Applied Counselling

Introduction to Ake and Khale Case Study 

In the given report, we would be discussing a role play and discussion a situation where the couple who are exploring their life, after they begin a life together. Our main aim would be discussing the social causes and discuss any counseling skills which would help to support the client (Schwartz, 2015).

Case Study

In the given role play, there would be two characters who would be our main center role and our story would center around them. Our focus would remain on the Ake and Khale who are the ever-enthusiastic couple who are adventures and ready to explore their life. As they fell in love and as a normal couple gets married, during their course of life, they often spoke and discussed the life planning, family well being and they would like to get started and begin their life. It was a tough scenario to decide if the finances should be secured first or to have children first. It was how well a person can also financially secure themselves and can apply it with the family well being. The Ake would unable to spend time off or to decide if the Khale can also explore the possibility of applying for paternity leave. The idea was to spend the maximum time around the kids and how much they can spend quality time with each other. The other things which have to be focused on were to think about earning a lovely home along with exploring the possibility of spending the time together and having the possibility of several holidays together.

Discussion on Ake and Khale Case Study 

As both the people Khale and Ake also was an enthusiastic couple who could also explore their fantastic careers, but during their time close to spending by, they also were ready to embark a possibility to explore their career and were up scaling with the corporate ladder. It was also how to associate with friends who would be willing to explore the possibility of the success they were. Life was viewed to be highly perfect and how they would be still discussing their plans around the children and how they can collaborate and explore the possibility of having a life balance. It was a tough decision, as having a kid, would also result in the possibility of exploring the many sides and it would be a tough situation to handle the many aspects of life. Both of them Khale and Ake wanted to have the children and were willing to expand their family. But as expanding family comes with the responsibility, it was important to balance the situation with either of them being able to spend some quality time with family and for this Khale was unable to take a break from his career and at the same time, it was tough to think about how to maintain the high house payment with the possibility of having a one wages.

Through this, one can also explore the possibility it often created a conflict, frequent arguments along with the possibility of creating tensions and avoiding each other. It also resulted in how they would stop talking with each other, how they would be limited to think about their self-centered career and they would be leading to explore the possibility of living a separate life (Xu, 2019). Due to their indifference and lack of establishing how to solve the matter of handling the kids, they started to escape the situation by exploring their different hobbies. It also resulted in the Ake who was willing to play the tennis and the other person Khalle would also spend his time to play the golf. Due to this Ake would often spend her quality time watching movies and would also spend her time with the girls and Khale would then go out and spend time with the boys, and explore his social life. Soon enough they escaped and lost the touch with each other. They started to also live in separate bedrooms and they even disconnected from each other and lost the connection. Now the problem here is of the Ake, who has visited the counselor and seeking a solution to receive up her life and the family bonding. 

As noted, how Ake is not being able to accept the terms and the issues of her married life, even though Ake is a successful person. She is also known to fiercely collaborating and a family person. At the moment, one can see how she is constantly been unable to cope up with life issues and is unable to create a nagging sense of the issue and also the possibility of the unhappiness related to her own life and her relationship.

Ake who is otherwise known to be a happy person, working hard, loves being able to take care of her home, living separate lives and also ready to move on with the next possibility of her life. At the moment, she is seeking a bit of advice to discontinue her life and how to progress with her next role play.

In here, the idea would be what are bygones let it be bygones, if the old relationship has turned out to be negative due to the holding high expectations and still the outcomes and the ideas were not met, it would also create an issue of possibly exploring her next venture, her own professional life and how to determine the need of the delivering best possible relationships. It can also systematically help in delivering possible outcomes. As noted, how their e would be a contradicting issue which would result in creating an issue (Giordano, 2015). Every time, there can also be an issue Ake would like to explore the possibility of escaping from it and at the same time, there can also be an issue that would be unresolved. The importance would be prepared for life and how one can deliver with the best outcomes. The conflicting would be how to proceed with the personal and the professional life, would be important and the role lay would be a single person and then proceed to be single mother, to understand how one can prepare in any situation. A child requires both the mother an father, the idea would be to balance the situation with low finances, yet gaining a secured life.

Conclusion on Ake and Khale Case Study 

The counseling role play would be focused on the individual key strengths, weakness and how to convert them to better possibility and outcomes. As life is unstable, it would be important to explore life, with an open mindset and also ready to accomplish it, by balancing all the factors. At every stage, life would bring out a challenge, the importance of overcoming the conflicting situation should be addressed dutifully.

References for Ake and Khale Case Study 

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