A Covid-19 Health Issue that Has Impacted the Australian Population from A Political, Cultural, and National Perspective

Introduction to Digital Inclusion And Covid-19 CSI Response

Australia is the country where liberal democracy is followed using Westminster form of government. The country has got success in minimizing the stretch of coronavirus disease in 2019 among many other countries. This has happened due to the amalgamation of a steadysupportingarrangement, geographic isolation, and nationwide wealth among the many contributing factors. The physical distancing measures have been very effective in Australia’s absoluteachievement over COVID-19(ABC, 2020a). The economic and social impact of the deadly disease has been very harsh in the country. Early physical distancing, per capita testing rates, isolation in all the geographic areas are the factors that have contributed enough. The responses in Australia’s socio-economic aspect explain the vulnerability of the situation by withholding social inequality to discuss social and economic respects. The need for strict policies and focus is needed to exacerbate inequalities and safely handle the COVID-19 crisis. The essay will discuss a COVID-19 health issue that has impacted the Australian population from a political, cultural, and national perspective.

Political, Social, Geographical and Cultural Factors Have Contributed to A Lower of Deaths Occurring in Australia Compared to Other Countries

According to the reports of statistics around 16 per cent of the Australian inhabitantsisat the danger who is in the age group of above 65 years and 0-1 years (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2019).The national infection rate was 30.30 per cent in the middle ofpopulace who are 60 years of age and more. In the age group of 0-15 years around 18.7 per cent population was infected however, no death occurred. This point has come into the debate for the reopening of schools and childcare centers. There was support from the public towards governments in maintaining physical distancing and economic support.The committees such as the taxation committee, economic policies, and industrial relation policies have been developed for the support of different sectors(Australian Government, 2020a). In the political sense, the Constitution of Commonwealth divided the responsibility of tertiary and state governments. Thus, the constitution was formed to make easy the nationwide harmonizationin the reply of coronavirus deadly disease. The political impact affected social development for minimizing social insecurities and forming policies to reduce the impact of coronavirus deadly disease. The Commonwealth government in Australia is accountable for nationwide border security. This contributes to organization public hospitals with the help of state and federal government with a greater part of the funding for the smooth running of the administration. The primary health care services were provided through the Medicare scheme under the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth also contributes to public and private schools for principally funding and managing territories and states. An Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the precautions were taken by 68 per cent of Australians to show concern about their health. Amongst which 12 per cent of the people were employed, above 18 years of age were working for more time than usual, 24 per cent were operationalfor less hours. The reason behind this was job security and personal safety(Carlton, 2020). The COVID-19 faced a sharp add to in use of alcohol and revealed that 20 per cent consumed more alcohol and 70 per cent of them were consuming more alcohol than normal (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2019). As there are no reported figures to explain the unequal social impact, but then also there are some points such as who were already poor, high levels of debt, unemployed or underemployed, people with disabilities were likely to face more complications in accessing health and social services and rise the vulnerability over a mental and physical illness. People with diverse cultures were affected differently such as people were misguided on garlic, salt, whiskey, and vitamin consumptions to protect themselves from getting affected due to virus(Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, 2020).

Determinants of Health Contributing in Higher Number Deaths Are Occurring Among Older Men in Covid-19

Amongst the data accumulated, vulnerable groups were identified as a rise in deaths amongst the elderly population. Australia remains effectualin delay and plummeting the peakprojections of COVID-19 illness (Carlton, 2020). The dead older age population had already suffered from many other diseases. From the statistics, it has been observed that the Australian population that 0.5 million Australians were infected from coronavirus disease, that 66 per cent were in the age group of 65 years and above. Around 88 per cent of deaths occurred in Australia above and of 60 years of age(Barraket& Wilson, 2020). Advancing era is the forecaster of COVID-19 linked mortality and morbidity. The policies of Australia must address the needs of Australia’s aging population to reduce the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. The co-morbidities are such as diabetes, hypertension, malignancy, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Heart failure has been observed in the patients who were hospitalized due to COVID-19 suffering and related to risk increase in the risk of mortality. Due to rise and increase in COVID-19 survivors, there is a high risk of hospitalization amongst an elderly population that requires a step ahead to public health strategy in executionsystemfor long-term observation and organization of personswho get wellthe acute belongings of COVID-19 to face disabilities into the prospect (Budget 2019–2020, 2019). To reduce preserve resources and transmission of risk including personal protective equipment and hospital beds undertaking the periodof suspendall supplementaryactions and not obligatory surgery. The models of the healthcare delivery system as Telehealth services have been adopted to make sure the release of healthcare provisions. There are multiple reasons for digital transformations to healthcare by facing challenges aging population. It includes cognitive impairment, literacy, and infrastructure restrictions causing a risk to old age people due to the spread of disease(Human Rights Commission, 2020). The fact that is observed as the elderly population is more susceptible to isolation and social disconnection that increases the risk of depression and anxiety. The quarantine measures have seen too many inadequacies such as inadequate supplies, quarantine duration, infection fears, and financial problems that imposed risk to psychological distress. These are the health-related factors that have determined the death of older people in COVID-19 (United Nations, 2020).

Reflection on Impacts of Determinants of Health

According to me, the delivery of care needs reformation of policies in support of the elderly population to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread. The older age people are not likely to take care by receiving intensive care for the prolongation of life. The guidelines need to be framed to assist the mechanism in resource allocation during disaster management. Advance care planning is the provision that needs to prioritize the healthcare services according to need. The Australian aged population has died with the disproportionate figures to death and hospitalization(Universities Australia, 2020). Although the social distancing measures have raised the effects of psychological distress, the platforms must be made to have an integral COVID-19 response(Klower, 2020). The clinical trials are desirableto direct the continuance of medicationand set upthe effectiveness of vaccine development. The economic and social aspects should be co-operated to develop short term and long-term measures to lessen the risk of getting infected. The unemployment rates have raisedwhich are example of insist for labor in the sector of the economy. The government should look upon the policies to reflect mixed ideology and pragmatism to provide solutions to the next national election context. The rebuilding of communities should be done to lower the death and infection rates of developed countries. The Australian population willingly supported the government in following physical social distancing measures that were not followed in the USA. The collectivism of Australia contributed in preparation for recovery from COVID-19. The data needs to be analyzed so that impact of the virus can have a deeper understanding to form long-term plans for directions. Australia is the country that has placed well to rebuild society and economy. However, the economic and social penaltyof COVID-19 need to have an tremendous impact on making upcoming policies of all areas such as economic and social life(Reserve Bank of Australia, 2020a). The research sector should eagerly participate to find out the facts that relate to the spread of coronavirus 2019 and the development of medications. This will limit the spread of infection including a wide range of cohesion and social equality in the country.

Conclusion on Digital Inclusion And Covid-19 CSI Response

Hence, in conclusion, COVID-19 is a healthcare projected concern the local and state government must take proper steps to form strategies to address the transmission of this deadly virus. Older age people all over the world are vulnerable to the burden of mortality and morbidity. The pandemic has disturbed social inequalities and highlighted the part of racism in Australia. This should be reduced to lower the risk of a second wave outbreak of COVID-19. The social inequality should be reduced to secure the employment rates to adjust costs of employment in upcoming policies. The debates should be held to gather important points for strong community engagement and participation for policy responding and development. The social service sector needs to step ahead so that there could be social connectedness and operate flexibility and unresponsively to unexpected developments. The costs of employments should be secured in the sectors of the economy to have a balance between job seekers and job keepers. Digital technologies need to addressto upgrade social cohesion and participation in the long term.

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