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Agile Software Development

Introduction to DevOps Analysis

Globalisation have effectyively facilitated the project mangers to deliver profoundly developed software. In this context, it is noteworthy that devOps and Agile is cosniedrd as one of the most effective sogftware development methods which facilitates the oragnisation to enhnce its level of competency at the global platform. The paper aims to outline profound knowledge in the context of DevOps and Agile. Initailly the paper will discuss about the factors and priociples associated with the software development methods. Furthermore, it will discuss about the compoarison of both the methods followed by a conclusion.

Literature Review of DevOps Analysis

DevOps is referred to as the framework which involves the practices of IT operations and the set of software development. It looks forward to focus on reducing the development of system life cycle. In addition, it is observant that DevOps use to facilitate the delivery of highly standardized software. As per the opinion of Mala (2019), DevOps is known as the culture and state of kind that enhances the capability of an individual to develop the software or its infrastructure. In addition, it also focuses on the application and deployment of the software in an effective manner. There is no evident barrier between the operations and development, they use to work in a simultaneous manner without considering the silos. DevOps is based on two areas of practices namely the agile and the lean. It is not considered as the title or role within the organisation. It is considered as the commitment within the organisation that facilitated the firm to continually develop, deploy as well as integrate the principles of DevOps. The principles of DevOps involve the principles of feedback, continuous learning, and flow.

The development team of Agile is responsible for designing, building, testing and releasing the Agile software fast and efficiently with more spoeed need to be converted while working as per the statement of Tyler Duzan who is considered as a project manager. In addition, the combination of two teamsand the processing unit of these teamswhile promoting integration, regular deployment, automation testing and the repository where the code generally stores. The statement of Prasanna Singaraju who is known as the cofounder of Qentelli has been stated that The developer team can be referreed as “DEV” and the operational team can be referered as “OPS” and while these two units are working effectively can be able to provide best quality prpoducts as well solution in a daily basis. On the other hand, the entire software can be adrressed several gaps in IT operations and Development team communications.

It stands observed that the DevOps does not take place within a vacuum. Rather than that it is considered as the flexible practice that effectively focuses on sharing the mindset and culture of the software development as well as the infrastructure and IT execution. The process of automation, microservices, cloud is involved in DevOps. As per the opinion of various authors, it was evident that the DevOps profoundly accelerates scaling and building of the performance technologies within the corporation.

  • It is observant that the delivery performance of the software hugely matters within the organisation. It has a significant impact over the outcomes of the corporation such as the high market share, customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity as well as the accomplishment of goals and objectives of the organisation.
  • The high performers look forward to accomplish the high level of the stability as well as the quality throughout entire execution of the process. In this context, it is noteworthy that the they are not being traded off in order to effectively accomplish the stated attributes.
  • It stands evident that the organisation can effectively look forward to enhance its overall performance by profoundly executing the practices. In addition, it also invoices the agile, DevOps playboys as well as lean contexts.
  • The implementation practices of the DevOps as well as its capabilities to effectively enhance the organisational culture impacts the delivery as well as the enhancement of the organisational performance.
  • On the other hand, it is also observant that there are various amount of work that should be effectively taken into consideration by the company so that they can effectively focus one enhancing their performance.


The iagile imethodology iis ialso ia isoftware idevelopment imethodology ithat icame icirca i2001, iwhen ithe iagile imanifesto iwas iintroduced. iIt iemploys ifour ivalues iand itwelve iprincipals ithat ihelp ibuild ian i“agile” isoftware idevelopment iculture. iGenerally ispeaking, iagile iencourages iadoption iand ia ileadership imindset ithat ipromotes iteamwork, iself-organization, iand iaccountability. iMore iimportantly, ithe iagile iapproach ifocuses imore ion icontinuously ialigning idevelopment iwith icustomer ineeds iand itrends i— ieven iwhen ithose ineeds iand itrends ichange ilate iin ithe idevelopment iprocess.

CMSWire ispoke iwith iMike iHendrickson, iVice iPresident iof iTechnology i& iDeveloper iProducts iat iNashua iNH.-based iSkillsoft, iwho ihe ishared ithat iagile iembodies ia iset iof iprinciples ithat ihelp iindividuals, iteams iand ilarger iunits ito iwork itogether. iBut iHendrickson ialso iadded ithe i“agile imindset” ifocuses imore ion ithe ipeople, irather ithan ithe iprocesses iand itools. i“An iagile iorganization iadapts iand ilearns iabout iconstant ichange ienabling ithem ito iidentify inew iopportunities iand iadd imore ivalue ifor icustomers. iWith iconstant idisruption iin imost iindustries, ibeing i"agile" iis ikey ito isuccess ibecause iall iparts iof ithe iorganization iare iworking itogether ito ibring imore ivalue ito itheir icustomers,” i explained iHendrickson.

Key iDifference

  • DevOps iis ia ipractice iof ibringing idevelopment iand ioperations iteams itogether iwhereas iAgile iis ian iiterative iapproach ithat ifocuses ion icollaboration, icustomer ifeedback iand ismall irapid i
  • DevOps ifocuses ion iconstant itesting iand idelivery iwhile ithe iAgile iprocess ifocuses ion iconstant i
  • DevOps irequires irelatively ia ilarge iteam iwhile iAgile irequires ia ismall i

The principles, that effectively looks forward to govern the manifestro of agile is drafted below:

  1. The method looks forward to put effective emphasis over satisfying the csutomers.
  2. The method effectivcely welcoms the changing requieremnts so that th delivery of project doesnot face late delivery
  3. The delivery of working software fewquently changes
  4. The process effectively builds the business in an integrated manner so that the work is being done effectively
  5. The process builds the projects so that it xcan effectivelyu motivate the people
  6. It is cosniedrd as the most effective and ffecint process so that the information can be effecticvely conmveyed face to face
  7. It is the working software that effectively measures the success
  8. The agile processes loosk forward to promote sustainable development
  9. The process looks forward to focus on maintaining continuos attention towards the technical enhancement as well as the effective design.
  10. In this contexy, it is noteworthy that the process profoundly focuses oin promoiting the sustainable development within the business
  11. Simplicaity is essential for the process

DevOps vs. Agile

DevOps looks forward to bring effective development altogether. However, the agile process focuses on collaboraytion, and customer feedback. On the other hand, it is also observant that the DevOps process requires large number of teams and Agile requires small team.

3. Research Methodology

Through the literature survey, the research methodology used to establish the conceptual framework for the effect of Agile and DevOps methodologies on project management. We collected primary literature through journals in the software project management fields, software development and software engineering. Agile methodologies have been deployed n Software development area for some t me but concept of DevOps s new and s be ng explored in terms of its deployment, challenges and impact. To make the content comprehensive books, online literature, PMBOK, Agile DevOps related content from Subject matter experts has also been referred.

Agile Methodology

An Overview Th s sect on will clarify the agile approach briefly. The various facets of the agile conceptual model, a mix of algorithmic and gradual system models, Agile need to focus on process adaptability and customer requirements prioritization is complemented by fast del very of work ng software product. DevOps Methodology - An Overview Th s sect on will provide a brief understand ng of the DevOps Methodology. To study the objectives of DevOps is Changing and strengthen ng the relationship by better communication and cooperation between two bus ness segments (Goel, Dr. Shiv Kumar ,2019)

Agile Methodology - An Overview

The Agile Manifesto gives a breakdown of Agile Methods ' intent on (Manifesto for Agile Software Development,). The follow ng values represent the tenor of the concepts used. i.) Individuals and system connections and methods. ii.) Code of practice for detailed records. iii.) Client coordination ion the conclusion of contracts v.) React ng to a transition implementing a project, Agile mechanism is an asynchronous technique where n customer satisfaction s most impressive as the customer contributes directly to the software assessment (Boehm and Turner, 2003).

Agile by nature encourages change and frequent deployments to product on. Agile is a transformational tool to enable associations to work more astute by dispensing with all barriers to working proficiently (Lehman et al, 2011) stated that, Agile application systems are an iterative and gradual creation in which requirements can be modified as the consumer needs suggest. It helps to organize mobility, iterative progress on and t me box ng. It is a system that throughout the development cycle advances ant c pated associations. The software development activities that should be carried out, such as planning, analysis, structure, cod ng, test ng and support, are in the customer's interest. Design activities depend on various environmental factors to pick a specific model.(Ahmed et al, 2010). 

DevOps Methodology - An Overview

DevOps rose as a react on to challenges be ng looked by web-based companies, for example, Google, Amazon and Netflix. From their beginning’s of new businesses from the late 1990s, to late 2000s, and various web based specialist organizations, are eligible for working on a large complex framework for helping their developing and large client platforms. From one viewpoint, operations of Endeavor is there for ensuring nonstop client solution by giving various steady and dependable working condition. However, the objective of development is keeping enhancement and releasing new enhancements in the product on or in existing services by ag le way of work ng. These targets present a test: how to deploy latest changes rapidly and every now and again, without compromising the qual ty of the output. This is considered as a common challenge.

In any case, there will be necessary to discover answers for the limitations that have strengthened for the advancement solutiosn and practices versatile foundation setups will be gone throughout most previous decades (Ahmed and Caprets, 2011). The approach of DevOps is to unite Operations and Development for addressing this specific challenge.( Penners and Dyck, 2015)) describe DevOps as a philosophy, promoting bridge-functional collaboration among groups inside a software development organization, particularly design and IT operations, to operate robust systems and accelerate change delivery. describes DevOps as a concept to drive change in attitude and is accompanied by act v t es to ensure collaboration between the team of design and operations. The approach resounded with the IT people team and was expanded after some it me to include the effectiveness of the del very cha n, just as the qual ty of the output in terms of enhancements or services recurrence makes a requirement for framework as well the Operations of Agile have repeatable and hearty approaches to modifications as well refresh the arrangements through negligible administration benefits (Herpen, 2015).

DevOps was supposed to be solution to improve cooperation between Operations and Development teams for meeting the specified challenge (Kimietiall, 2016). However, the standard execution of DevOps is conducive in conditions where project management software of Agile procedures are utilized (Highsmith, 2010), it has been demonstrated that DevOps practices can likewise be effectively implemented in controlled ventures (Fitzgerald et al, 2013).

Stakeholders and communication chain in a typical IT process

Objections of Agile:

Agile is considered as one of the most beneficial software tools in the development team. However, there are a number of challenges in Agile that are preventing various teams as the teams are unable to process Agile in the term of enterprise level. As per the statement of Forrester’s Agile State 2017, Agile has been used for scale development which is required for various firms and the most common 3 barriers have been adopted below:

People’s Behavioural Change

The changes of work environment are quite difficult as the cultural habit in developmental organization. In addition, the Agile is useful here as it is giving the people that platform where people are resisting for change management as well confronting with the transformation of Agile. On the other hand, Agile implementation let the people to work in a way that has not happened in previous times as the developer’s team of several organizations have confessed that. However, the acceptance of changes referred to the possibility where the people are not able to do things in correct way and the result of doing wrong way is the values of the person been affected. On the other hand, it seems to be easier to keep the previous changes and behaviors as there will be various specific reasons for making a change.

Limitation of Skilled Products and Tools:

The document that is used for business requirement that has been implemented since previous few years. However, the document is considered as a familiar concept for requirement in the business. In addition, there are a lot of engagements are there in this requirement such as Business Analyst, Business stakeholders. The understanding of Agile concept and user information are slowing down as the involving personals are failed to implement thus, they are in their way of giving up business documents for requirements and wiling to differentiate between IT personals and them. The business contract of the business is useful in this case as they will not be unable to manage the development.

The maximum number of development team who are doing codes through Agile are implementing ALM tool and this tool is responsible for user stories in the form of development tasks. In addition, there are a large number of teams where the analyst and stakeholder in their business are still using word and excel as a Microsoft product as per the requirement of author. However, the following tool is considered as a cross departmental product which are responsible for collaborating all teams and this is the major benefit of Agile.

Limitations in Developing Team

The Agile manifesto is responsible for using the background language in its implementation that has been suggested by a team of Agile developers. However, the concept has stated that there are a number of people who are thinking themselves as coders are being assisted by Agile team members. On the other hand, the guideline of manifesto is using the words of “product developers” in the place of “developers”. Hence, the role of their cross-functions are there available for delivering the desired product

Objections of DevOps

The overall success of DevOps has been lies in several negative flip side: The deployment which are setting a standard is called as rapid deployment. As per the statement of Stuart the bus ness expects that they are capable of doing everything in a faster way as well they can be capable of completing the things. In addition, this can be challenge for the overall team. However, the statement of Stuart says that the overall deployment process has been easy as the groups are being performed. There are a few teams are available in DevOps which has been included a bunch of developers. On the other hand, during the introduction of security as “sec” which is the term of DevOps by utilizing similar wrench. As from the view of various start up organizations, the DevOps are seemed to be easier as security process as there will be another person available for bandwidth creation as per the statement of DJ Schleen who is known as a DevOps advocate.

Conclusion on DevOps Analysis

From the above analysis it has been addressed that the methodology of software development aiming to brining a team of software development team as well information technology also. However, it has been mentioned that the overall report has highlighted the collaboration of two teams that are responsible for working with their individual policy and their design phase that has been implemented for product release.

References for DevOps Analysis

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