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Abstract on Aristotle on Sense Perception

Fictocriticism allows human being to be critical about what is generally perceived and lets us go against the usual nature of human practice. However, what generally accepted perspective is depends on the mind and body of a human being and it is very easy for minds to be diluted with emotions. As humans are driven by emotion, it is quite hard for philosophers to predict the outcome of human behaviour because emotions are extremely varied in nature and depends on the situations which can be infinite. This fictocritical opinion aims to address that very problem of human mind and way it affects human body. As we often misjudge mind and soul to be almost the same thing, in reality, mind, body and soul are a three fold dilemma that poses greater threat to the existence of human being on this earth. Therefore, this opinion will try its best to uphold that inner feeling of generally accepted values and morals in the modern era.

Fictocritical Dilemma: Confusion between Mind, Body & Soul

As the great religious leader Gautama Buddha once said that our mind and body should be at sync. It holds true for every aspect of human life specially when it comes to decision making and acting upon the same. Human being as a specie often finds it difficult to make decisions and also a lot of time is quite unaware of the outcome of their decisions. What has been said in the historic 4 or 5 BC still is applicable in this post-modern world of 2020 AD. At present the world is like a race course. Every human being is part of a rat race, competing against each other. And in this process they tend to lose their mind. The innocence and sanity is lost somewhere in the long run. To achieve something everyone puts extra effort which affects the body and in this cycle the peace of mind is hampered. We search for materialistic happiness, we exhaust our body, our mind is fatigued but does our soul achieve the satisfaction? It is a question which is supposed to remain unanswered as this cannot have a general rule in which case numerous criticism can be drawn from the infinite human perspective that has existed since our evolution.

"The mind is the key; the heart is the door; the soul is corridor; the universe is the destination". The key of happiness is different for different person. To a monk the peace of mind is his ultimate happiness, where as a health freak person achieves happiness by shaping up his body and eating healthy. It is believed that a relationship brings happiness when a person meets his soul-mate. What is the exact definition of soul mate depends on the mind set of the person. Humans get attracted towards each other on the basis of different perspective. Some falls when the thoughts match whereas some falls for appealing body features. In the advanced ultra modern era human beings are dependent on technology and it features. Technology not only fostered communication but also other areas of science. Mind, body and soul has an eternal connection. No one has a single entity as such. It often happens that our minds affect the functioning of our body. If one is mentally stressed, is sick at mind, their bodies will never be fit and fine. They will certainly face a physical set back and vice versa. That is why it has been clinically proven that happy souls and minds result in better health and body. To strengthen the body’s muscles, one does exercise; the mind’s muscles are strengthened by reading and the soul’s muscles are believed to strengthen with the aid of love and affection.

Exercise can be done every day to keep our body fit and fine, but we lack the will and time for the same. Same with reading. The busy schedules deprive us from the pleasures of reading. Every generation lacks the enthusiasm of reading books specially for the pleasure of mind. And to our disappointment the world is going through a major crisis for love and affection. Very few people act humane and show affection to their soul's content. The world is portrayed as a showcase where people mostly believe in show off and display their achievements to gain superiority.

As Dolan (2007) opined that the structure and function of our brain reflects a lot of different implications when we look at its connection with different organs of our body. Even though biologically brain and heart are different organs of our body but we human being often concern these two responsible for our decision making. On the other hand as the famous Aristotle gave his interpretation that the relation between out mind and body is very diverse. He perceived these things from the aspect of sensory organs (Slakey, 1961). Several authors have suggested that the body depends on the state of the soul and is in a constant risk of being diverted from one aspect to the other. Presently one may contend that Socrates is just abusing mainstream, not so philosophical convictions here, yet I question that that will very do as an exit from the issue. He truly gives no sign that he is talking here in wording not proposed to be paid attention to. By and large, I figure we may concur that, while the body is viewed as a significant issue for the soul in the book written by Plato called Phaedo, the issue of exactly how the one substance follows up on the other isn't raised. Notwithstanding, the followers that Plato had assembled around him in the Academy, for example, Speusippus, Xenocrates, Aristotle and Heraclides of Pontus, were an autonomous leaning and factious part as he had instructed them to be and an issue like this was not going to be left immaculate for long. The issue of the method of association between the unimportant and the material evidently started to practice the psyches of the younger age.

It is inevitable that a lot of human emotion is triggered by their perspective. As there are infinite perspective in this world, degree of emotions are also infinite. After the emotion settles, we can look deeper at the trigger, and offer compassion, warm space. Instead of trying to stop the emotion, or chase down a trigger to try to dismantle it, we can just let the information pour through. The long term goal is to let them settle, of course, painful emotions are painful. But we can accept that emotions and thoughts move through the body consistently, so good thoughts, good feelings, bad thoughts, bad feelings come up and go, wind sometimes blowing in clouds, sometimes blowing them away. Living the present time lets human being keep mind and body at sync; having an undivided focus on the action you are doing well now and here. At the point when your mind and body are well-synchronized, you stay ready constantly and appreciate every snapshot of life. You begin to utilize your maximum capacity because of improved fixation on the present second and that expands your effectiveness. Then again, if your mind and body are not well-tuned, it gets hard for you to concentrate on the present second and the odds to commit errors get expanded, which welcomes issues for you. As your mind isn't at this very moment, you don't react to quick circumstances with exactness, so the difficulty starts to mount. Accordingly, you feel baffled and life turns into somewhat exhausting.

It has to be noted that, it is the mind of human beings that takes them forward make them successful and subsequently, it is the mind itself that brings human being down. This basically means that a fair mind and perspective does justice whereas in case that fair mind becomes diluted from greed and hatred, that same mind might cause injustice. This diversity of human mind often keeps us from reaching to a level where we might not need any emotion such as fear, greed, hatred and love. Though some say that deep meditation for long years makes human mind devoid of being driven by emotion and help humans reach a greater heights but after all sacrificing the real world emotion is not an easy thing to do. Those could has been successful in avoiding conflicts and those who could not is still fighting within their inner self for greater glory. The deep underlying issue that can be identified with regard to human mind and body is whether it is more driven by self motivation or it is driven by motivation of the surrounding. The general perspective will always agree to the fact that the surrounding motivation is a bigger factor but Kishor (2020) disagrees to this perception and suggests that self motivation is the ultimate factor as it directly affects our mind. This implies that even if surrounding is more motivating, if the self motivation does not do justice, the outer motivation gets nullified. Contemplation helps in the synchronization of mind and body right now. At the point when the body falls in the line with the mind, you remain normally loose, ready, open, and mindful. You react to the circumstances in the most ideal manner to receive the greatest advantage in return and that subsequently drives you to understand your objective sooner and easily. So keep your mind and body in sync to appreciate the advantage of life and make it advancing.

Farkas (2003) opined that the mind, body and their connection with the world is a three fold concept as suggested by Hilary Putnam. He presented how the mind of human beings developed over time and how today’s perception provides criticism of various historic facts. For example, I feel that the great Alexander who was the Macedonian ruler was a mighty figure during the 300-400 BC. In today’s modern perspective he was just a killer and a criminal who only learned to kill and conquer territories. Historians often find it difficult to criticise the deeds of Alexander but it is the truth that since he became the ruler at the age of 20, the only thing throughout his reign he did was to take lives and capture their homes. Even though he was proud of what ever he did along with his soldiers, 2020 AD is not the world to appreciate his deeds. Therefore, it cannot be judged that his mind and body were not a sync rather it can be said that the difference in perspective was the factor that made all the difference. Absence of law, fear, punishment and loss could give a totally different perception inside human mind but modern world did not allow human beings to be free to the degree where we can do whatever we feel is right. We have been taught and guided by the morals that has developed over years of human evolution. That evolution made us understand that killing and capturing is wrong and against social justice. Over and above this picture is clear that even though number of perspective that exists in infinite but every mind and their justification is based on generally accepted morals and values. That is how laws and regulations develop and control the diverse perspective of emerging human being as a specie.

The post modern values and morals that are perceived today is bound to change over the years of further human evolution and it is an inevitable effect of human presence on earth. We think we are superior to anything on this earth because our mind allows us to but the day human being will start changing its values and morals, the earth might again become inhabitable not with regard to climate or other specie taking over the earth rather for change in perspective might destroy the whole specie of human being.

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