity or threats (Folke, 2016). These difficult phases can be because of financial stress, workplace stress, serious health problems, relationship or family problems. Teachers face several challenges in today’s world due to their difficult phase (MacNish, 2015). This paper is based on the concept of resilience with a focus on the challenges faced by teachers in today’s world. Significant BRiTE modules will be discussed in the paper to recognize the need for resilience with the help of certain examples.

In the current situation, teachers face several changes due to their personal and professional lives. Teaching always requires resilience that represents the capacity of the teachers that can be sustained over time with the conditions of their lives and work (Mansfield, Beltman, Broadley & Weatherby-Fell, 2016). The government has defined a diversified role for teachers which provides a threat towards the sense of autonomy. Besides the quality is also defined by governments in the measurable outcomes and demonstrable performance which are regularly monitored through the internal performance management system and national standards of teaching. As per the Victorian Department of Education, the primary role of a teacher must include the following responsibilities (Mansfield, Beltman, Weatherby-Fell & Broadley, 2016):

  • Ensure a safe environment for students
  • Manage the learning efficiency and safety of students
  • Ensure that distinguished teaching strategies are implemented in the classroom
  • Observe, grade and report the performance of the students based on the defined curriculum
  • Follow the defined curriculum guidelines of the schools (MacNish, 2015)

Fulfilment of the defined standards is difficult to maintain sometimes by the teachers as they are playing several roles at the same time such as facilitator, guide, mentor, counsellor and social worker. Due to several documentations, adapting subjects and updating content presentations, teachers don’t get enough time to plan for their lessons (Mansfield, Beltman, Weatherby-Fell & Broadley, 2016).

BRiTE modules are effective to enhance awareness of teaching practices and skills among pre-service teachers with the facilitation of resilience in their teaching career. These modules focus on the following concepts:

B- Building resilience

R- Relationships

i- Wellbeing

T- Taking initiative

E- Emotions (BriTE, 2020)

These modules are based on the standards defines by Australian teacher educators that can effectively be used by school leaders, teacher educators, practising teachers and pre-service teachers in Australia or anywhere in the world. Resilience is an essential quality of teachers to work with their coping strategies and gain the most significant experience. Through building relationships, support networks can be easily built by teachers that can help in working collaboratively to promote communicating and set boundaries for personal and professional life (Mansfield, Beltman, Weatherby-Fell & Broadley, 2016). BRiTE modules focus on building relationships to attain resilience and mobilizing the workload. Blended learning can be easily promoted through the adaptation of BriTE modules in teacher education programs (. It can help in guiding the pre-service teachers to gain a positive experience which can meet the implementation guidelines. Positive and professional relationships provide motivation to individuals with guidance from experienced teachers. Resilience brings positivity into relationships and promotes confidence to work in difficult phases with the support of peers (MacNish, 2015).

Positive support from peers and other social relationships enhance the resilience to stress which protects the individuals from developing trauma-induced disorders and reduce mortality. With a strong support system, people manage stress through practical and emotional balance. It also promotes guidance from others to manage stress during difficult situations. A support system promotes distinguished relevance for pre-service teachers with a higher level of well-being, healthier life and better-coping skills. Researchers have also identified a reduction in anxiety and depression with the help of social support (Mansfield, Beltman, Broadley & Weatherby-Fell, 2016).

Well-being is based on the positive image of self with high esteem. The concept of resilience is based on well-being with its adapting and coping abilities in difficult situations. Job satisfaction, higher productivity, reduction and stress and absenteeism can be improved through overall wellbeing with the numerous outcomes to self-regulate the business. Physical, emotional and mental well-being are important to find certain ways to enhance resilience abilities. Stress and other difficulties impact the physical and mental health of an individual. For example, a teacher can face a high level of stress with lack of preparedness for the class due to other work in school. However, through a healthy diet, required sleep and high energy levels, a teacher can accomplish the targets with the adaptive capabilities and promotes resilience with physical well-being (Ledger, n.d.; MacNish, 2015).

A positive mindset encourages individuals to engage in the social groups and form social relationships which can help in providing mental and emotional peace. Well-being promotes possible coping skills with a positive attitude towards life and provides a purpose to connect with others. The concept of resilience is based on well-being and building relationships to enhance the positive attitude and bring the necessary ability to adjust in the working conditions. Confidence develops in an individual to adopt the new situations and cope up with the conditions (Mansfield, Beltman, Broadley & Weatherby-Fell, 2016).

Conclusion on Concept of Resilience

It can be concluded that BRiTE modules define an appropriate path for resilience and to develop a positive attitude towards the difficult situations of life. Teachers face distinguished problems in the working place based on teamwork, the fulfilment of different roles, lack of time of prepare lesson, excessive paperwork and no time for physical work. With the development of resilience, teachers can cope up with the challenges that occur at the workplace. Emotional intelligence, support systems, building relationships and focusing on well-being promotes the coping abilities to develop resilience capabilities. A support system promotes distinguished relevance for pre-service teachers with a higher level of well-being.

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