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Issue 1 – Within Organization - Some staff are unclear about who is responsible for particular tasks, and who is responsible for particular patients/ clients/ students/ consumers, assuming someone else is responsible.

Problem – The problem is that key responsibility areas of each person is not clear to them. Even leaders are not taking any relevant actions for it which is resulting in the financial loss and loss of customers form the organization. Nobody in employs is raising the query to get a clarity on their key responsibility areas. Identification of problem in such cases is very important because they help in determining how the problem can be solved or otherwise it will remain a problem until it is not identified.

Factors – The factors affecting the problem is KR is to be defined by managers. Leaders to be taken care of each and every task completed as per the key responsibility areas. Performance evaluation matrix should be continuously followed. Other factors affecting our human resource managers to be very clear while assigning the hiring the employees regarding their key responsibility areas. Other factors responsible for this issue is that active listening skills must be processed by each and every employee considering and focusing on the relevant task to be performed. Good cultural background and professional background working should be there in employee so that they can exhibit and they can perform the practices and responsibility areas expected from each employee (Ongenaert, 2019). Continuous motivation to the employs also plays important role while fulfilling the key responsibility areas

Consequences – The consequences of not performing the task and not knowing the key responsible areas will be decline in the performance. Non-completion of the task. Decline in overall processes by the company and declining the performance index ratio. It will also impact the consumers and their mindset when they will not be receiving the proper outcome as expected from the organization. The consequences can be severe at it as it can result in financial loss for the company as well (Bel, Smirnov & Wait, 2018). The consequences of nonperformance will also provide clients a sense of disability and will lead to loss of client or customer for the company. The other consequences that it will also challenge them ploy working and it will even lead to the termination of the employees for nonperformance. Professionalism in the organization will be reduced impacting negative outcomes for the organization and for employees as well

Proposed solution – Propose solutions are that the organisations must give a clear focus on performance metrics and defining the key responsibility areas. End of each reports must be checked on also a proper training and continuous trainings should be provided. The other solution is to develop a proper management style to be discussed with managers and leaders. Proper motivation management must be done along with the training. Enter professional team and team working should be supported and employer should be realized about the role of empathy in communication and why it is important that they perform their individual task responsibly (Canel & Luoma-aho, 2018). Propose solutions must also focus on employee activities to be regularly carried out not just about the working of the employees but also socialising activities must be generated where employees will not feel hesitated towards any query or any assistance needed from the senior level management.

Issue 2 – With patients/ clients/ students/ consumers - People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have been dissatisfied with the service because of concerns that they are not understood and that their culture is not respected.

Problem – In this case the problem is that diversified backgrounds and people with that or customers with diverse background sometimes are not able to get satisfaction from the organization working and the reason behind is diverse backgrounds. Customer speaking different languages or sometimes dissatisfied with the walking and the problem identification is not having that was divided background in the organization. If the organization is, I was if I did itself then the customers with diverse backgrounds will not be facing any dissatisfaction and can be easily dealt with their issue.

Factors – Factors responsible for this kind of problem is that the organization is not maintaining the diversify and culture. Also, the customers from different profiles and different cultures and backgrounds are approaching the services of the company and they’re looking for the satisfaction level. Customer queries are not getting cleared and our culture is even not respected. It is important to address this issue by the company itself by active listening paying attention to the customers’ query. Key performance of the task assigned while analyzing the customer query should be factories. Other factors responsible is that the number of queries must have been increase in this case which has a concern should have been identified. There is lack of training and lack of professionalism while Working is been identified and it must be taken as a key factor that customers are satisfied and their problems and understood and their culture is respected. Organizational culture is the most important factor in such a case

Consequences – The consequence of the problem is that the loss of customers will be there. The customers will also face not a very real approachable approach for the company. Loss of financial will be there. Issue concerned with consumers will go for a negative word of mouth marketing for the company. The other consequences will be that the company can be negatively reviewed for the non-diverse background (Hagel et al., 2018). The culture if not respected of the customer then it can bring out some negative impact on the company and negative position in the industry. Having a bad goodwill or bad reputation in market will be a severe consequence of this problem

Proposed solution – The proposed solution in this case would be to have a diverse background in organisational self. Diversified and by linguistic people must be hired for handling the customer query. Customer concerns to be given priority with their satisfaction level. Each and every culture should be respected. These are the only parameter that will help the organisation to come out of this problem (Ettinger et al., 2020).

Issue 3 – With patients/ clients/ students/ consumers - Patients, clients, students with communication impairment reporting that staff have dismissed, ignored, or misunderstood their concerns.

Problem – In this case the problem is the communication impairment that the organization stuff is facing. They are completely dismissing, Norming a misunderstanding the concern. This happens due to lack of active listening. The psychology of customers and performance or customer query handling staff is different. The other problem is to make sure that the patients or client or student of customer problem is an aligned with the services delivered to them also the staff must understand what are you date a living and what are the possible problems patient, client, student of consumer can face in any situation. The major problem is that the staff is unable to understand your concern or the staff is either ignoring a decision dismissing the concerns. It is important to make them realize how important it is to answer the concern of the patient or client or student of customers and what are the possible consequences for this

Factors – Factors affecting this situation is active listening criteria. Mindset of the staff must be organized with the service delivery. Communication based training should be given. Employees must be aware about the consequences they can face while dismissing ignoring or misunderstanding the concerns of the patients or clients or students or consumers. To make them realize about organizational policies. It is also concerned with providing proper training to the staff for handling clients with disability. Professionalism approach effective communication style must be given as a cultural background for the staff organizational (Ieva et al., 2018).

Consequences – The consequences in this situation will be direct financial and customer loss. It will also create a bad position in the market for the company as the company is unable to understand the customer query and there for the customer will not be approaching them for further services. Other consequences will be communication impairment not just affect patients or clients or students are customers but it also has some negative impacts when it comes to industry and communication with industry. If an organization is unable to handle the customer query then how the organization will communicate in the industry and create a good reputation in the market or industry.

Proposed solution – Propose the solutions in such cases could be a proper training and timely dream to be given performance metrics should be there and regular check must be checked on this stuff. Each customer concerns a good mood must be taken out as a key issue and propose solutions should be taken from the employer themselves ignoring the show so that Rob LIMS can be identified (Faheem et al., 2018). Also, in such cases managing the motivation and providing active listening training with the role of empathy to be given to the staff training must be there. Empathy will make them analyses that dismissing ignoring these concerns of patients or consumers is not a solution it will rather impact their own performance and can we will lead to the terminal or termination of contract.

Issue 4 – With patients/ clients/ students/ consumers - Approximately 20% of clients or patients are open failing to attend their appointments or turning up late for a 30-minute appointment.

Problem –
In this situation the problem identified is that miss communication is happening between patients or clients or students or consumers and the organization. Also, miscommunication is not the part of missing out on an important little bit it is also about the lack of right approach to be used while communicating. The staff mile be communicating the appointments but it may not be get understood with the end of patient or client or student or customers. The problem is in communication channel or the communication process by the organization and also from the end of patients.

Factors – Factors involved in the cases are that it is disturbing the whole schedule of the health care people. Feeling of appointments or turning up late to the apartment is disturbing the overall phenomena and creating a lot of chaos in the health organisation. On the other and patients are also not very happy with this kind of performance in organisation by the health organisation. Management practices are being challenged and questions in this situation and the factors involved in this is the communication practice. Communication method to be appropriately used in this case according to the healthcare organisation (Bhattacharjya et al., 2018).

Consequences – In this case the consequences can be greater deterioration of reputation. Poor management will be reflected among the patient. Health organisations are meant to be known for their services and also for the management so any attempt and failure in a tent for the appointment will create a huge chaos. Time waste activities will be followed. Inefficient management and later leading to overall chaos creation in the health organisation will be observed

Proposed solution – The proposed solution is to provide active listening training to the staff working in health organization. Communication practice, leadership or management practice must be followed according to the organization structure in culture and background. Patient must be given timely information at least a day prior to the appointment. For this effective communication channel must be used and to staff to understand what are the effective communication strategy it is important to provide proper training and make them understand about the industry and how the industry works (Finne & Grönroos, 2017). The other solution is to ensure that any mismanagement or any miscommunication can directly lead to the severe consequences of the termination of employee contract and can even raise penalty issues in the Professional health team

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