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Nursing Perspectives on The Impacts of Covid-19



Background of the problem..

Research questions.

Significance of proposal

Literature review..



Introduction to Clinical Issues in Nursing

The countries are in a clutch of disaster as coronavirus is spreading rapidly infecting thousands and millions of people currently. It has posed the biggest challenge for the healthcare system. The impact of the pandemic is so severe that it has created fear inside the people. Deaths due to COVID-19 is one of the reasons behind the concern of the people. Covid-19 has endangered life of health care workers, nurses and people beyond imagination. Saudi Arabia is no far away from the virus. The country has more than three lakh cases of coronavirus currently. Near about four thousand 200 people have died of this virus and the conditions of others are severe. Nurses being the strongest pillar of the health care delivery system have to face a lot of challenges as they are the front warriors of the pandemic. This research aims to find out issues experienced by them so that nurses do not have to face any of these in the near future. 

Background of The Problem

It is found through research that due to pandemic situation nurses have to spend long hours serving the patients. They have to face a lot of challenge as the number of staff in the hospitals has reduced. Nurses are putting their life at risk and assisting patients who are suffering from deadly coronavirus. Many of the nurses have been infected and lied on the death bad serving the patients. The situation of nurses is very critical (Shanafelt, Ripp & Trockel, 2020). They are suffering at all spheres mentally, physically and staying apart from the families. They are working in an unpredictable situation thus it is important to find out what clinical issues nurse are facing so that based on them the issues can be resolved.

Research Questions

Here are some research questions that are needed to be emphasized (Shechter et al., 2020).

  • What kind of clinical issues are experienced by nurses?
  • Why the deaths of front warriors in maximum?
  • What are the barriers to clinical nurses due to COVID-19?
  • How these issues can be minimized through research studies?

Significance of The Proposal

It is very important to pay attention to the issues because the condition of the nurses is critical. They are the front warriors and thus it is the duty of the healthcare departments, government and other authorities to think for their safety (Fallon, Dukelow, Kennelly & O’Neill, 2020). It is because they are the only ones who can take care of the patients as they are trained in it. The healthcare department cannot hire any member form the public for assisting the patients. Thus their safety must be the first concern for the health care departments. It is important to release down their stress and make them comfortable so that they can perform duties without having tensions (Galbraith, Boyda, McFeeters & Hassan, 2020). Duty rotations must also be designed so that nurse can take proper rest after completing their duty. It is found that nurses who were in contact with the infected person are not given room to isolate themselves. It is due to all these reason studies are conducted to find out strengths and weakness of the proposed solutions defined in them.

Literature Review of Clinical Issues in Nursing

Various types of studies are conducted to overcome the challenges experienced by the nurse and to find some strategies which could help the nurses to protect themselves from getting infected. Some of the studies conducted are discussed below.

Shu-Ching, Yeur-Hur & Shiow-Luan (2020) stated that the outbreak of coronavirus was started in China and it covered the almost entire world in it. The most common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, cough, dyspnea, headache, diarrhoea and so on. The rapid increase of the virus has impacted health, economies and social life of the people. Nurses are the frontline professionals who work in hospitals. They work in multiple domains when they are on duty. These are the ones who work in screening about the virus. They suspect the cases of coronavirus based on history. They implement standard precautions, provide care to the patients and so on. They are the one who experiences key challenges during COVID-19 pandemic. As it is a newly identified disease even the nurses do not know how to tackle the patients, as well as they, do not even know how to prevent themselves from the pandemic. Nurses also have a potential risk of getting infected as there are inadequate amount of personal protective kits available. During outbreaks nurses also have to go through uncertainty, anxiety and panic situations. It is important to conduct studies on disease prevention strategies and improving the health care of the nurses. The rapid spread of coronavirus is a threat to human health and nurses being in direct contact with the patient are suffering the most. The study conducted does not provide relevant solutions for how the authorities must prevent the spread among nurses and find out what measures they should take to overcome the challenges they are experiencing. The study does not have much impact on the lives of the nurses as the researchers have only focused on education apart from the education of the nurses there are other things as well which can help improve the problem. However, these are not focused much.

Fernandez et al. (2020) emphasized on collecting and synthesizing the best evidence to understand the experience of the nurses who are working in acute care hospitals. In this research, researchers have included 13 qualitative studies. In total 348 nurses, the experience was recorded and the data were analyzed. This data was collected during the pandemic situation. The findings generated from the data collected states that nurses during this period require care and support so that they can do their duty efficiently without worrying about the consequences. Besides, the nurses also need that their physical and emotional concerns are acknowledged and the organization have a systematized reaction on the organization. the study also stated that nurses must get clear and concise information about best practice and infection control. They also stated that the nurses must have access to personal protective equipment's so that they can optimize their safety. The study conducted by the researchers covered a lot of points which could make the nurse feel they are supported. With the help of the support, nurses will experience low stress, anxiety and physical side effects. It will even help the organization to retain nurses and will decrease burnout which they are experiencing due to long hours of working stressful situation. Besides this, it was identified that the JBI critical appraisal instrument was used for the qualitative study for assisting the methodological study. The potential bias was reduced during the study so that the study can be conducted fair. There is no such weakness of the study as all the important points are covered by the researchers. This research will have a potential impact on the working condition of the nurses which is important as they are the first warriors who are fighting with the monsters. The only limitation of the study was that the data was collected only from the female nurses and this is why it does not include the experience of the male representatives in the study.

Maben & Bridges (2020) stated in research on the nurses were conducted to understand their mental health as they are the caregivers in COVID-19 pandemic. A cross-sectional study was conducted to identify the mental health of caregivers. It was identified from the study that maximum of the caregivers and nurses have symptoms of depression, distress anxiety and insomnia. It is because nurses are the first person who is engaged in diagnosing, treating and providing healthcare to the patients. It was also identified that 67 per cent of the nurses were having severe symptoms of distress, anxiety and depression. It was because they are highly exposed to the infection being in close contact with the patient. Even it was found in the study that these workers were not much experienced as they were the junior staff. It is important to make nurses feel that their needs are cared for. The staff need resilience and resilience need to be cared for. The organization must start investing in the health and wellbeing of the nurses. The study conducted has some strengths like it deeply tried to understand the mental condition of the nurses. Its weakness is that the study is only limited to the mental condition of the nurses.

Conclusion on Clinical Issues in Nursing

It can be concluded from the findings that conditions of the nurses are worse as they are exposed to the patients and they have a high chance of getting infected. Moreover, they are the one who does not have much knowledge of the infection. They are suffering physically as well as mentally. The researchers conducted in this direction is useful to some extent as things are not cleared and the disease does not have the vaccination. Some of the studies remain limited to metal health whereas others are limited to the educational perspective. Government officials need to support the nurses by creating new policies and procedures in favour of nurses.

References for Clinical Issues in Nursing

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