Promotion of Children’s Agency

Introduction to Improvement of Learning

Working in a local community which has been providing best possible opportunities for the children in their care has given an opportunity to have immense knowledge and insight in the need of improvement of the children with respect to the learning environment in children agencies. There are various approaches which can be best suitable to ensure that the children are getting better care and encouragement in the children's agency and to guide improvements to early childhood education and care service to promote children's agency.

National Quality Standards: Recognising the Capability and Competence of Children

The National Quality Standard has provided various guidelines which can ensure that an approved learning framework provided to the children's agency will ensure better improvement and learning of the children. One such guideline which is effective and can enhance the quality of learning and care for the children is to share the power of making decision making with the children considering them to be competent and supportive to their decision. The United Nation Convention on the Rights of Child provides that the active participation of the children in decision making can be done with various activities, plays and physical environment where they will come across the opportunities to make choices (National Quality Standard, 2018). These choices of the children depending on the different circumstances and accepting the same will ensure the student to be a good decision maker and have independence and confidence. The educators can come forward with various proteins and activity is which will provide a platform for the decision making like asking the student about the area of interest and encouraging them to move forward and speak about their goals and their approach to achieve that goal.

National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework is working on various guiding principles which focus towards the best interest of the child in the early childhood care in the children's agency. Principles include the role of parents and families in supporting the children along with the faith in competence and capability of the child as a learner ensuring the best interest of the child is achieved with the various approaches of implementing these guiding principles (Guide to the National Quality Framework, 2020).

Intentional Teaching: Guiding Children with An Idea of Independence as The Strength

One of the unique but effective approaches towards providing better care and service to children in the children's agency is to have Intentional teaching as a mode of education for educators. This Intentional teaching will allow the children to be an active participant in sourcing their own learning where the educators are purposeful, planned and intending towards the improvement of children from their surroundings (Edward, 2017). Some of the examples of international teaching include providing the freedom to the children to decide their mode of researching on any particular topic.

Indoor Learning Environments

The Indoor learning environment which can be incorporated by the children's agency to ensure the improvement of learning in the children can start from the decoration and colour arrangements in the classroom to support various functional areas which provide stimulus change and variety to develop different modes in the room for the children (Boyatzis & Varghese, 1994). For example, the selection of white and very light colours can be used for the areas where lots of concentration is required on the part of the children. On the other hand, vibrant colours such as Red magenta can work effectively in gross motor areas.

Another indoor learning can be the approach to use various props and equipment that can allow the student to develop maturity, ability and interest with the engagement of those resources. Consider the example of using geometrically shaped toys in the classroom, this will help the student to learn about the geometric shapes and get a better understanding of mathematical science and technological aspects of such toys (Korkmaz & Şahin, 2020).

Outdoor Learning Environment

One of the outdoor learning environments which can be provided by the children’s agency and will be vibrant, flexible and supportive to the children's learning and sense of agency can be achieved with the opportunity for concrete and hands-on activities for the children. This suggests devising activities like making things out of wood. This activity will allow exploring the innovation and creative ideas of the children with the woods handed over to them and this will let the children experiment and improve their learning with their own skill and decision-making approach.

Another outdoor learning environment can be incorporated by providing an opportunity for the children to come across different social groups. the different social groups and their different cultures will provide and platform to come across the vibrant and multicolour cultures of the society and appreciate and accept them with the gesture of harmony and peace.

Resources and Materials: Keys to Getting Focused on Learning

There are various resources and materials which can be used in the children's agency to ensure that the children are learning in the environment (Penfold, 2019). The effective use of sand, water or play dough will provide an opportunity to get better idea of interest and involvement of the children. Also, the use of jigsaw puzzle and animal toys can be an effective approach in this regard.

The Flexibility of Environment: Approach to Enhance Interest and Ability

With the incorporation of various resource materials and different techniques of teaching, the probability of enhancing the interest ability and maturity of the students increases correspondingly. The boredom and traditional approach can be replaced to ensure the improvement of childcare and learning in the children's agency.

Presentation of Portfolio

The portfolio will be presented to the stakeholders with a various recorded demonstration of the approached provided in this present portfolio. The stakeholders will be encouraged to raise queries in order to provide a better picture of the ideas and approached to be used and their effectiveness in children's agency.

References for Improvement of Learning

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