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Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 1

  • Psychosocial and mental health assessment is most helpful for Mena because it helps in the identification of mental health. Mental health means the capability of a person to deal with typical situations in life, make productive decisions and work effectively for society. Good mental health leads to the good functioning of the brain.
  • The tool used for assessing her is to ask questions from her and also compare her self-reporting information with the information collected from different sources. The process required is for assessment is preparing her for assessment, identify needs of clients, analyse needs which can be fulfilled, provide necessary services and then evaluate the assessment and referral process.
  • Mena’s issues are complex because she is having problem-related to the brain due to which she has multiple problems like change in moods, feelings of anxiety, behavioural disorder and fears. These problems are interrelated such as fear creates anxiety and stress in mind due to which behavioural disorders occur.

She needs to take care of her husband and daughter alone with her mental health problem.

Her husband suffered from brain injury problem and lost his capacities.

Her husband can’t follow with the doctor for her daughter’s treatment.

  • We speak to GP by whom Mena is referred for our organisation. He/she knows her well and gives accurate information about her potential issues. Also, ask to share previous reports to Mena if she was comfortable.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 2

Me: Hello Mena!

Mena: Hey!

Me: So Mena the purpose of this assessment is to check how you answer my questions. Okay?

Mena: Okay!

Me: Mena your husband met with an accident so now you have to take care of him and as well as your daughter too?

Mena: Yes it’s mine.

Me: Mena we collect your information for medication purpose only. No information passed to anyone. So your answer appropriately and accurately.

Mena: Ya! Sure.

Me: Now tell me whether you have spare time or no? I mean any hurry to go anywhere?

Mena: No! I have.

Me: Okay! Then sit comfortably. I’ll take you for 1 Hr. Only.

Mena: That’s Fine.

Me: Tell me what you feel when you are alone?

Mena: I felt awkward; sometimes I feel so alone, anxiety and fear and many times I get stressed.

Me: Okay! Now relax.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 3

  • Focus on the strengths, desires and interest to motivate Mena rather than weakness or problems.
  • Create helping and happy relationship with her because to succeed in life power with another, not power over another.
  • Provide quality and effective treatment to Mena so that she will respond positively.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 4

  • The community worker

Focus on providing support, care and counselling to the person who deals with the issues like a human relationship, harmful substances and adult daycare.

Programmed the gatherings of community and provides counselling to the needed clients.

Provides food banks, helps the people to fulfil the responsibilities and services like helping community members and welfare in medical care.

The emotional role played by the community service worker plays a major role for clients. Community service workers work more than fixed working hours. Sometimes the work of community service workers is very stressful and dangerous.

  • Mena

Mena has to earn money for herself and her family. For the treatment of her husband and her daughter money is very important.

Mena has to perform her duties for the organisation also.

Mena has to take care of her family and her health. Because she is the only one who can manage her family at that time.

  • Mena’s Family

Mena husband and daughter are not able to do anything but her family members can come from Egypt for helping her.

  • Mena’s GP

Mena GP can help her with a good assessment.

  • Ahlia’s therapist and any other health practitioners

They have to provide some free services after considering her family problems to work ethically.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 5

Need of Money: No earning hand present in Mena’s family in Egypt for living their life. Also, money is required for treatment of husband, daughter and herself.

To come out from the problem of stress and depression: Mena has to work for reducing stress and for recovering from mental issues. The sharing of thoughts with others at the workplace will help Mena in reducing her workload and tensions.

Need Moral and expertise support: Mena don’t know English properly and the place as well. Therefore she required any expert and specialist for treatment of her husband and take care of her daughter also.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 6

No, because at that time Mena and Ahlia need the money and special care. So my organisation is incapable of helping them completely. Only moral support providing information to them is not enough. We have to take them to the required health care institute and avail best services to them. There is a need to fulfil all four needs for them that are: ill-health, supply notion, normative notion and instrumental notion. Mena and Ahlia both required special and extra care because of their serious health issues.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 7

  • Medical Services: These include services of general hospitals, clinics, psychiatric hospitals and community mental health centres.
  • Behavioural Therapy Services: Therapy given for mental disorders and distress. It reduces anxiety, obsessive compulsion disorders, insomnia and eating disorders.
  • Social Services: This includes supportive housing (permanent, accessible and affordable house for the person having mental disorders), clubhouse model (community centre run by a person currently or previously having a mental illness) and Phone-based services (for receiving information about health care services in the community).
  • Legal Services: Supervise the person who harms themselves or others.

Medical and behavioural services are urgent for Mena. Because she needs medical support as all members are facing some health issues. Mena has facing behavioural issues which harm her life.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 8

  • Medical services: Guide Mena for a psychiatric hospital for her mental illness.
  • Behavioural Therapy Services: Due to mental illness Mena may face the problem of anxiety and depression which can be reduced by this therapy.
  • Social Services: The clubhouse model and phone-based services are very important for Mena. They provide necessary information to her.
  • Legal services: due to depression and anxiety there may be the chance of money to hurt herself or daughter.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 9

Mena is having mental health and family issues, so we consider his needs with our services. The organization work on its terms and policies and ethics also. So if Mena have some needs and for them, we do not agree, we take time and think again on their issues and conditions and also give time to her for thinking about our services. Conclusion of both the conditions is we accept some needs of Mena and said her to accept some needs of mine too. So that work legally and ethically both.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 10

  • Privacy, confidentiality and disclosure

Ten National Privacy Principles (NPPs) are set up in case of the private sector for ensuring and managing personal information. They collect, retain, use and disclose personal information for management purpose. They explain the rights under the Privacy Act 1988. Also, access how to report or complain. Provide guidelines for the safeguard of consumer’s privacy and Company’s Privacy Policies.

  • Duty of care

It refers to the legal responsibility to take care of the person working with you in the organisation. You have to concern for them if they are working with you or for you. No harm to them or never neglect them is the responsibility of the organisation. Provide the basic and necessary things and services to them whenever required. For example, a child is working with you then you have to take care, it’s your legal responsibility and also provides food, education, shelter and medical facilities. In case of abuse never harmed them physically or sexually.

  • Informed consent

The term informed consent means taking permission from the person before requesting them for their personal information through the statement. Also, mention the purpose of collecting information and where you will retain that information and said the client to provide actual information so that no chances of frauds are on side of both parties

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 11

As Mena suffers from the problem of Mental illness which can be spread through genes from blood relatives or occur due to a lot of stressful situations. It is very risky because it damages the brain or reduces the thinking power of Mena. The person starts getting in depression or may harm itself. Therefore it is very necessary to avoid the reasons or causes due to which the serious problem like mental illness occurs. If the person is always indulged in his work and never spare time for personal life and family then it leads to self-isolation feeling within the person. And slowly the person will go to depression due to anxiety and workload. Stress is a major cause of depression. That’s why the person has to limit their role up to a decided stand and work accordingly so that they will enjoy their life to the fullest with the earnings. Also, it is very important to take the help of some other people if required because it will reduce the stress of an individual. The people will work without any stress and live life to the fullest.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 12

  • Mena may harm herself due to non-stability in mind. Maybe she commits suicide or it may harm her family members due to her mental health problems. It will also weaken the immune system. The unhappiness will decrease the fun and enjoyment of life.
  • Legal and financial problems: It means no money for living their normal life. The incapability of Ramzi forced her wife Mena to work for their basic earning but the deteriorating situation of Mena will increase the risk of their lives and as well as the life of her husband and daughter. Also, it leads to facing homeless problems by them.
  • Relationship Conflicts: Due to the mental health issues, Mena may feel some awkward feelings like fear, drugs, alcohol issues and anxiety which will be related with some other serious issues like a brain tumour and thyroid problems. This type of interrelated diseases and harmful feelings will lead to conflicts between interpersonal relations.

Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - Answer 13

  • The needs refer to the essential commodities and services required by Mena, Ramzi and Ahlia. They all are suffering from health problems. The first need is ‘ill health’ approach which refers to the needs which require for reducing the deficiency in the health of them. The second need required is ‘supply notion’ which means the assumption of having the acceptable and effective treatment for offering a remedy. A third will be the ‘normative notion’. The normative notion refers to the term matter of opinion which means the assessment of needs are considered with the viewpoint of beliefs that they are different from the needs that are related to having a more objective basis. The fourth need is ‘instrumental view’ which means the health must be accomplished to a pre-decided goal.
  • Mena having the problem of mental health which may not be properly analysed by GP. There are some symptoms which may be ignored unintentionally by the GP therefore mental assessment test is required for easy identification of the condition. Sometimes more than one test is used for the assessment purpose. Ramzi suffers through major brain injuries after the accident and requires extra care for the rest of his life. And Ahlia is suffered from the from autism and have major behavioural issues. She had tantrums during her disease. Because of the accident of Ramzi, the health of Mena starts deteriorating.
  • Sometimes GP is not able to assess properly. There are some other assessments also which helps in diagnosing such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and conduct disorder. Also, the assessments help in diagnosing the alcohol, other drug issues and developmental problems like autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. Various other problems are also assessed such as brain tumours and thyroid disease. The needs help the clients to receive the best services and it helps them to recover as soon.

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