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Question 1.

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Foundations for Professional Practice - Part 1

Foundations for Professional Practice - Question 1

For handling over the patients the metropolitan hospital used an electronic checklist for minimizing the delays occurring at the time of patient handover procedure and reduction of frustration frequency level. The data was collected currently by doing a survey and it focused on the experience of nurses to use the tool for facilitating a handover case without any hassles or difficulties. By following the data it is suggested that the tools used for the handover process are standardized (Bradley, 2011). For the same individual's survey was conducted two times after a gap of about three months. The basis of the survey had given importance to the technique that was followed for the closed out questions and answers were given directly by those candidates by only saying yes or no. In the survey nurses also took participation as they were asked to do so. The parameter that is the survey’s first question was in relation to the nurses whether they were satisfied or not regarding the nurse-to-nurse and between shift reports. Due to this, a positive outcome was gained that clearly stated that the nurses were very much satisfied with the in-between shifting procedure (Canestar, 2020). However, one of the nurses was not satisfied with the approach. The second question is based on the interruptions occurring after the presentation of any report describing the health of the patient. This question has slowed down the response as per the data shown in comparison to the previous report. This has shown clear indications about employees that they have to face and resolve some of the obstacles after utilizing the electronic checklist that is required at the time of reporting. This question was prepared by looking after the scenario and the interruptions were considered as a basic one. The collection of the recent results of the survey suggests that the respondent numbers who were raising issues have reduced to a good margin (CFSE, 2020). This reflected good and positive signs for using an electronic checklist at the medical reporting process of all patients.

After that, the next question followed which highlighted the perfection or accuracy considering the report that nurses usually receive when they reach their off-going shifting duties. The question described the nurse's satisfaction after they received the reports and got to know their status. Systematic errors were found on the previous reports and the reports were in an incomplete form (Harper et al., 2012). It was depicted by the latest survey results that this issue was slowly minimizing and the maximum number of candidates had shown their satisfaction by giving complete results and status. In the data, the last question was considering the fact that meaningless information of the patients was received like the names and hobbies of the patient's family members and many more (JOHNSON and COWIN, 2012). It was understood from the survey that certain cases are present which shows useless reporting and it has enhanced the number of irrelevant or unwanted information of the patients. There were some nurses who found that this type of information is unnecessary and meaningless for doing the medical assessment. Therefore it can be concluded that the overall application of the electronic checklist has enhanced the patient diagnosis and nursing practices and further improved the care and service standards for every patient (SAGE, 2020). So it is common that the handover tools will always be an essential tool to function properly in a nursing ward.

Foundations for Professional Practice - Question 2

For the maintenance of safety, the reporting standards should give emphasis on the evaluation and monitoring of the handover procedures in health care systems. Data collected before utilizing the tool must be traced and analyzed by keeping a check on the official records of the company. The cluster of information gathered is required to be given clear specification on the report which NSQHS will receive (Semantics Scholar, 2020). When the tool was not used, data illustrated that different types of problems were faced by most of the patients from the reports which were taken by more than one nurse in the shifting periods. Several interruptions were faced by the employees at the time of submission of the report because of some administrative errors or delays. It was common for the nurses that they have to face issues regarding incomplete access and report handling. Besides all of this, unnecessary or irrelevant information considering the reports were received by the practitioners when they used to visit for treating the patients (Sodhi, Sharma and Kaur, 2015). The standards of faults and errors which are seen in the hospital should be resolved quickly by taking the help of efficient organizational measures and policies.

The implementation of an electronic checklist helps to increase the satisfaction level among the staff members. This is because of the effectiveness of delivering all the necessary information to the nurses during shifting hours (Kcl, 2020). It was very helpful for the administration of healthcare to serve their patient more efficiently. This also helps to reduce the risk while handing over the patient report from one nurse to another nurse. It is also beneficial for nurses by improving the quality of the report. They can now accurately put down the relevant information on the report. After the implementation of the handover device, the clash for providing unimportant information of the patient increased drastically.

It can be concluded from the above chart that it is very much important for the health administration to report that they have maintained the standards of average services and have proper records that provide necessary diagnosis and treatment to the patient. It is found from the Likert scale that after obtaining the nurse to nurse report the satisfaction rate is increased to 8 reading. While submitting the report, the interruption levels have gone down to 5.2 readings. The precision level of reporting lies between 7-8 readings. But the unnecessary information reporting is very much increased as compared to the traditional method in the Likert chart. It is below average in the Likert chart. It is found that the overall number is under the mid-scale of 5 of the chart. The number of unnecessary reporting is on the bottom side. The healthcare properly follows the guidelines of NSQHS standards No. 6 (Safetyandquality, 2012). The healthcare administration should be able to report to the commission regarding the problems. They can report that the healthcare firm is not able to maintain proper communication and provide safety to their patients. The safety and quality standards are not maintained properly with all the terms and procedures of NSQHS as per the Likert chart.

Foundations for Professional Practice - Part 2

Introducing bedside reporting has various advantages for patients and nurses. With the help of this, the nurses can able to take care of patients and provide treatment plans more effectively than past. This helps to provide more safety to the patients. Apart from that, it also helps to lessen the errors during the clinical processes and improve the safety of the patients when one medical practitioner hands over the case file to another (Tobiano et al., 2018). The bedside reporting is also beneficial for the patient; they are to write their problems on that report which the medical practitioners forgot to write. The family member can also write their opinion on that case file to increase the comforts and health quality of the patient (Dorvil, 2018). Moreover, the practice can help the patient to increase their liveliness for receiving better cure and hospitality from the nurses. The traditional hand over practice is very much risky for the patient. The medical practitioner may forget to include any vital information related to the patients. This can create a negative impact on the health of the patient (Rush, 2012). The latest practice helps to stabilize the patient very easily as compared to past practice. This practice is very useful to please the nurses as well as the patients. It is very beneficial for medical practitioners to describe the health condition of the patient very easily.

The bedside reporting also helps the nurses to receive a proper view of the family members and the patients. For example, the nurses when assists a serious health condition patient with proper treatment they may forget to implement all necessary information on the case file of that patient (NQHS, 2020). Regarding this reason, communication with the nurses by the patient helps to recognize the problem of the patient that he/she experience. The bedside reporting helps to create a strong bond between the patient and the nurse. Various Healthcare centers in Australia are using these practices because this is the most effective and beneficial practice out of all traditional methods (Ausmed, 2020). They considered it as the easiest way of communication with the patient and the nurses. Bedside handover methods improve the safety of disabled patients. The information on medical history can also be collected with the help of bedside reporting of the patient's own narration or by the family members of that patient. This helps the nurses to know about the health condition of that patient whether the patient needs any intensive care or not (Taşkıran and Sarı, 2017). And also inform that the patient is a drug addict or not. Last but not the least, it also helps the medical practitioners to provide proper treatment and diagnosis under their checkups to the patient.

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