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Childhood Education and Care

2. A. Duty of care states that any individual with duty of care must ensure the safety and happiness of the children in order to minimize any kind of conceivable risk. Also, there is an overall duty of care of entire workers to confirm their well-being and security in the office.

B. 1. Making sure that the indoor environment is not uncomfortable to live in. Also, making sure the children are not in harmed by anything.

2. Confirming the children are managed during meal time and ensuring that the children does not swallow something which could chock them.

3. Children are managed every time, particularly when there are puddles around and also ensuring they have sun guard cream put on with hat all the time.

3. A. An educator should establish a consideration of the legitimate duties and compulsions of their chosen work. An educator should exhibit understanding of main constitutional and supervisory necessities applicable to their character.

B. (i) All the policies must be reviewed in 1 to 3 years’ period. However, many specialists prefer annually.

(ii) Liable on any policy it can comprise managers who supervise the processes, directors, human resource managers, or officials.

(iii) It is an enormously significant to have every official associates and the stakeholders which is included with the institute to have a complete acknowledgement of the evolving rules and measures.

C. The individual involved in the policy review are the official associates, directors, executives, and participants.

Organize each and every essential policy forms and implement acclaimed bases of evidence.

4. (i) The process to make ethical decision are

1. Gather the facts

2. Define the ethical issues

3. Identify the effected parties.

4. Identify the consequences

5. Identify the relevant principles and rights

6. Consider the integrity and character

7. Think creatively about potential actions

8. Check for the intuition.

9. Prepare course of actions

(ii) Chen, A. Treviño, L. K. and Humphrey, S. E. 2020. Ethical champions, emotions, framing, and team ethical decision making. Journal of Applied Psychology, 105(3), pp. 245-388.

Schwartz, M. S. 2016. Ethical decision-making theory: An integrated approach. Journal of Business Ethics, 139(4), pp. 755-776.

5. Child with same sex parents

  • endorse fairness amongst man and woman
  • eradicate judgement on the origin of gender, matrimonial position or prenatal period and, in regard to releases, domestic tasks
  • Eradicate sexual nuisance at workplace, in scholastic organizations, in the establishment of belongings and amenities and in the delivery of lodging.

A child with a severe disability

  • eradicate judgement against individuals with incapacities
  • encourage public approval of the code that individuals with incapacities have the identical essential privileges as each associates of the society

A child whose family does not speak English

  • encourage fairness irrespective of their religion, color or nationality or ethnicity
  • making judgement countering people on the source of their religion, color, nationality or ethnicity illegal.

6. 1. Displaying fewer or no sentiment while injured.

2. Caginess of their parents.

3. Inappropriate behavior with others

4. Robbing others possessions.

5. Too much openness with the foreigners.

7. 1. Deliver a soundless and soothing atmosphere for nap and break times which is inside audible range and surveillance range in order to carefully observe the children.

2. Recognize the variances amongst each children and family’s inclinations with respect to habits for break, snooze and fashion. Admire the requirement for break, snooze and fashion necessities to be associated with individual child’s societal and social contextual and individual inclinations

3. Interconnect everyday with family about their kid’s procedures while they are in public or when they are at home.

4. Encourage children to create suitable verdicts around their involvement through their period at the facility.

8. It is more than lawful and obligatory values and performs of the obligation to preserve confidentiality. Also, it is highly significant in a children exploitation condition to defend from conceivable damage. Confidentiality is vital in a conceivable children manipulation condition, it

guards each and every person convoluted, it ensures that any type of data acquires is not endangered and consequently not capable to be used in any type of lawful situations. This shields the privileges of the children and make sure that the preeminent conceivable maintenance and consequence for the children and parents share. If the confidentiality is not maintained, then it is possible to put the children at much higher risks.

9. 1. It is important to sustain the child’s rights by ensuring that the children are capable to admission each and every right for the reason that they are currently developing and studying and also occasionally require further security to aid them beside as of their age.

2. Some decisions which is made or acted might distress the children, it will be vital in ensuring to prioritize their greatest concern which derives primary and also offer the children with all the opportunities to mature as a result that they extent their complete prospective.

3. It will be better to occasionally listen to the children opinions and go with their flow to discover the finest method to resolve their glitches that they might be confronting.

Case Study 1


Legal Obligations

Ethical Obligations

Who to report to

Education and Care Services Act 2013

Support children development

Respect their differences

It will be better to inform their mother who will be their authorized caretaker and get authorization for the guardian to receive the children. Also as duty of care states that it is required to make sure that merely the authorized individual renowned on the registration form are to have custody or assemble the children.

Also duty of care states that, it would be required to make sure that everyone is responsive of who is authorized on the registration form and permit simply the individual(s) that sign up the form or their applicants to take custody for assembly of the children.

Case Study 2

A. This confidential information will be only shared with the executives for their personal knowledge. These type of information for better are stored in places with encryption on it. This information will be accessible to those who fall under the authorization of need to know basis.

B. As both parents are registered on the registration contract it would be lawfully wrong to decline the child’s father from collecting the children. For action on her request it is advisable to mother that she is required to go to court and receive an authorized court instruction so that it is possible to refuse the custody of children to their father.

Case Study 3

It will be better to talk to Jacob’s father in private, comforting him by saying that his child is provided with best care. Ensuring that he understands the learning method which not only from books in schools but also while they are playing with their friends.

Case Study 4

Liable on the situation, it will be better to resolve this complications step by step, if it fails then it would be better to concern higher authority for it. Perhaps conciliation with the director in the room might be of some aid for this unethical behavior.

Case Study 5

A. It will be better to first have conversation with her and tell about the posts she made over other staff members is highly in appropriate. She must cast off such post otherwise the manager will not be praised by her actions and she could risk her career.

B. 1. Respect each one in the professional environment irrespective of their department, status, salary and society status. Also, try communicating with the higher authorities if such problems come that distresses one.

2. Is one is hurt or distressed by someone social media behavior then they should first consult with the higher authority before taking actions by themselves.

Case Study 6

Since the arrangements have been made to come early in the Monday morning, and a co-worker is on holiday the it would be better to inform her about persona situation. As the manager has agreed to the by looking at the situation it is better to cover for that session later.

Case Study 7

It would be better to give Ghani an option to use his hand to properly feed himself. In case he declines food offer him an alternative option. Talk through Ghani’s mother about his improvements and how important it will be in future.

Case Study 8

It better advisable to father to no to smack Alyssa in any situation and it must be forbidden. With his father a plan will be prepared so that Alyssa can come out of his biting habit.

Case Study 9

It will be better if Barry could come by himself and talk at any time if he feels safe about it. It would be better to seek help from an administrator in advance of counselling the subdivision of the marks.

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