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Public Sector and Private Sector Organisational Management

Introduction to Community Organizations

Safeguarding and improving communities is a crucial factor to consider by every individual, organization, and government as well. Building a healthy and cooperative society is what the entire world seeks for. The world would be a better place if all the communities join hands together to do positive contributions to improve as desired. Concerning such fact, there is some specific organization who intends to work solely for the community and by the community. These types of organizations are dedicated to contributing positivity towards the society they are concerned of; such organizations are called community organization. The concept of community organization can be referred to as the required and desired improvements to be done within a society concerning communal health, welfare, and overall performance. According to a study by Itzhaky and Bustin (2018), describes the concept of community organization as a method or process that involves collective empowerment and mediation of society and individuals with a motive to strengthen the capabilities and power to cope with the mutual interest and challenges of societies (Itzhaky and Bustin 2018). On the other hand, there are several challenges that community organizations face while achieving their purposes significantly. Exploring the various strengths and weaknesses of community organizations and assessing the way they operate will give a significant understanding of how they manage and tackle the challenges to know their prospect and gain insights for the same. Thus, this report will give a profound comprehension of the key concept, management, and challenges of community organization effectively to use it for a future point of reference.

What Community Organizations Are

Community organizations are the organizations that actively take part in uplifting the lives of people or community concerning their health, wellbeing, and overall execution of needs and requirements at local levels. Community organizations play an important role in strengthening a community to have a healthy and prosperous lifestyle with fewer challenges and more happiness and freedom (Madichie 2010). As referred by Stretesky et al. (2020), community organizations can be NGOs or any social service enterprise that primarily focus on improving communal challenges and issues effectively to retain welfare and safety (Stretesky et al. 2020). However, there is a dissimilarity between government agencies, private enterprise, and community organizations; they work differently with varied aims and purposes. According to a study by Stout, Simpson and Singh (2019), hospitals and social services organizations like NGO's have a different set of operations model concerning value, effects, and attention (Stout, Simpson and Singh 2019). The management of community organization is the same as typical organizations considering its size and nature, management process and strategies varies. Nevertheless, community organizations somewhat face bigger challenges as compared to other organizations like government agencies and private enterprises. Community organizations have a large scope of growth and engagement; however, there still lacks significant resources which are critical to have to run the process effectively.

The Unique Role of Community Organizations in Addressing Gaps

Community organization have always played a significant role in improving societies be in the case of the local region or worldwide. The prime purpose of community organizations is to plan, execute, and scrutinize the economic and social improvement programs to offer aid to support the societies largely (Pc.gov.au 2010). It is evident that community organizations held a helping hand during the time of social or economic crisis to provide assistance to control the situation effectively, for example, the latest health crisis of coronavirus that has affected millions of lives worldwide, global community organization like Foodbank Australia have come forward and supported by catering food supplies to the needy (Hurst 2020). Due to the crisis of coronavirus, several societies in Australia are struggling to obtain food supplies, during the time of such emergency, community organizations alike FoodBank Australia have played a unique role by providing essential food supplies to make sure every people and group can meet their needs (Hurst 2020). These gaps exist for decades and yet to encounter more. Concerning such fact, during the times of any catastrophe, it is the community organizations that play an active part in eradicating or minimizing the negative effects on the society it is having concern for (Lyons 2001). 

Challenges Community Organization Face

The economic fallout of coronavirus is a recent challenge community organization face in achieving their purposes, for instance, an international organization like Oxfam serving in Australian province have had to lay off half of its employees to sustain within the community (Wasuka and Handley 2020). However, on other global societies like pacific, the international community organization have effectively filled a significant gap (Wasuka and Handley 2020). Another community organization such as the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), have proposed a new way to empower regional jobs and skills to respond to local needs and requirements (Acoss.org.au 2020). Nevertheless, they faced a challenge to obtain financial aid and support from the government agencies and private enterprises to serve their purpose (Acoss.org.au 2020).


By establishing a risk mechanism framework concerning finance of community organizations like a retail business where they plan for 1 % to 3% as loss, theft, or deduction and create processes accordingly (Library.bsl.org.au 2014). Similarly, by implementing the same risk mechanism framework within the community organization like Oxfam Australia, the organization would have anticipated the crisis and plan accordingly during uncertain health crisis like COVID 19. Besides, getting support from government agencies is challenging, thus, creating an investment plan to build an adequate funding source to use during any type of crisis arousal (Library.bsl.org.au 2014). Thus, these solutions might help overcome the challenges of community organizations. 

Conclusion on Community Organizations

Community organizations play a significant role in assisting to improve societies and people to meet their desired needs and requirements. There are strengths and weaknesses of such organizations as compared to typical organizations; however, community organizations create value for societies for their betterment concerning social, health, and economic development. They manage theory organization alike regular organizations, with the same concept and theories, but with no intention to earn a profit. They are rich in productivity, collaboration, and teamwork that make them effective and well organized to deal with societal complex issues and challenges efficiently.

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