Lead the Work Team

Question 2: What is the protocol? How can it be applied to communication through organizational structures?

A protocol is known as a standard set of rules or procedures that are necessary to communicate with others over electronic devices. It is useful for the agreed terms signed by the parties to maintain specific procedures and rules. A communication protocol can be applied in the organization through a formal process of communication. It outlines different kinds of information in the organizational structure based on frequency, audience and suggested communication vehicles. Consistent messages to the employees and new hires can build an effective relationship in the organization and maintains the communication protocol through a formal channel. Followed by a formal digital message format and procedures promote exchanging of information required through telecommunications. Specific portals and emails are used by the organizations to communicate through the defined structure and maintain communication protocol via formal descriptions.

Activity 20

1. What are the normal time frames for formal performance management sessions?

Performance measurement is based on the specific employee's performance and standard performance for a specific time. The time frames vary in different organizations to maintain formal performance management sessions. It is necessary to consider the time consumed by the employees in the work based on days and weeks. The normal time frame for the formal performance management session is for every 2 months.

2. Describe a process for formal performance management sessions that ensure formal performance management sessions are run effectively. The process should be similar to step-by-step instructions for managers.

The performance management sessions are based on the formal organizational structure to maintain effective communication with the employees and work together to plan analyze and review the contribution of the employees based on their work objectives. Following instructions provide a better understanding of the managers to follow the formal performance management session:

  • Provide a positive and safe working environment
  • Recognize the achievable expectations
  • Define the appropriate business goals
  • Analyze the strengths of the employees
  • Focus on improvement areas
  • Prepare documents
  • Monitor the performance

Activity 21

1. One of the workers in your organization, Caroline, has been taking a great deal of time off lately. Caroline provides reasons for her absence; however, these are beginning to sound a bit thin. You investigate and find that Caroline’s contribution (or current lack of contribution) to the work of the case management team is affecting the quality of service given to clients. What action would you take before, during and after a performance meeting to address and improve Caroline’s performance?

The contribution of Caroline in the organization is not as per the expectations that can impact the performance of the organization and the team. The quality of service of the case management team is reducing through the performance of Caroline that can create a barrier against her performance in the organization and maintaining appropriate standards. Before the performance meeting, I will gather the information regarding the standard and the current performance of Caroline and look into her tasks and operations based on the last 6 months. It can help me to analyze the improvement or reduction in the performance of Caroline.

During the performance review meeting, I will ask Caroline to share about her working experience and provide appropriate reasons for the ineffective quality that can help in the improvement. I will try to make her comfortable so that she can easily share her issues and address the key areas to meet the improvement strategies. After the performance meeting, I will focus on training and developmental needs of Caroline to enhance specific skills that can help her to improve the quality and promote necessary capabilities. Motivation and a positive environment can help her in improving quality.

2. Prioritize the following training needs and justify your responses.

Training needs:

a. Training on how supervisors should write the end of shift reports

Supervisors must specify the end of shift report to provide details about the performance of the employees and operations in the organization regularly.

b. Training about how to use a dangerous piece of equipment

It is necessary training for employees to use a piece of dangerous equipment and maintain safety procedures.

c. Training on how to create customer invoices

Based on the job role, the creation of customer invoices is required. It is job-specific in the organization to maintain suitable records and documents.

Activity 23

Identify an area you would like to develop more skills or knowledge. Locate three training providers and determine which provider you would contract for performance development. Why is this provider the best to contract? How did you come to this decision?

The most area to develop further skills and knowledge are based on communication that promotes the adequate skills to work in an organization and maintain collaborative efforts in the team. I will focus on the three most experienced training providers to ensure effective operations in the organization and managing effective performance. Three training providers for the development of the performance are:

1. Thomas Brown- Management trainer

2. Kim- Communication skills trainer

3. Dorothy- Corporate trainer

To improve my communication skills, I will contact Ms Kim to develop my communication skills and promote better management in the organization and work effectively with the other employees. She is the best trainer for me that fulfils my needs of the training and helps me in gathering the necessary skills and improving my performances with customer interaction. I came to know at this decision through the specific trainers and analyzing my needs for performance improvement. Understanding and evaluating the needs of training helps in managing the most suitable training and development needs. Thomas Brown and Dorothy are specialized in other training needs that can be beneficial for further improvements.

3. Mable is responsible for creating and maintaining her team’s client records on the organization’s computer system. You become aware that since the organization changed its computer system, Mable has not been creating client records properly. This has resulted in her team members being unable to locate records and important information being left out of records. What would you do to support Mabel to improve her performance and address performance issues?

The performance of Mable can be understood through performance review and discussing the matter with Mable regarding the difficulties she is facing in managing computerized records. Understanding the needs of the Mable can help in concentrating over the training and development needs for Mable to help her in maintaining suitable client's records. Without proper training, it is not possible to manage change in the organization. To improve her performance and addressing the performance issues, I will arrange a training session based on computerized record keeping. It can meet the organizational and individual requirements to enhance individual skills and promote organizational performance.

2. Toby’s performance of late is unsatisfactory. He is often brusque with clients and in some instances is even rude. You have been asked to provide counselling to improve Toby’s performance and address performance issues. Discuss how you would carry out this counselling in?

It can be noticed that the behaviour of Toby is unsatisfactory that requires a discussion with the employee to identify the reason behind the performance and attitude. Following steps can be carried out to deal with this situation:

  • Investigate the performance of Toby and the reason behind his behaviour to work on the improvement
  • A private meeting is mandatory with the employee to discuss the matter with the employee and address the performance issues
  • A performance management plan can be discussed with Toby that can help him to evaluate the performance
  • Through a fruitful discussion, the employee can plan his performance and formal behaviour to meet the desired performance and enhance the outcomes
  • It is necessary to listen to the employee and issues related to the work and other things at work that requires adequate action
  • A regular review for the analyses of performance is necessary to seek for the progress of the employee.

Question 3:

What is the role of effective communication in the group facilitation process? How can you ensure meaningful discussion within a work team?

Facilitation is based on sharing, learning and discussing several techniques to promote the participation of the individuals based on their experience and knowledge to maintain effective work in a team. Communication is a necessary element in the facilitation process to maintain a focused group of individuals and enhance the learning process. The facilitator plays the role of a leader in the group facilitation process to manage the tasks and prepare suitable plans followed by the group members and maintain specific outcomes to enhance the experience of the group process. A meaningful discussion can be ensured in the work team through understanding the role of the facilitator and staying neutral for all the employees. Discussion on the process and tasks of the work is necessary that provides a direction to the group members to follow a specific process. Guidance to the team members helps them to work on the specified objectives and work effectively. Recording of the discussion enhances a visible idea and promote appropriate outcomes that lead to productive group behaviour. Summarization and evaluation of results help to discuss further developments and working as a team. Effective communication encourages open communication and helps in rapport building with team members.

Activity 22

1. How can you establish the training needs for your organization?

Training needs in the organization can be established through the following key criteria:

  • Exploration of the overall performance of employees and monitoring the quality of the employees in the specific task. Through analyzing the performance of all the employees working on specific tasks can help in evaluating organizational performance.
  • Comparison with similar organizations can help to evaluate the performance level of the organization in the market.
  • Individual assessments are necessary after the identification of lack of effective performance. It can help to analyze the individual's performance and necessary needs to improve the performance of individuals and as a team.
  • Specifications for the skills and capabilities lacking in individuals can help in understanding the training needs that can help to fulfil the job requirements in the organization.
  • The defined training needs in the organization promote the establishment of desired skills and fulfil the needs of the organizational performance.

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