Managing Software Development


Executive summary.


Part 1-Testing.

The acceptance testing.

Black box testing.

Part 2.

Configuration management.

Build management.

Part 3-Request For proposal

Project overview:

Technical requirements and target audience.

Scope of work and deliverables.


References list:

Executive Summary of Electronics Computer Technology

The big 4 consulting firm covers the following services such as testing, configuration management, and software tendering assignments for different clients in the portfolio. This paper has three major parts, part one is testing based.

In part one, it described the acceptance test description and detailed black-box test description. These two are of sperate types.

Part two is all about configuration management for software development and building management.

Part three will be a request for a proposal for the system of client spearhead technology services.

The request for a proposal has some initial requirements like offers a customer relation database, a marketing system that permits digital marketing, a stock management system, and offers reports for management.

Introduction to Electronics Computer Technology

This paper going to explain everything about testing the software before launch it into the market. The software application is a rideshare application. This application has to test with the help of two types of testing, the acceptance test description, and black-box testing. This two-testing process has to be executed separately to find out all the errors and risks that may lie in the software. The paper also describes various management systems that are the daily reality for the software development professional. The paper also explains how to advise the client to develop an open-source when browser and how to build management by looking at many competitors in the market. This study will also be explaining the Request For Proposal for the systems of the client, which is Spearhead technology services (Sharma,, 2010).

Part 1-Testing

The Acceptance Testing 

Acceptance testing is a kind of testing that is performed by the client or the end-user to verify the rideshare app before moving the application of software to the production environment. This particular testing is executed at the final stage of the testing after all the testing has been done such as functional, integration, and system. If one is designing a rideshare app then this particular testing help in deciding whether the final product is accepted by the client or not.

Application testing is done in rideshare apps by the intended users. This testing happens at the location of the client and it is also known as Beta testing. Their acceptance testing in the rideshare app must check these following criteria so that user of the app feels safe and secure and they don’t have to scare of losing the data.

  1. The rideshare app must offer a secure login and verify the systems of the users.
  2. The app system must offer a secure login for payment. This is very secure information and must be used confidentiality.
  3. It is also necessary to test whether the user enters the accurate vehicle or not
  4. The rideshare app is based on the location; it should be tested priorly that the app does not collect user ‘location’ related information ‘by default’.
  5. Information of users should not reveal to any other third party and it is a user who can have the option to authorize third-party service if they wish (Software Testing Fundamentals, n.d.).

Black Box Testing

Black box testing is also called behavioral testing. It is a software method of testing in which the internal structure/design/ implementation of the product being tested. The test can be of two types, functional and non-functional but mostly functional is used. This testing is called black-box testing because the programmers cannot see inside the black box. This testing is used to correct the missing functions, to correct the interface errors, to rectify the errors lie in the data structure, to terminate the errors, and to check the behavior of errors.

This testing is done based on software specification, the specification can be either functional or non-functional of a product and it does not refer to the internal structure.

Here is the plan on how to perform black-box testing for the PowerPoint 2016 print dialog.

Firstly, it is necessary to examine all the requirements and specifications.

The tester should select all the valid inputs to analyze whether the system under testing processes them accurately. Also, it is required to select some valid inputs to verify that system under test can find them (Software Testing Fundamentals, n.d.).

The tester should expect to get all the output from the inputs.

All the case tests need to be carried out.

The software tester needs to compare the original output and the expected output.

Part 2 - Configuration management

Version control is also known as version control and version control. It is very effective to change the tracks and controls to a lot of similar entities. The term version typically defines the version number or version label to something for making the communication easier like we have saved the doc file with the name CMP73010.docx. so, it will be easy for the teachers to easily communicate with the file and they can easily locate the file. It is a vital tool for an overall life cycle strategy of management for solutions of information.

Key benefits of the version control:

The history of the file can be changed audit ably

Organized and coordinated files.

 A master copy is always there for all the files that are currently in use.

Build Management

There is various hypothesis why the web browser is always very successful. All these web browsers are not verified because there is no need of restarting the experiment. But it is interesting to know that what can be used again at a wide range. There is a library developed by Tm Berners-Lee named libwww, it is used to create various web applications like HTML, HTTP, and many others apart from them. This library is freely available. People can just take the library and given some interface on the top of the library and then make a browser, this browser can be open source web browser.

The most difficult part that the developer has to face while creating the browser is the engine layout of the browser. For instance, Mozilla Firefox is a browser.

The main disadvantage is the browser is that it would not comply with the standards and show the pages on the browser incorrectly. The main advantage of the browser is that it helps the masses with all the things they want to find, they can get it on the browser.

The Mozilla Firefox is created in 1998. Mozilla 1.0 was the first version of Mozilla and it was released in 2002. In 2003, Mozilla created the foundation of Mozilla. Firefox 1.0 was released in the year 2004. In 2013, Firefox OS was launched ( AUTOMATE THE PLANET, 2014).

Part 3-Request For Proposal

Request for proposal is a document of a business that helps in announcing the details of the project, as well as the bids of the products from contractors, these contractors also help in completing the project. Most companies prefer RFPs and almost all the government companies generally prefer RFP. An RFP for a particular program may need the business to observe the bids to evaluate their feasibility and the ability of the bidder to do what needs to be done.

Project overview:

It is the outline of the bidding process and all the terms of the contract. It also guides how the bids should be formatted and represented so that it looks better and representable. RFPs are generally made for the complicated process. Now, for instance, spearhead technology services is a business that sells a variety of internet of things (IoT) products and items, that is IOT sensors, smart city devices like traffic lights and waste solutions, smart home devices and applications like smart entertainment system, smart lighting systems, smart refrigerators, smart toasters and more. The company also provides IoT device repair and accessories. The company wants to develop an integrated system to support its six branch shops as the opportunity arises. The company envisages the system will evolve over a period and plan to expand to many more locations.

Technical Requirements and Target Audience

a). provide a customer relationship database with data about products and services purchased, devices left with them for repair.

b). a marketing system is also needed to allow digital marketing using email, social media, and any other modern marketing techniques. This detail will be provided in the customer relations database but allow other prospective customer details to be entered into an existing spearhead technology services website.

c). a stock management system that includes products for sale, parts for use in repair, automatic ordering from wholesalers. This system must be able to use for individuals’ locations to find products and parts at other spearhead technology services locations when necessary. The SMS also needs to have real-time monitoring and diagnostics for some IoT products.

d). It also provides reports for management who may be at any location of the status, so that they can recruit staff and making other management decisions (Noikajana et, al. 2008).

Here is the list of expected target audience:

Program participants

Potential hires

Press and media

Potential employees

Attendees of event

Different kinds of volunteers

Scope of Work and Deliverables

Management of project

Strategy of Content



Design of Information

Visual design

SEO that is Search engine optimization

Coding related to Front-end such as HTML/CSS

Back-end coding such as Java, Python, CMS, 3rd party APIs

Application development

Optimization of mobile device

Assurance of Testing & quality

Training of software

Placement but paid search placements


It depends on the project to project that how much time they take in completion. For this project, Spearhead technologies need to develop to an integrated system to support their six branches shops as the opportunity rises. It depends how much time this integrated system will take in integration.

Conclusion on Electronics Computer Technology

the paper described different types of testing in different software. The first testing was acceptance testing and this has been implemented in rideshares apps. The second testing is detailed black-box testing and it is implemented in PowerPoint 2016 which has some inputs and outputs. It also shows the plan of detailed black-box testing and how to implement it on the software. This paper also described the evolution of a web browser with time and its merits and demerits. The third part of the study describes a request for a proposal for an organization.

References List for Electronics Computer Technology

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