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Sex Work Research - Question 1

Topic: What is the relationship between sexual assault in boys and girls ages 15-20?

The statement of an area of concern or a troubling question that is required to be improved through meaningful investigation and effective analysis of the research results in order to reach to a solution can be referred to as research problem. It is considered as a pivotal point of the research planning as it provides a clear direction to the researcher and helps defining purposes of the research which helps in moving to a specific path leading to answer the research question. It develops the ground for formulating the research questions, meeting the research objectives and developing hypothesis as well (Finfgeld-Connett, 2018).

Formulation of the research problem is highly crucial phase for the processes of research. In order to develop a feasible research problem, the researcher needs to redefine the topic of focus and needs to state clearly the matter the researcher is going to explore. In the current context, the research problem can be formulated in the manner stated below:

  • In order to reduce the cases of sexual assaults among young adults, its determinants are required to be known which might differ in cases of boys and girls. Lack of information regarding the relationship creates issue in solving this issue.

Sex Work Research - Question 2

In problem oriented researches, main aim of the researchers remain is to understand the nature of the problem accurately so that relevant solutions can be found. These kinds of researches help in finding out solutions to specific concerns or issues through developing an in-depth understanding of the problem, its causes, and its resulting issues and so on. For instance, if the cases of sexual crime are increasing in a particular area, this can include different causes such as weak crime management system, lack of strong legal positions or others.

On the other hand, the method oriented researches are likely to depend and use numerous methods and strategies to find out the solution to the research question (Nasution & Aulia, 2019). Researchers mostly focus upon the methods through which data is collected and analysed as the effectiveness of the results is dependent on it. For instance, in the current scenario, the current research will be conducted based case-based approach where the focus will be problem oriented. This research will help finding solutions to the concern regarding different factors and determinants related to the cases of sexual assault and its variability among boys and girls aged between 15 and 20.

Sex Work Research - Question 3

Research can be referred to a detailed and focused study which helps in understanding a phenomenon or its application. The main purposes of research include the following:

  • Researches provide with knowledge and information that are required for solving problems or making decisions. It is also used to fill the gap in the knowledge area or to study some phenomenon and gathering information regarding the same.
  • Specifically, a research can establish a cause effect relationship between the variables under the research which helps in making decisions.
  • The primary purpose of the current research topic is to identify the relationship between sexual assault in boys and girls ages 15-20

A qualitative research is applied where the researcher seeks to identify the meaning of a phenomenon through descriptive methods. In order to explain a phenomenon, detailed explanation is needed based on the trends and frequencies of data which can be possible only through quantitative research. However, qualitative research may help in collecting information-rich data making it more comprehensive for the researcher as well as for the readers.

Sex Work Research - Question 4

A research cannot progress without a clear direction or purpose. Research question provides a purpose to the research study. If the research questions are not focused or clearly stated, the research may lose its track towards actual problem solving method (Doody & Bailey, 2016). Focusing on the research questions the study objectives are developed which leads to application of appropriate methods and helps in eliminating irrelevant information from the research. Therefore, it is an essential tool that is required for keeping the research actions on track. The research question for the current study will be “what is the relationship between sexual assault in boys and girls ages 15-20?

Sex Work Research - Question 5

The case based approaches are used in order to develop understanding and multifaceted knowledge base about a complex phenomenon in the context of real life situation. However, it is mostly criticized for lacking scientific stringency due to which reduces the basis for generalisation.

The current study will try to establish the relationship between sexual assault in boys and girls ages 15-20. This study will consider quantitative method of collecting data through which an in depth understanding of the causes behind sexual assault, differences between the gender in terms of frequency of the assault and other information can be collected through using survey method (Yin, 2018). The case study method can also be applied for the current study, where respondents may provide their responses against relevant questions. This will help in developing understanding of their personal experiences. However, this may include personal biases that reduce its scientific value and results can be applicable only to the context of that particular respondent. Therefore, it cannot be considered as a scientific research.

Sex Work Research - Question 6

Researchers use theoretical, purposeful and other forms of sampling to recruit cases into the sample. In case of theoretical sampling, researchers find for and collect code for analysing data in order to generate a theory. On the other hand, purposeful sampling is one where the researcher can identify and select information-rich cases maintaining a consistency with the aims of assumptions of the research study (Bungay, Oliffe & Atchison, 2016). The current research may adopt a case based approach for which, purposeful sampling can be used. For instance, a case based approach can be taken by the researcher wherein information-rich cases and cohort studies are incorporated using a purposeful sampling method to ensure clarity in the final outcomes. The selection of the cases and studies would be conducted in a manner where the participants have a history of sexual assault.

Reference List for Designing Qualitative Research

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