Communication Campaign Planning

Coca-Cola is a huge company producing different kinds of soft drinks like a sprite, a bolt taste of fruit juice. Now you can enjoy your drinks with any kind of sugar. If anyone wanted to add a new flavour; this company is giving you the chance to get covered. It is one of the best comprehensive strategies for comprehensive strategic marketing planning.

According to this study, I will provide a coca-cola communication campaign planning using the RPACE formula. It also helps to identify the problem and capitalize on its opportunity to enhance its reputation.

This campaign is helping to focus on the new launching products in the market. It also helps to demonstrate the sales and the reputation of the company. The brand name is also responsible for promoting the product in a sustainable way. Promoting and supporting is very much important for the new product campaign (, 2020).

Coca-Cola campaign planning is mainly focused on creating awareness between the company and its products. It also helps to solve the brand negative value of the products. It is very important to solve the problems founded on unhealthy products. RPACE marketing is very similar to the pacing in marketing.

RPACE formula is going to help for the critical monitoring in the marketing performance. It is also focused on the boost cells and company profit. No sugar coke is a carbonated founded in the soft drink manufactured company. Coca-cola spent the US $20,000 in 30 days of replacement at a website rate of $ 2.35 CMP. Based on the experience rate, the expert is taking 1.8 % click with a 4.5 % conversation rate, and also the average is $9.50 (, August 2020)) Based on the RPACE formula the calculation is given below.

  • Total media cost = $ 20,000
  • Impressions = (Total media cost / $ 2.35CPM)*1000 = 8510,638
  • clicks = impression * 1.8% click through rate = 153,191
  • Conversation = clicks * 4.5% rate of conversation= 6894
  • Sales = conversation * $ 9.50 average rate of sale = $ 65,489

After running the placement for five days, it is very important to check the performance and make sure that everything is running well. First, you need to check into your dashboard.

It is confirmed that the running is getting with 2.02% click with through rate. Now you need to compare that which is better for your goal of 1.8%. It looks great. Now you have to enter your ecommerce dashboards. When you enter your e-commerce dashboard its looks like as described below.

Now you can see the average sales are coming at your average sales now it is very easy to make a difference and choose which is better for the goal of $ 9.50. The sales look great. Based on the e-commerce dashboard it looks like the campaign performance. Unfortunately, you are not setting the full picture for the dashboard for some technical issues.

On the other hand, the coca-cola brand is produced as a health drink without mixing without any kind of sugar materials. It is a USA based company and it was invented by the patent medicine named john.

The no sugar brand is potentially produced and maintained by the coca-cola company. These types of drinks were launched in 2007 in the market. It is a healthier product than the other products produced by other companies. It is very important for the development of the campaign for the company (Askinazi, p. 87). Health drinks without sugar also help to reduce the weight of any customer. It uses very low fat. This type of brand was launched 22 years ago.

Coca-cola companies served their drinks in over 200 countries. The consumers are over 1.9 billion on a beverage day. It is also believed that the products of the coca-cola company are using their remote products for promoting and campaign their products. The problem is defined by public criticism and those products are unhealthy and they have contained these types of drinks for this brand.

This campaign is helping to describe how the coca-cola company maintains its product campaign with the help of communication planning. It is very crucial for the development of the criticism and it also helps to establish a solution to solve the problem.

According to the RPACE formula now it is very important to show how to calculate the pacing for the marketing planning. The term marketing planning mainly depends on the market strategy and your pacing track is very important to need the breaks down into the interval milestone. Now it is very essential to avoid getting complicated with this kind of example. Coca-cola Company delivers the advertisement through the placement. The placement is defended in 30 days simply divided with the help of schedule following.

Now it is coming to gather and standardize the performance from the add server and thee-commerce system. The painted result is described below after 4 days.

The next step is to help to calculate the pacing of how they are performing against the plan. The formula for calculating the pace is defined below.

Pace = (actual result-planned result) / planted result

On the other hand, the pace helps to express the percentage processed by a positive value that means the price will be ahead of your chosen goal. A negative value means the pacing is missed behind the set goal (Ahmed et al, 2017, p.44). This value is helping to indicate how much the goal is to increase performance. The correction helps to roll back the performance back to track. Now the RPACE formula helps calculate our pacing with each day and each goal. Here the result is the pacing schedule. 

As you can calculate the pacing schedule and it helps to get the problem situation. The pace of each goal is defined below.

  • Total media cost = -18.24%
  • Impression = 18.24%
  • Clicks = 8.23%
  • Conversation = -20.72%
  • Sales = -9.54

This kind of problem helped to criticize the visualization of the pacing on a chart. For example, the scales chart of the Coca-Cola Company is defined below.

This type of campaign is totally different from any other campaign. The broadcast is done through different types of media platforms. Different types of platforms target different types of audiences. It is very crucial for expanding the business marketing plan for company development (Tariq, M., 2017, p.365).

Finally, the campaign is getting success by evaluating the brands of products and also helping to increase sales in the item market. The previous issue of this company has been solved with the help of the market addressing. Success is also measured by the help of the company reviews and it helps to evaluate the influence of the outcome of the campaign.

At the end of the study, the RPACE process is also to conduct a SWOT analysis to determine the value of the campaign. This campaign is also helping to measure the weakness, opportunity, threats, and success. On the other hand, the coca-cola company is helping to involve and maintain the campaign through solving it.

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