Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 1

List seven situations that might require a person to conduct research to support and improve their work practice.


  • Diving deep into a subject
  • Gaining Skills
  • Gaining experiences
  • Raise awareness
  • Identifying problem
  • Interest
  • Building a strong foundation for a subject

Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 3

Before any research can be undertaken it is necessary to establish and define the research objectives. Explain what this means.

The research objectives are concise and clearly defined features that form the focus of research concerning providing direction for the investigation. The research objectives are the most imperative, tactical, and formidable statements which focus on giving a gist of the study. They are responsible for narrowing down and focusing the study, they also formulate the objectives and the significance of the research, thence making it necessary to establish and define the objectives of the research (Tuval-Mashiach, 2017).

Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 4

Define Outcomes-Based Practice and explain how an organization can use OBP to frame research. List at least desired outcomes indicators.

The outcomes-based practice in research primarily involves the set of disciplines which include the design of special attention and which seeks to understand the various results for the particular health care practices and interventions. The outcomes for research can be seen to be used for it to alter the culture on the clinical practices and which also seeks to take consideration concerning the data. Outcomes are the goals, achievements, or say the targets which are required for providing support while aiming the basis and analyzing it for the decision making.

Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 7

Why is it necessary to establish the relevance of information according to objectives and work requirements?

The establishment of a particular kind of research is considered important as it helps in establishing the order which is required to be pertinent. There should be a relevance in the study that we are doing as it helps the reader get a better clarity about the topic which is being researched on. For example, one must not research and write on an article such as “employee retention” if he does not wish to tell the reader about what exactly is employee retention or say if he does not want to take into consideration the factors due to which the employees leave. Having said that, it will not be considered relevant if a researcher is trying to research a specific topic and later follows and flows and starts to write some other topic and evades the presence or the theme of the research. Research is an aspect that influences practice, it is something which provides basis about the solution of any different problem. It is also of increasing importance that a researcher must take into ethical consideration while conducting research and having fewer regulations.

Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 8

When data is collected it must be properly collated before it can be analyzed. Explain what that means.

The data is collected in the processes of describing it along with the process of preparing and collecting the data. The data collection is defined as one of the important aspect of any research, its swerve will hence result in analyzing and invaliding the result and effect of the study. 

Similarly, information must be organized before it can be evaluated. Explain why.

 Research deals primarily with the questions, and its beginning must result in the questions which should focus on helping and determining topics related to the information and sources. In other words, the basis of the research is questions and the major aim is to provide answers to those questions. The research objectives focus on those questions, and it determines and articulates a story such as what does the researcher and the reader want to learn? The brainstorming of the questions is quite essential as it will lead the researcher to better and accurate results of the study being performed. The proper and prior arrangement of the research will focus on persuasive communication focusing on the determination of the research as it will lead one to a better selection of methodology and requirements of the research (Tuval-Mashiach, 2017).

Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 11

Information relating to an idea, proposal, or suggestion can be evaluated in terms of risks and benefits. Why is this necessary?

The evaluation for the risks is based on the attempts which are defined to estimate the particular risk which means to have processes and is concerned with the people who are being affected by it. There are a lot of processes that can be used for the evaluation and are also used as the proper consideration that can be perceived by providing the approaches for offering the insights and reasons for perceiving the risks. As per McGregor & Farrugia (2019), risk assessment is a term that can be used for describing the overall processes for the methods that are responsible for the identification of the hazards and the risk factors having a potential that causes harm or maybe causes associations of risk.

How does this relate to feasibility?

The assessment of the risks is rather more important as they are one imperative part of any research or any organization. Risks form the basis of the organization, they are also responsible for generating the authenticity and the processes of identifying and analyzing the potential issues which negatively impact the processes involved to mitigate the risks mentioned (McGregor & Farrugia, 2019). The feasibility of risks lies in the performance and includes the consideration and the possibility of the adverse causes for the identification of percentile harm. The risks analysis can help any organization to achieve security in numerous ways which can be used for the identification of the rate and comparing it with the overall impact of the risks and the organizations.

Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 12

Explain why it is necessary to document any conclusions reached as a result of the evaluation of information relevant to practice.

It is quite imperative to document the conclusions of any research as it provides several opportunities that can help a person in the demonstration and the overall understanding of the research problem which is being presented to the reader. The formation of a conclusion is primarily intended to give focus to a researcher on the fact that research matters and its substances to provide a basis after the person has done the finishing reading the paper.

Research and Apply Evidence to Practice - Activity 15

Research will be conducted for a reason or set of reasons. As a result of research, actions will generally be taken, although in some instances research will show that no action needs to be taken. Explain how a community service organization which is using research results to implement changes to practice and to ensure that the changes are made with as little disruption as possible.

Solution: It is often believed that change is one thing that generates and brings the aura for the uneasiness in most of the people. Changes simply invoke a feeling of previous regularities and it evades the monotony. There is a phrase that is quite often used which states that “change is the only constant”. It is quite mesmerizing what impact the changes can implement, albeit some of us like it or not. Some people are way too comfortable in their ways and are rather perplexed by the changes and there are some of the other people who think that changes will produce a significantly greater course of action and production. So when it comes to the organizations, one is likely to witness that successful organizations produce results at a greater level irrespective of the circumstances and the organizations. The organizational leaders are the people who comprise the responsibility that can be used to manage the changing efforts concerning the creation of a new management for the formation of reasons and results behind the change.

The last decades have shown a greater deal for the basis of the transformation and it has also transfigured the reality of the world for the interpretation of some of the newer perspectives. The community service organizations take into consideration the increasing unease which is common and sustainable. The change and challenge to survive the unquestionable factors often explain the reasons which will be used for the survival of the organizations. The community service organizations primarily follow a basic ability to survive and are hence required to act as the major motivation for them to be leading to change. According to Carrerras, Iglesias & Sureda in a study conducted by Christine W. Letts, William P. Ryan and Allen Grossman’s text “High-Performance non-profit organizations, managing upstream for greater impact” there are a lot of elements which require the explanation and the performance of the suitable strategies impacting the organization. The results of the study showed that organizations, whether community-based or private based organizations both of them are likely to do good if they inhibit the ability to adapt to the environment (Carrerras, Iglesias & Sureda, n.d.).

References for Research and Apply Evidence to Practice

Carreras, I., Iglesias, M., & Sureda, M. (n.d.). Successfully transforming NGOs.

McGregor, J. R., & Farrugia, D. (2019). Doing research in organisations. Complexities of Researching with Young People, 33.

Tuval-Mashiach, R. (2017). Raising the curtain: The importance of transparency in qualitative research. Qualitative Psychology4(2), 126.

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